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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. These videos are really similar. Wonder if it’s the same director? In fact, wasn’t Gina’s video directed by her then husband?

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  3. Just looking at Discogs, I noticed that on Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit it inidcates The Next Room mixes might be the original version? It says the original production is by the two guys who were The Next Room.
  4. I completely missed this had been added.

    Fuming with myself.

  5. SBK


    Ohhh, The Ti Amo mixes look new as well?
  6. I knew Everytime I fall had been added but missed this and Ti Amo now you mention it.

    Looks like it's the equivalent of cd2 being added for example. Wish other artists did this.

    @vivalaradio added it to a playlist in August it appears.
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  7. I think I have every Gina CD single, I’m sure I kept the music industry afloat in the late 90s. The height of my stacks of of one-off dance pop CD singles organised by year prove this for 96/97/98.

    Does anyone here remember being at the album launch at GAY in 1997?? I don’t think it was a dream.
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  8. It most probably was. I didnt see this but I went to Big Gay Out where there was a massive Egyptian theme and It. Was. Awesome.
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  9. I have a vague memory of her being in a cage maybe at that launch in 1997. I was likely full of Red Stripe at the time so I can’t be sure.
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  10. My favourite Gina remix and probably my favourite Metro remix as well, I love the intro.

  11. I was at the album launch, she made an appearance after the show painted in chocolate, like the album cover, but only briefly, with her dancers carrying trays of chocolate bars.
  12. Anyone know if this is the case?
  13. I love this (and Metro's Gimme Some Love remix is also pretty good). However, I never understood why it's called a eurobeat remix when it's much close to eurohouse, even when we compare it to a slower eurobeat song (Ace's Wait for You being the first that comes to mind).
  14. I don’t know any thing officially but I always assumed this was the case and where the issues of removing Gina's cowrite came from.
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    I heard a rumour last year that there was a plan for some anniversary celebrations this year - 25 years. Hopefully things can still happen Summertime (if anything is actually meant to be happening) she'd be a great booking for a mighty hoopla slot or even just a gig at g-a-y.
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  16. What were those issues?
  17. SBK


    Wasn't that Motiv8/Steve Rodway that didn't credit her. It was part of her court case against him.
    The demo was produced by Simon Tauber.

    God I hope something happens. Get her back to do the half time show at Eurovision. ha
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  18. Yeah knew it was something like that. Thanks for clarifying.
  19. Deluxe CD and vinyl please!
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    Fresh on purple vinyl! Come on Warners, take my money.
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