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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Oh well no need to share!

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  2. I dug out Get Up & Dance yesterday and forgot how many bops there are - Get Up, Kinky and Stuck On You being my favourites.
  3. Kinky is the most Gina sounding track on that album to me. I’d have love to have seen how Tease would have fared had it been given the planned single release treatment in late 2000.
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  4. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I really liked Tonight's The Night and wish it had given her a little comeback. She was always one of my favourites. It would be nice to see her return once again but sticking to her Europop sound and not trying to be too contemporary.
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    I loved Tonights The Night. I remember when she played it at some gay festival in London and then it was meant to be on the 'Get up and dance' album but titled 'Only In My Dreams'. I was fuming when it wasn't on the album. The video is also a triumph.
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  6. Big Gay Out or whatever with the egyptin / mummy theme yas?
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  7. SBK


    Tonight' is the night is brilliant. Its a shame she never pressed on after it... 57 was really good result for an independent release in 2005!

    The best performance of I Belong To You!
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  8. My boyfriend forgetting every big pop girl spectacle the week after but still raving about that girl with the bops, the mummies and the white clothes decades later… impact!
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  9. I was at the front. Everyone completely in the shadow of Jenny Frost premiering Don't Fuck With Me of course (then again, it was very cloudy), but Gina went all out. I still recall someone with a very questionable taste level loudly lambasting Ms. Gardiner getting more numbers in her setlist than some band called The People League or something (I mean, bless them for trying, even if the blonde one was absolute perfection).
  10. She was a brilliant popstar and deserved so much more. That was a great day.
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  11. Sybil, Girls Aloud, Bananarama, Clea… an event!
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    I know the ship has long since sailed, but I wish there was a manager or label out there that'd give Gina a proper chance.

    I know she's probably viewed as a one hit wonder, but the material she's put out suggests she's worth more than that.
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  13. Really annoys me when the likes of Gina and Whigfield etc get lumped in the 1 hit wonder group.

    Gina had 5 top 40 hits from 1 album, 3 of them top 10.
  14. Also Tiffany. Legends only!
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  15. And it was my 30th birthday! What a day!
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  16. Can't believe I have no recollection of Tiffany. I do remember Sybil being all but dragged off the stage by that terrible host who clearly didn't understand she simply wasn't finished her acapella set. I'm forgetting the other act he did it to too, but I was willing them on to keep going. A galaxy of stars.
  17. Tiffany wasn't there, she's just a wrongly accused one-hit wonder like Gina and Whig.
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  18. Seeing this thread bumped has sent me into a Gina tailspin. Doesn't take a lot.

    This performance really shows the impact she had, albeit briefly. Back when Children In Need was a huge TV event. Our Gina giving sass, comedy, prime time pop power.

  19. I much prefer that hard end to I Belong To You!

    If Fresh ever does come to vinyl can they please sort out the logo etc on the artwork which seems lazily slapped on and rotated!
  20. So many highlights from Fresh, but for me nothing touches the radio edit of Gimme Some Love.

    If there’s a vinyl of the album then that needs to make the cut, as a bonus track.
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