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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Duffy could never!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. I know it's a basic party song but sometimes even I can get down with a basic bop. Also, let me just hit two birds with one stone and say that I've heard the Holiday Night album in full and enjoyed it.

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  3. Party is a contender for most basic song of all time. The only thing that saves it is Tiffany’s iconic intro.
  4. Omfg @ the age thing, did people really say that ... wait why am I surprised, I know people think any woman over the age of 23 should just haul ass to the retirement home and wait for death.
    My low score for Party had nothing to do with the image or even Jessica's recent departure or anything like that, it's just a horribly boring song and Tiff's cheesy delivery on the opening lines is so annoying to me lmao. That whole release was such a huge snooze actually, and it marked the beginning of my waning interest in SNSD.
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  5. I mean, I genuinely hate it, but I'm taking the piss a little bit kiii! Totally respect anyone's opinion on it. Just having a little fun.

    (Also it wasn't SNSD shade as I believe 'Holiday Night' is a good album, and 'All Night' is literally one of the best KPop single released in 2017, and exactly what they should have followed 'Mr.Mr' and 'Catch Me If You Can' with. It's glossy, sleek, lush and polished, but also keeps their sense of fun, and shows them progressing into their sound, instead of regressing to their Gee/Oh days - which has always been my issue. When it comes down to me and how I feel about the song, it's really not a question of age, or how women should act (which would be so hypocrite anyway considering I am one myself). The girls are capable of so much and this was not it.)
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  6. Bye Party :)

    As for Mamamoo, I confess I used to bop to "You're The Best" back then so I actually gave it a very generous score (7), but after all the drama with them, it just leaves a bad taste and I cannot get into any of their releases now.
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  7. I am so so so so sorry @Alouder98 to had let you down like this and I promise thay will never happen again.

    These results are intolerable.
  8. Okay, I stand by my Dancing Queen score cause I bop, but having not really been on the K-Pop scene for a minute, I was unaware of all of the MAMAMOO controversy. I repent!
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  9. I figured you were so no worries dddd. I mean that's one of the things that makes rates so fun.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always like reading other people's takes. The truth is that people who have different levels of familiarity with an artist/group and their music will naturally look at things differently. I have barely made a dent in terms of listening to their discography but I do plan on listening to more of their material and seeing what clicks.
  10. Just seen the eliminations, glad to see Dancing Queen and You're The Best are out already!!
    As for Party it's not my favorite song but it's still a cute basic bop for summer, SNSD definitely had better songs that year (Catch Me If You Can <3)

    Any of the the 4minute songs should be out next
  11. I like both Party and Dancing Queen but I'm okay with them leaving since no one really brought those gross comments about them doing cute songs for uncle fans up and somehow people actually supported the cute concept.

    Saying that, y'all will see my rage if anything else from SNSD goes soon (except Twinkle which I've never really cared for).
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  12. #61- Yeah, really not shocked Dancing Queen left first. It's garbage and it still throws me how it was meant to be released instead of Gee.

    #60- Oh we're getting ready of Mamamoo garbage too? Good.

    #59- Why would you give Party........of *ALL* songs an 11........it's just.........not a good song......at all. Probably, their worst song along with Dancing Queen!
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  13. This is exactly what I feel about SM and their awful A&R! Sometimes they get it right with their outsourcing, yet when it comes to SNSD's title tracks (not the last two, those are 9+), they didn't bother much to push some creativity to their sound - and who can blame them, they knew everything they put out with SNSD's name would eventually sell like hotcakes, which is a safe but sad attitude to live by. Take, for example, Oh! I do like it, but, was it the best song on that record? No. That would be Show! Show! Show!, the Hitchhiker track.

    no pls
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  14. Now that Party is out, I only have three songs with scores less than 3. Good start!
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  15. Same sis
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  16. Not me losing two not the best though SNSD songs already. Off to a rocky start I see.
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  17. The next song to go is..... very bright...

