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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Darling and Twinkle are both cute, they could have lasted a little longer.

    Good that we're seeing the 2N/A1 songs go though, more of them to leave next please x
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  2. Oh my god, that tie! I used to hate Try To Follow Me when it was just released, but I really warmed up to it over the years. Falling In Love is cute and catchy after a couple of listens, but overall it's certainly not on par with 2NE1s other singles.
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  3. 4Minute escaping bottom 5 despite all the low averages here

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  4. Ddd I apologize for no updates today.

    I had to figure out how to go about fitting them into my work schedule.
    It's easier to write a few eliminations beforehand and roll them out so it's as simple as copy + paste.

    The eliminations will resume early tomorrow morning.
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  5. You know what’s a tragedy? Not being able to rate Melon’s “Song of the Decade” and Music Bank’s “Song of 2009”. A song that spent 9 consecutive weeks at number 1 on Music Bank, and 8 consecutive weeks on Mnet’s chart.

    It was my 11 in the SNSD singles rate.
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  6. Our first song to go today is....

    54. Shake It
    Average: 6.540
    Highest Score: 10 (@junglefish), 9.5 (@eccentricsimply), 9 (@He, @yuuurei, @Oleander), 8.5 (Sanctuary, @vague, @Remorque)
    Lowest ScoreE: 4 (@Conan, @HouLuis, @Kuhleezi), 3.5 (@Squashua, @Serg.), 3 (@BEST FICTION, @Gintoki)
    Dddd the summer gods will not be kind to y’all for this disrespect.

    It makes sense though, that in their wide catalog of different #1s, why this would be their first song to leave us. The song has only a slightly warm reception even amongst fans for many of the reasons you all would go on to outline in your commentary.

    The song felt more like a victory lap, repeating the successful formula of smashes like Touch My Body, before they would go back to taking risks like with 2016’s I Like That.

    The video has a extremely bright, comic book-like aesthetic and oddly features a nod to Harley Quinn and the DC universe. It’s not too odd, as the movie seemed huge in South Korea, but feels odd for the fact that the Shake It video came out over a year before Suicide Squad ever came out ddd.

    And, with all due respect to Sistar, this still remains the most iconic k-pop x DC movement:

    The video also features cameos from zaddies Wonho and Shownu from Monsta X.

    To be fair, even as someone who many would consider the weakest member, Dasom really began to come into her own during their last few comebacks. Maknae queen was even able to slick her unnies' heels with oil while perfectly maintaining her choreo here ddd:

    Some of y'all were here to shake it in the sun:

    @He - 9 - A mega bop, I love it. And I don’t care what you all say.

    @vague - 8.5 - Touch my body 2.0 but way better. the video is so cute and colorful, too. Soyou can rock those yoga pants better than anyone else ever dddd

    @Salami - 8 - This is a fun song, most of my points are for Bora as her part is the best as always.

    @Vixen - 7.5 - Like the trend wants it when it comes down to Sistar, this is another one of these songs that took a little while to grow on me. I mean, I still find the “Oh Na Na” chant slightly annoying, as well as the “Oh no no noooo” bit in the chorus, but I can’t deny this is a decent summer bop. Do I believe it deserved going to #1? Nope, but I can see how and why it achieved that.

    @Slice of Life - 7 - Yeah, certainly not the best Sistar summer single but a bawp is a bawp, etc. I also love how this is their iljin era. They didn't even try to hide it. The audacity.

    While some of you felt you had heard too much like it before:

    @Empty Shoebox - 6 - More repetitive than I'd like. I'd usually let it get away with that, but not with the level of competition here.

    @GeiPanda - 6 - No thanks.

    @ThighHighs - 6 - A lukewarm “Touch My Body” retread. Keep it, Sis(tar).

    @HouLuis - 4 - So Sistar tried to have another summer banger but this one felt flat for me.

    @Squashua - 3.5 - A true, unadulterated, unabashed sonic dumpster-fire that not even that hot pink leopard print fire engine could put out. Likewise with a dumpster-fire, whilst it might be objectively hot and eye-catching, it's also garish, loud, messy and leaves a bad taste in the air for all in the vicinity. Truly the most copy'n'paste of all Sistar summer songs and I will remain forever bitter that Heart Attack never got the #1 AOA deserved.

    @BEST FICTION - 3 - Only giving this points cause of Shownu & Wonho.

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  7. He


    Shake It > Touch My Body.
  8. I see we’re still throwing away the trash
  9. Shake It was cute for like, a couple of weeks. It got stale quick though.
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  10. A 6.5
    Shake It is my favorite Summer SISTAR song and I’m not sorry.
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  11. Well. It's better than So Cool, ain't it.
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  12. Not even slightly, remotely or in the same universe timeline, let alone better.
  13. And we go from a summer bop...

