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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I loved that episode of Track by Track. I have such vivid memories of Ooh Aah and I Belong To You, and was absolutely obsessed with these two singles at the time of their release.
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  2. The A&R firing in 2000 wasn’t the only time it happened. She was close to being signed to a smaller label in the Summer of 2003 (not long after Reborn in the USA) and again became a victim of circumstance when the A&R guy who was about to get her signed got fired. This one hurt her more as she was happier with the material she had by that point and had taken more control. It’s what eventually lead to her creating Stunt Girl, the record label.
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  3. Gah one thing I was told that I completely forgot to mention, especially as it was mind blowing, but for the scrapped 2000 Warner recordings, Gina worked with Shep Pettibone!

    (though apparently it wasn’t his best work and the whole album was Warner trying to mould Gina into a Christina-alike).
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  4. SBK


    She's had such bad luck with A&R, though it's not uncommon for pop girls to be dropped quickly after the guy who signed them leaves the label. Just sucks it happened to Gina at least twice.

    To be honest even if she did get something out in 2000, it was probably too far removed from 1997 it would have been like starting from scratch again.

    It's a shame she's seemingly retired from music. Whilst having hits may be more trouble than it's worth these days, she could easily have a slot on the yearly summer festivals/europop nostalgia tours.
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  5. Oh absolutely. I've always felt sad she couldn't jump on the huge 90s pop performance circuit.

    Her 'last' new song 'Night On Fire', sounded like an absolute gem. Gutted that didn't make it out.

    I was actually facebook friends with Gina for quite a while! We share the same birthday. I met and chatted backstage with her for ages at the Next 2 You G.A.Y gig.
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  6. I didn’t realise that this awesome bop had been added to Spotify!
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  7. Before she had to fly back to LA during the Next 2 You campaign she was meant to record an acoustic version of this and Ti Amo, just as a treat for fans.
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  8. Im severely tempted to have a custom vinyl made of Fresh.

    Its near the top of my vinyl wish list. I just don't see an official release happening any time soon.
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  9. MB


    Do an order for 2!
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  10. 3 please.

    On a Gina internet hole this afternoon. Gutted this performance from Reborn In The USA isn't online. I remember being shook at the quality, and she won the week!

    Also, how stunning?

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  11. I always hated how much flak she got for that ‘short’ dress- she looked beautiful and it wasn’t as revealing as they made it out to be!
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  12. Luc


    Ti Amo is like the perfect blend of Ace Of Base with a subtle touch of Geri's Mi Chico Latino.. Why did I just discover this pop gem only today?

    Fresh! album just ordered!
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  13. MB


    I feel so jealous of you experiencing the album for the first time!
    I did hear there were rumblings of plans of something for the 25th anniversary of Ooh Aah but I guess covid ruined that and this year is the 25th of the album so last chance to do anything really but I’m not holding out much (if any) hope.
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  14. There is something coming in Autumn x
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  15. Oh please spill or share the source of Queen Gina returning.

    I think of her as the pop princess who got to have her (chocolate) cake and eat it. The album only let's some air in with Missing You Like Crazy, and it always puzzled me that they never got Motiv8 or Metro to remix it. We got 6 (6!) excellent singles (Todd Terry tarted up Everytime I Fall wonderfully and the Metro remix even gave her a Freed From Desire piano break - how I am still alive after this overload of euphoria I'll never know).

    I once had the demo of Next To You (the Nintendo version if you will), and a song called something like Feel The Music, but both are trapped on an ipod shuffle that has lost its charge - does anyone know how to rip the music from these things to a laptop?

    Undone was also so exciting for what more she had in store. I know it was never a single, but I mucj preferred it to Tonight's the Night.

    Anyway, that unmistakable, exuberant siren of Ooh Ahh and Gina's unquenchable excitement that was basically her trademark. Fresh! is quite simply the best of the 90s dance acts albums. Corona come close. Dannii too much of a snob to really go for it with the Girl track listing. Cher recorded Gina's reject Runaway (although Ms. Gardner doesn't really have the pipes for it) and both she and Madame Enrique were so obviously in her trail with their own albums big hitters.

    Beyond her A&R agony, she also made some poor choices (not counting the "sign here Gina" conflama of course) and seemed to have severed relations with her Next 2 U co-writer (basically her Terry Ronald if you will) when being so determined to release the song and ditching them or something like that (they were not happy with her).
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  16. Speaking of Dannii (via Free Your Love, Love In Me) and Corona (the Rhythm of the Night remix), the Rapino Bros would have been a great fit for G. Thunderpuss were a good catch, but Stuck On You would have been top 20 at best. I think she has some good pop instincts (probably from her DJ days) and I'd never write her off for something special (Heaven being her post-Fresh! ultimate).

    That Shep Pettibone trivia is blowing my mind too. I'm going to be imagining that for years to come!
  17. Could it possibly have been a mix from a compilation? Because I love Fascination (I only knew the Lisa B version until recently) and I'd love to hear it too. Sorry for replying to such an old post.
  18. MB


    So excited already! Although I expect it might just be a vinyl situation rather than a Gina G in physical form but I’ll take what I can get!
  19. SBK


    I'll take Fresh on vinyl. It was one of the first albums I bought and loved so has a special place in my heart.

    Would be nice if Gina popped up to promote, but I'm not expecting it.
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  20. I know... *heart emoji*
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