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Giorgio Moroder - Déjà vu (2015)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andymc35, May 24, 2014.

  1. The Charli XCX track is indeed amazing.
    It's the most current sounding track so far.

    The thing that sells it to me is that it sounds like a bonus track off of True Romance.
    I really want Charli to go back to that sound.

    Listening to the HQ iTunes file of 'Tom's Diner' it sounds much better to these ears, but that's probably also because I've only hear the MQ rip before.

    Kelis' vocals sound really shit. The auto-tune is not good at all, on purpose or not.
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  2. For three minutes and thirty seconds we can pretend that Charli is still doing her True Romance sound. Bless.
  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    It sounds like it could be off her mixtapes which is all the better.

    The Kelis song is amazing too! Gah, Flesh Tone! And 'Don't Let Go' is good too! Goddamn, they picked the wrong singles.
  4. I've been digging these airy vocals. Kingdom, Need Ur Love, and now this. Hope to hear more like this in the future.
  5. Haven't heard the Charli track yet..but I was pleasantly surprised by Mikky's track.

    The Kelis track took me two listens to like - but that's because I was expected her vocals to glide over his trademark sound (like her vocals did on Acapella). On the second listen, I thought it was ridiculously good. And so catchy..very Flesh Tone.

    Truman, I don't hear auto tune on Kelis' vocals. Then again, I did listen to the tracks on my phone with cheap headphones. I cant wait to blast this track in HQ
  6. The Kelis one is definitely the strongest to me. Love it.
  7. Uno


    From the 6 tracks we've heard so far, the album is definitely not what I had expect, and it's a bit disappointing.

    The Charlie, Kelis, and Mikky tracks are definitely better than the other 3 we've heard from the bigger artists, though. The album doesn't seem to be going into the 'disco revival' direction that I would've liked it to go into, and this is definitely disappointing.
  8. Y********S at the True Romance talky bit in Diamonds!
  9. Charli's melody is fantastic as usual but I find that constant buzzy synth kind of distracting. I actually prefer her on Sucker type songs.
  10. Back and Forth is amazing too, what an earworm. Even more perched for the Foxes song now.
  11. The Kelis song is gorgeous and the Mikky and Charli ones are just ok. Toms Diner and Sias Deja-Vu are also on the win side.
  12. Feeling this is going to be a bit of a let down. None of the tracks have, for me at least, turned out to be anywhere as good as expected. I wanted Donna Summer's I Feel Love 2015 style for both Britney and/or Kylie and instead we got Kylie by numbers and Tom's Diner which just seems pointless to me. I can't warm to Charli XCX for love or money and so it will be Kelis that might end up with the best track. What happened to Lana being on this? So disappointing. This was going to be THE release of the year for me.
  13. The Charli and Kelis tracks are spectacular. This album is going to be majestic.
  14. The Charli track is better than most of Sucker, hooray!
  15. Diamonds is fucking incredible.
  16. Is there a proper HQ version of 'Tom's Diner' out there yet?
    I think it's my favourite song so far, but I can't fully enjoy it yet
  17. Really surprised how good the leaks are! you can find all three on youtube
  18. Back and Forth is a fucking banger.
  19. Everything about this era is so dissapointing.
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