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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by maxmartin, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. SBK


    3k more than shes made from its original run
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  2. Surely she made some money from performances... I hope.
  3. I'm sure our Gina's doing just fine. Or else she'd have been back by now!
  4. Does she even live in the UK (her main market)?
  5. God what a cretin he was. Bloody annoying that Motiv8 was such a huge part of my early music obsessions!

    Agreed the world be a better place with a remaster and release of Ooh Ahh, if that can benefit Gina. Surely something like that can benefit from her consistently huge streaming numbers. I don't think I've seen her monthly listens dip below 300K.

    Come on Gina.
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  6. Los Angeles now. But still owns 2 properties in Greater London.
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  7. Queen of property.
    Yeah that explains why she's never done Hoopla or any other 90s event.
    Her fee would probably barely cover flights, styling and glamming up.
    She should though!
  8. SBK


    Someone send Peter Lorraine out to LA to make a start on putting this pop injustice right.
  9. A Hoopla set would be amazing BUT does the 20 something attendee know of anything other than Ooh Aah?
  10. You're miscalculating who is going to Hoopla dd. It's mostly 35+ gays. Gina is exactly the type of act who'd smash it.
  11. Gina G fun fact for today. 'Everytime I Fall' was co-written by Anders Bagge, he who attempted to ruin Melodifestivalen and Eurovision this year.

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  12. Gina and especially Dannii should have mined that Dreamworld album a little deeper and dusted off the fabulously frivolous Heaven Sent (like a Trouser Enthusiast produced Alexia of sorts).

    And Ms. G should look up whoever wrote Pandora's You'll Alwats Be the Love of My Life and give that one a bash too.

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  13. The original video and version of Next 2 You!

    I thought this was banished from public view. There's definitely something nostalgic to the original version. Of course what we ended up with had a lot more polish. Gosh Gina is a beautiful woman.

    This era doesn't get discussed enough.
  14. "To be continued".... oh dear

    She looks gorgeous in that video. What a shame we never got more. Someone just leak Night On Fire already please.

    I remember taking myself to G-A-Y solo to see her as I couldn't get anyone else to go. She was doing a meet and greet after but having been there on my own for a fair few hours, just wanted to get home and did so assuming there'd be another time. WRONG.
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  15. Oh god wrong indeed!! Rav4boy and I were there and backstage, still the best night of my life without question.

    Please god can Night on Fire leak or even better get a release. It sounded Epic.
  16. That was such a lovely night, she totally relaxed that night and remembered fans from years ago. Plus her featured rapper was HOT in the flesh.
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  17. I downloaded that Next video a little while ago as I am definitely not going without again. I really like that she came back with a different look as surely the temptation must be to simply recreate her vintage images. I still remember the bold blonde short do on the Big Breakfast - only an icon.
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  18. That was one of her best interviews. She came across so strong.
  19. I’m so whitty! It’s One More Time 1996 tonight and Gina is sitting pretty atop the chart wall I’ve created
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