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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Totally onboard with these ideas and the timing would be perfect- 25 year anniversary of Ooh Aah, plus she was 25 when she performed it! Don’t expect Gina to co-sign anything that would put money in Steve Rodway’s pocket though.
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    I expect the most we'll get is a gig at g-a-y but I would love a vinyl with free chocolate bar.
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  4. Is there any chance of Cherry Pop doing something with this?
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  5. SBK


    I have money ready for them to take it, take it all.
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  6. A purple vinyl would do too...
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    I would love a Gina vinyl. Would be a lovely tie in for the 25th. Who do we need to contact?
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  8. Podcast is fab, though I’m incorrectly credited with getting the singles online. I flagged the album being a mess a few years back but that’s it!
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    Can't believe the album is 25 years old tomorrow!
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  10. Still one of my favourite albums of all time. Only one slightly duff track (missin you like crazy). The rest is perfect
  11. That's because it's 24 years old tomorrow!
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    I mean if we discount this shit show of the last 12 months it’s only 23. (Wow my maths is bad!)
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  13. Gina G's debut is far better than it has any right to be. I remember after loving Ooh Aah being stunned at the quality of the album. I love every song bar Missin' You Like Crazy. For a time in the mid 90s when Kylie turned indie Gina was my fave. I'd love an expanded CD reissue and vinyl.

  14. Is there actually much that wasn't released?
  15. A while back I had a chat on social media with someone who was close to the campaign. Apparently the album was written and recorded in five weeks to capitalise on the success of Ooh Aah.

    Only two tracks recorded didn’t make the album. Spirits Fly (a Metro track) and Waiting On Your Love (a ballad).

    Runaway on Cher’s Believe album was meant for Gina’s second album

    Get Up on Get Up And Dance was originally a Metro production

    Higher Than Love was written by Rodway as the follow up to Ooh Aah (with remixes done) but Warner opted for I Belong To You as the second single which didn’t help relations

    Warner signed Gina for a second album right after Fresh charted. She went into the studio with Metro to work on it but apparently when Warner couldn’t even pay Rodway to terminate the contract he had with her, they stepped away from it all

    In 2000 Gina was signed by Warner US and recorded an album which was “boring r&b”. They couldn’t decide on a lead single and then the A&R person who signed Gina was fired and they didn’t proceed with the album. Most of the tracks were re worked for Get Up And Dance
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    I find it so interesting hearing about all what happened behind the scenes. I’d love for Gina to do a podcast/interview and talk about it all.
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  18. Thanks for this. I knew about the Rodway stuff but not some of the other parts.

    Justice for I belong to you though. Banger!
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  19. SBK


    I did not know she was signed in 2000, such a shame, feels like her career was cursed after the first album.

    It still amazes me that they couldn't come to some arrangement with Steve/Motiv8 to allow her to do the original 2nd album. Although wasn't she on such a shit deal with him, only getting paid when she performed or something? This is why there are 900 TOTP appearances?

    This is interesting, cause it came out almost exactly a year after Ooh Aah. You'd have expected it out by August/September 96 to 'capitalise' when it was still huge.
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