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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. SBK


    Clearly, it was the inspiration for Madonna's Ray of Light video.

    Is this the closest we'll get to the 4k/HD remasters Gina G deserves?
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  2. I think so, yes. Also very frustrating that the final video cut of Ooh Aah doesn’t seem to be available on YouTube.
  3. Just when you think YouTube surely can't serve another unseen Gina performance. This is new to me! Ooh Aah on fully booked. Fashion!

    I swear we are truly blessed with Gina content on YouTube.

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  4. I Belong To You was too manic for me and then Fresh was... okay but Te Emo blew me away and then the album was incredible.
  5. This was the first tv appearance of hers that I ever saw. And then I was truly nourished with her deluge of Ooh Aahs on TOTP!
  6. For me Fresh and Ti Amo are her two best singles, though Ooh Aah is pretty undeniable. I love Every Time I Fall and I Belong to You but don't know if Gimme Some Love would have been my choice as single. Follow the Light and It Doesn't Mean Goodbye are much stronger.
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  7. Gimme Some Bop single remix is actually in my top 3 with Ti Amo and Ooh Aah. And yes Follow the Light and It Doesn't Mean Goodbye (and Rhythm of My Life) are as good as the singles.
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  8. I can’t get behind Follow the Light as much- it doesn’t stand out to me as much as some of the other songs, like Gimme Some Love and Rhythm of my Life. Fresh! is such an original sounding mid-tempo bop which possibly might have done better had it been released a little later in the year (it had Summer hit written all over it) whilst I belong to you is plain bloody brilliant. Ti Amo did very well to get to No. 11, considering the album had already been out for 2 months. If Gina had only been allowed to continue with Metro for the next album, I honestly think she would have had a sizeable hit with a follow up album in 98.
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  9. What about the epic bop that is Album Teaser feat. Mark Goodier
  10. Is there any chance of Gina throwing Get Up And Dance back onto streaming (or her getting someone else to?)
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  11. Haaa I've literally just this second been looking for that on Spotify. The Fresh remixes were weak aside from Bayside Boys efforts.

    Ti Amo however - my god what a remix package! 10 or 11 different mixes, some absolute corkers. Phat N Phunky, Basstown, Bayside Boys again. The Trouser Enthusiasts mix is HEAVENLY.

    I really didn't appreciate it at the time, but looking back Ti Amo really deserved to be a huge summer number 1. It is that good.
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  12. Oh I always liked the Fresh remixes but probably because they were so close to the original.
    And yes, Ti Amo should have been a number 1!
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  13. They needed some extra gimmick to make Ti Emo Top 10, a sticker (if these were allowed), an extra song, something!
  14. The video alone was amazing for that era of pop music- Gina being some kind of gangster’s wife, escaping for a romp with some fit Latino (who was actually played by Lorenzo Agius, her then boyfriend and now famous photographer) and then making it back in time on her horse before she was found doing something naughty!
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  15. The album is strictly amazing (if we liposuck out a certain ballad). I wonder what she's doing this Autumn.

    Anyway, that extended edit of I Belong to You usurps so high. Remix-wise I love the Metro take on Ti Amo when the piano steps in and Gina is just gasping "take me.. take me.." and it's not even the most manic remix that song got.
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  16. I bought Fresh the day it came out and played it to DEATH! It really is one of the best pop albums of the 90s. It’s been said a million times in this thread but her potential career was wasted, I would love to have heard her second album.
  17. Same. I couldn’t stop playing Ti Amo and I adored the art work. She literally was my first taste of David La Chapelle.
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  18. I'm guessing this is a hint. We sure would love her to come dancing?
  19. MB


    Imagine her doing strictly. Not sure they’d want her though? The general public presume she’s a one hit wonder from 1996, can’t imagine any reality tv would be knocking on her door unfortunately.
  20. She’d love to do Strictly and was asked around 2008 but couldn’t commit. She’s been asked to do I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here plenty of times!

    A friend of mine just treated me to the Fresh! single with the album poster in perfect condition!
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