Gina G

I can't keep up. So is this the same account we all thought was she before? If it's a fan, how embarrassing, otherwise I'm breathing into a paper bag.
I wonder if it's something from the vaults that's been unearthed for the vinyl, I can't really see any new work on Ooh Aah or Gina getting back in the studio without us knowing.
I think it's cjwhite after a few bottles...

Gina should just start her own podcast and pluck out fellow 90s dance stars, Eurovision evergreens and whatever showbiz survivors she can find in a Los Angeles Starbucks. I find her total abandonment of her UK profile quite baffling - she could easily do quite a few things, especially now that the sprogs are adult sprogs.
I think it's cjwhite after a few bottles...

Haha stranger things have happened, but I can see that profile is the same through previous messaging. We've been in touch quite a lot and she sent a load of pictures over through Instagram. Also the story highlights haven't changed and have a lot of content.

Although perhaps someone else now has control of it? Or it's just a very unfunny sense of humour.
God all the Mighty Hoopla stuff is killing me. Imagine how well she would go down playing that. Can we all join hands to manifest?

Also thinking her Instagram was but is now not her, so strange!
Nice write-up on Gimme Some Love on the Can't Stop The Pop blog