    To something completely different....

    53. We Were In Love
    Average: 6.567
    Highest Score: 10 (@He, @vague, @soratami, @vikeyeol, @Gintoki), 9.5 (@eliminathan), 9 (@junglefish),
    Lowest Score: 4 (Sanctuary, @Love Deluxe, @HappyBirthday), 3 (@Salami, @Artemisia), 2 (@Alouder98)​

    We Were In Love is a collaboration between four members of T-ara and the ballads duo Davichi, having arrived at the end of 2011, a huge year for both groups. The collab was orchestrated through both sets of girls being under the same company, Core Contents Media.

    As someone who was never too into T-ara and only know a lot of surface-level stuff about them, this felt like such an.. odd-pairing, at least creatively, no? As in, I can’t imagine anyone wishing for this pairing to happen before it did. Davichi are largely ballad singers and T-ara’s signature sound was Korean retro bops.

    Though some of you were also surprised that this went #1, when on paper to me it makes sense. You had two huge acts coming together - the results were always going to be somewhat big. It’s like if Bruno Mars and Adele teamed up dddd (this feels shady to T-ara, but I promise it’s not, and I’m probably being too generous to Davichi).

    The song is our most ballad elimination so far, so it outlasting a few bops is impressive in its own right, though it wasn’t able to avoid the Bottom 10 - though it came close!

    Those of you who lived for a huge ballad moment:

    @He - 10 - Oh look, T-ARA showing they can also serve a number 1 ballad. Yes, talent. The snake was reaching her peak here, she looked cool and was serving great raps; shame about her slythering ways. For other T-ARA amazing ballads see: Don’t Leave, and I Know The Feeling.

    @vague - 10 - i love this dramatic ass song so much. when vocal queen Minkyung started rapping.... whew, wig. my only complaint is they should've give that last rap to Hyomin or Eunjung or even fuckin Qri instead of that demon who ruined the group!!

    @Vixen - 8.5 - Another song I feel like is gonna tank I think, but I actually really like it? I mean I’m usually not really harsh on ballads as long as they’re great, and in this case, it really is. And I thought the girls sounded great. The rap is jarring at times during some listens, but it doesn’t take too much from the song overall.

    @ThighHighs - 8 - This is lovely and has a good melody. I love any excuse for queens to belt.

    @Slice of Life - 7 - DDDDDD There was a time when I was beyond obsessed with this, it's not even funny. I don't think I love it that much now but nostalgia is a binch and it tells me to still give this a good score. Also I know Hwayoung is a snake that deserved to rot in hell and/or in the YG dungeon but she really snapped here. We love character development! PS: did anyone else scream at the Davichi misspelling? Kii.

    @BEST FICTION - 7 - Never heard this song before, but it's so up my alley. Sounds like BEG could sing it.

    @GeiPanda - 7 - Surprised this went to number one. It's a strong ballad nevertheless.

    And those of you who were more indifferent:

    @Squashua - 6.5 - I do like ballads, honest. I don't, however, feel a whole lot from this. If anything the ye olde world plaintive strings/piano combo in the back make me want to go listen to Day by Day instead. Still, whatever we think you really can't discount those vocals.

    @31entrance - 6 - Jiyeon looks so pretty in this…

    @Empty Shoebox - 5 - Another one to add to the "things I don't like" pile.

    @Salami - 3 — Bland as hell.

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  14. I really don't remember what it sounds like, like, at all.
  15. Shake It leaves me a bit cold for a summer track, but We were in love is a beautiful song, the girls sound great snging it.
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  16. [​IMG]
    I can't tell what upsets me the most: that heinous piece of trash with the 2010 Bieber cut on the cover, or the fact that even with those 10s, it managed to go first than...other lesser songs like...Ugly...
    i gave it a 5 but i'm still mad ddddd
  17. Aww that's my first 10 to go. Such a sweet ballad. What's with all the snake comments though? (I don't really know anything about T-ara other than the fact they have some bops).
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  18. OH MY GOD......!!! You're in for a wild ride. I could write a whole dissertation about the "snake" subject but I'll just leave this Twitter thread, it explains everything.
  19. I just read that and also their wiki page and all I can say is... Wow. Snake is definitely accurate.

    Good thing the truth came to light eventually, at least. Shame it took years though.
  20. Even as someone with zero investment in T-are, that Twitter thread when I first saw it was such a wild, emotional rollercoaster with twists and turns. I was...ga-ga-gagged’t.
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