Gina G

God Tier;
Ooh Aah..
I Belong To You
Gimme Some Love

Top Tier;
Ti Amo
Rhythm Of My Life
Everytime I Fall
Higher Than Love

Middle Tier
It Doesn't Mean Goodbye
Follow The Light

Bin It Tier
Missin You Like Crazy

Still one of the best pop albums of all time. I still listen at least once a month and never get sick of it.

Would love a vinyl and expanded CD release. Intrigued at what's coming this year..
I've just this week gone back to Get Up & Dance. We really were blessed to receive a full length album of unreleased Gina material weren't we! I'm not clued up on the timeline of these recordings at all, but I love imagining which ones were lined up for Fresh 2.0

Heaven - Glorious, but only with Gina as a featured artist.

Stuck On You - The Thunderpuss production is iconic, lots of potential here.

Into The Night - This seems to widely regarded as an album highlight. Imagine this being the lead single for album two!

Little Black Book - Absolute pop gold, this might be my fav on GU&D.

Kinky - Fresh! on steroids, this really feels uniquely Gina at her cheeky best.

Sticks & Stones - This has really grown on me. Makes for a wonderful album closer, what a joy this would have been live.

Supernatural Live - Very much demo sounding, but could this have been mastered up into a fantastic off-the-wall single?

Such a solid album!
The lady herself messaged me earlier to wish me a happy birthday.
Since we’re doing this:
Top tier:
Ooh Aah
I belong to you
Fresh! (It feels weaker than the others here but I’m putting here as, to me, it’s such an original sounding song)
Ti Amo

Great tier:
Gimme Some Love
Every time I Fall
Rhythm of my Life
It Doesn’t Mean Goodbye

Good tier:
Follow the Light (never totally loved it)
Higher than Love (if this was released as the 2nd single as once planned, I don’t think she would have done as well- it’s the most similar to Ooh Aah)
Ooh Aah remix

Lower tier:
Need I say it?

Get Up and Dance is a great collection (I don’t regard it as an album as it’s a collection of songs recorded over the years- there are SO many more).
Best songs:
Kinky (Fresh! on speed is a perfect way to describe this)
Shock to the system
Tease (this would have been on the planned follow up but a slightly different mix)
Sun goes around the moon (easily her best ballad)
Little Black Book (although I don’t think it’s quite single material)
Flashback (LOVE this!!)
Get Up and Dance.
Unlike most of her fans, Gina G is all tops and no bottoms (or maybe that's why MYLC was included after all). The peaks peak so high, Fresh! remains on the 10.
As cheap as those Soda Club songs are (and boy are they cheap), they somehow manage to pop Gina's sugar-rush cork and are mega.

Totally! I can definitely see that whole Clubland sound could have been something she went into. Perhaps more guest vocals, I'm sure many acts would have been happy to have her.

Show Me has a really Gina feel lyrically, the banging chorus really reminds me of her hits. Who knew it started life as a very different sounding track.... this performance. Oh my.