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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. What a SNOOZE of a song.
  2. Living for the Hwayoung hate in the comments. I’m still not over this whole mess to be honest, that awful binch single-handedly destroyed a top tier group. I hope all her projects flop and she ends up selling rice cakes at the night market.
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  3. He


    This hurts so bad still.
  4. There it is. At least it beat Party, but y'all........ wtf. Shameful.

    Anyway, reliving the T-ara scandal was ... fun(?). I don't really care about that song, I gave it a 6 but I don't really even remember what it sounded like beyond vaguely pretty?
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  5. Our final song out today is.....

    52. Loving U
    Average: 6.581
    Highest Score: 10 (@Slice of Life, @vague), 9.5 (@Squashua), 9 (@Oleander)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 (@HouLuis), 3 (@Conan), 2 (@Gintoki)​


    Y’all really must hate summer cause two Sistar eliminations with only one song separating them this early on is.. questionable.

    The commentary for this was rather sparse compared to other songs eliminated so far, but I think it might just come down to what a lot of you all said in the brief commentary that was provided - it’s just kind of boring.

    It’s not bad or awful, but it just doesn’t excite, especially when sandwiched between title songs like Alone and Give It To Me. Still though, the song proved its own on the charts. Loving U would end up with over 3M+ sold in digitals and landed as the 2nd most successful song by a girl group in 2012. The #1 for girl groups? Alone.

    Also, despite never getting her dues as a rapper (Starship sending Hyolyn to go on Unpretty Rapstar instead dddd), Bora kinda snatched her verse in this and made it iconic, yes? Yes.

    Some of you wanted to talk about love:

    @Slice of Life - 10 - NOW THAT'S HOW YOU DO A PERFECT SUMMER SINGLE. Everything about this just gives me inner peace and this song always, always gives me a better mood. The production is tight and not lazy, the vocals are soaring, Bora's rap is decent, the music video makes me want to visit the place. Just perfect all around.

    @vague - 10 - the ultimate summer bop!!! it's just so light and happy and carefree~ love it.

    @Squashua - 9.5 - Pure summer loveliness in a sunshine dipped nutshell. Hyolyn's vocals and the brass bursts are delights.

    @He - 8 - Queens of summer arrived. I don’t fully stan this but it’s iconic, and that chorus! I screamed at the original braces oppa in the MV, I’m sure slicey has a photocard of him.

    @ThighHighs - 8 - This is catchy and fine, but it’s not as great as some of their other summer singles, so it pales in comparison to me. I do love the melody that comes in for the last 15 seconds or so though.

    @yuuurei - 8 - Almost too cutesy for my taste but the chorus and the edge in Hyolyn's voice toward the end saves it for me.

    @GeiPanda - 8 - Cute breezy bop.

    @Empty Shoebox - 7 - Seems fine when you're listening to it, but afterwards you don't really want to listen to it again.

    @BEST FICTION - 6.5 - I was never huge on Sistar's happier songs, but this one is still pretty good.

    While a few of you (especially those silent) didn't feel the love:

    @31entrance - 4 - For a supposed summer jam, this feels very...boring.

    @Vixen - 4 - Honestly, I’ve never understood the appeal of it. I remember rating it slightly higher for the Sistar rate, and now relistening to it multiple times for this rate trying to give it the most appropriate score, I just grew so freaking tired of it already. It’s annoying, I can’t help it, soz pets.

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  7. Seriously!! These aren't even their worst songs in the rate either! i-am-disgusted.gif
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  8. SinB kinda outsold Hyolyn and Soyou here
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  9. I don't fuck with Summer, sunlight or happiness, sorry SISTAR!
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  10. Aw, Loving U is cute. The remix from 2014(?) is better though.
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  11. Unnies I'm so sorry for being late with my comments....but I promise it will be body of work! It really hurts me to see Sistar falling out from chart without my shadyexplanations.

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  12. D'aww this was my first Sistar song and it's still adorable. The robotic S-I-S-T-A-R----SISTAH! was always a kii.
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  13. I wouldn't mind disposing of a certain f(x) song before we move on to greater things.
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  14. He


    Ugh, get taste.
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  15. Honestly, I could dispose of some 4minutes, miss A, 2NE1 - and quite honestly - Twice songs right about now.
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  16. I can't believe those horrible 4minute songs are still in.
  17. These better leave soon

    Knock Knock - Twice
    Ugly - 2NE1
    What’s Your Name? - 4minute
    You Drive Me Crazy - T-ara
    Nu ABO - f(x)
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  18. RE: Secret - Madonna:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "certain f(x) songs" would be a bit more fitting ddddd
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    I agree about the other two though.
  20. Our first song today is.....

    *sounds of heels clicking*


    It's 4minute and Brave Sound, let's go......

    51. Whatcha Doin’ Today
    Average: 6.608
    Highest Score: 10 (Sanctuary), 9 (@He, @junglefish, @soratami, @Serg., @eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@GeiPanda), 2 (@Kuhleezi), 1 (@Salami, @BEST FICTION)​

    Dddd y’all hate having fun so much, don’t y’all?

    What more could you want? You have lewks, campiness, choreo, etc. They’re literally taking a shit on the competition in the video. It’s such an iconic, chaotic mess.

    For some reason, this has always been one of my favorite 4minute songs. I normally love everything Brave Sound does, so it’s a no-brainer, but this felt like one of the very few times where they all looked like stars and came across as a cohesive group of 5 girls on camera, not just acting as Hyuna and the Pussycats.

    Jiyoon and Hyuna’s rapping scene together is, as well, also iconic.

    This song also gave birth to this iconic video:
    but given current events, we’ll skip past giving those in it attention.​

    Some of y'all wanted to check-in to Hotel 4Minute:

    @He - 9 - A bop from the LGBT queens. I love this. Socks and pumps is a great look by queen Hyuna.

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - You know how there's that thing that when a question is asked in a headline, 98% of the time the answer is 'No'? Is there a similar thing for song titles? Anyway, this is a cute bop.

    @vague - 8.5 - not much substance to this, but it's stupid catchy so i dig it

    @Vixen - 7.5 - We love the follow-up to the discussion the girls started when they asked what was our name. Well today girls, what we're doing is rating your #1 singles xoxo.This is a cute bop. It’s pretty relentless and have many hooks, but there’s something stopping me from stanning completely. But a decent effort nonetheless.

    @Squashua - 7.5 - The Twerking sexy maids in Edna Mode cosplay are definitely a lewk even if there are parts of the instrumental that sound like they're from the Theme Hospital OST. It's perfectly good all round but not their most memorable release for me personally.

    @Slice of Life - 6 - Dddddd only 90s kids will remember when this won over Mr. Mr. and Come Back Home on a music show and made everyone scream. Kii. I like this. It's fun and it continued 4Minute's fun Brave Brothers title tracks. It's basic (a requirement for a Brave Brothers song, let's be real) and it didn't age well but I occasionally bop. I just wish the girls didn't look so bored in the music video. I need more extra okay??? Why are their hairstyles giving me ahjumma realness???

    While just a few of y'all were just... confused?:

    @31entrance - 4 - What the fuck?

    @ThighHighs - 4 - I never really saw it for this song. One of my least favorite 4minute titles.

    @GeiPanda - 3 - This is bad and almost like a joke song.

    @Salami - 1 - I really hate this song. Really jarring.

    @BEST FICTION - 1 - This is even worse than What's Your Name. I can't believe either were hits. I'm glad Is It Poppin' isn't in this list, though.

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