    58. Darling
    Average: 6.175
    Highest Score: 9 (@Love Deluxe, @ThisIsRogue), 8.5 (@eccentricsimply)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 (@BEST FICTION) 3 (@Salami), 2 (@Conan)​

    Excuse the cover art dddd, it was hard to find a good one for this and I didn’t feel like making one.

    Even as someone who likes researching music in a way that’s sometimes too academic, I’m still confused as to why this song in particular was so big. Usually for more obscure girl groups, some kind of trend or event has to happen to launch them into the highest positions on Gaon and Melon, but the success of the song seems pretty organic.

    Looking at their chart stats, I guess it was just right time + right song, as they’ve had plenty of Top 10 hits before this; in fact, Something sold more in the end than Darling, despite Something being blocked by Ailee from being #1.

    Plus, Korea always has a soft spot vintage American genres, on top of the fresh summer concept being big at the time (a few articles pit Darling against Touch My Body for the visual similarities, asking which would come out as the one-true Summer 2014 bop), so it was likely just an obvious hit.

    There’s a certain sweetness and charm to the song, though many of you, whether you loved it or hated it, were just confused about it being their only time to top Gaon:

    @ThisIsRogue - 9 - This is the right kind of cute, without being overly sweet. I like this a lot.

    @vague - 7.5 - i have no recollection of every listening to this, but i have six scrobbles on my old last.fm so i guess it's just not very memorable. i'm shocked this is their only no. 1... like it's not awful, but it's certainly not their best. oh well

    @GeiPanda - 7 - Cute, but why is this Girl's Day only #1?

    @Empty Shoebox - 7 - It's not bad, but it's not really good either. The fact that of all their singles, this was the one that got to number one? Booooooooo.

    @Vixen - 7 - Remember when Girl’s Day released one of the best KPop song ever called ‘Something’ and it only went to #2 while this got to #1? Yeah… That’s sad, huh? I mean, it’s not a bad song by any means, but it’s crazy to think this is what gave them their only #1 single. Why do the Koreans always put the weirdest stuff all the way to #1 during summer? Is it the heat? Does it go to their head? Poor dat.

    @ThighHighs - 7 - This is cute, sure. It’s catchy and bouncy, which I can get into.

    @Squashua - 6 - Shoulda been Something or even Expectation if Girl's Day needed a solitary number one to fight the other giants in attendance here. As it is, it really pales compared to a lot of the other entries and especially plonked right next to its greatest adversary / more adored sibling Touch My Body.

    @Slice of Life - 6 - Ddddddd the fact that Girl's Day's only number 1 song is for their most basic one will always make me scream. Poor Something. Poor Expectation. Poor Female President. I won't deny that I have used this but this just doesn't stock up with the rest of the competition. That chorus is exemplary though.

    @yuuurei - 6 - I already said this earlier in the thread but it really is disappointing that this is Girl's Day's only #1, they've released much better songs imo. I love them, and I don't hate this song, but I just can't give it a very high score.

    @31entrance - 6 - not my favorite Girls' Day song.

    @He - 6 - hmm, it’s cute.

    @Kuhleezi - 4 - Male vocals, in MY Girl Group #1's Rate?? It's more likely than you think

    @BEST FICTION - 3.5 - I can't believe of ALL their songs THIS... THIS was the #1. Not even Something? Female President? NOTHING LASTS FOREVER? Korean GP with terrible taste as usual.

    @Salami - 3 - This is their only #1? This???

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  18. Bye! So I believe I don't have any scores lower than a 6 left ddd. I shouldn't have been so generous.
  19. It's funny that Darling's chorus actually gives me winter vibes (not summer!) and I dig it, like it sounds low-key like a Christmas song.
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  20. Pretty much said it all in my commentary. I don't think it deserved to go this early though.
    Not to be a stan but their last mini Everyday #5 was so good and everyone should listen to it.
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