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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. In a sea of beige Britpop you can really see why Gina G stood out and meant so much to gay teens back then. Literally nobody else was doing her brand of sparkly dance/pop at that time (even Kylie was off doing indie). She may have burned brief but god did she burn bright!
  2. She also stood out for being BEAUTIFUL and popular with the ‘lads mags’ at the time, eg FHM and Loaded!
    She had the look of a classic beauty, with the legs of a Baywatch actress!
  3. It was the same in 1997 too with Louise inbetween albums and Madonna too busy being Evita.

    Wonder what will come up in September. Is there anything much in the vaults that wasn;t released? Her old songwriter partner told me there were only two other songs recorded that didn't make the album. One was a Metro track the other by the guy who did Missing You Like Crazy.
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  4. I've got several different rips of the I Belong To You video and they're always slightly off colour-wise. I've just found this one though which I think is the "truest". And some improved versions of the other vids too - except Ooh Aah, which is blocked by Channel 5 for some reason.

  5. Fresh! getting six singles (ranging from great to brilliant)... the late 80's to late 90's really snapped.
  6. MB


    I do wonder if the plan is to rerelease if Gina will get any coin out of it. We all know her deal wasn't great so will be interesting to see what we end up with and hopefully Gina get's the recognition and money she deserves from it.
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  7. Looking back now it seems a little mad that Everytime I Fall was the final single. It seems obvious a super slow Gina G ballad is not going to set the world on fire, after Gimme Some Love made #25 in the charts.

    I reckon Higher Than Love is the single she needed, it's so close to Ooh Ahh in my opinion.

    Was anyone furious that the top 40 was cancelled the week Gimme charted. Deprived of Gina's last official chart inclusion and Radio 1 airplay!
  8. I'd have ended the singles run with a bang with Rhythm of My Life which was crying out to be a single.

    This amazing fanmade extended mix hints at what a great remix package it could have had.
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  9. Yeah this would have been amazing! I just think Higher was a little more commercial sounding with the vocals and production. Rhythm is an absolute banger but a little too dancey I think, that sounds wrong, perhaps it's a bit Motiv8 feat. Gina G.
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  10. They should have pushed a radio edit of the Metro mix as lead version (even the Todd Terry versions weren't that punchy)
  11. Understandable why they went with a ballad for the pre-Christmas market, but the song wasn't strong enough to be a single.
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    I think by that time nothing was going to set the charts alight. A sixth single was never going to perform especially in the peak Christmas period.
  13. The label were trying to make some money back after they had spent so much on the marketing, including the 3 LaChapelle shoots- which is why, despite Gina’s floaty costume, it’s actually quite a basic video.
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  14. Like 'Put Yourself In My Place' only set within a hamster ball.
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  15. Just doing some sorting out and discovered this...

    Bass Culture Feat. Geena - I'll Make You Happy

    Anyone else heard this? It's not great, but after many many years of ownership I don't think I ever realised I had this track!
  16. Did anyone ever catch Gina on the Big Breakfast in 1999 when she was styling her hair like Sharon Stone? She spoke about the label dropping her and how she was determined to go it alone. I think that and her appearance on The Salon might be the only tv spots of hers I ever missed!
  17. SBK


    Didn't she eventually get a writing credit on Ooh Aah after years of fighting... only for Rodway to declare bankruptcy to avoid back payment. (Something like that anyway?)

    So if they are ever to reissue it, she might see some money?

    Ooh aah deserves a remaster and push... its one of our greatest eurovision entries.
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  18. If she had a writing credit added wouldn’t that be added now (e.g be listed on credits on streaming - she isn’t ).

    I checked my messages - the two tracks that didn’t make Fresh were Spirits Fly (the Metro one) and Waiting On Ur Love.
  19. A reissue in 2022 would probably mean $3,000 at best for the artist no?
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