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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. When you're going to display an ounce of taste... [​IMG]
  2. This song is a bop, y’all crazy.
  3. Aw, Whatcha Doin’ Today should have lasted a bit longer.

    It's one of the ten or so good Bore Brothers songs.
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  4. No and No.

    Only if it's Nu ABO. The rest should be at least top 15 and a certain one top 5.
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  5. Nu ABO is iconic and here to stay, so stay pressed.
  6. My remaining bottom 2 scores I know will be popular with most people so it’s not going to be them next out alas.
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  7. I guess we will find out...

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  8. NU ABO is better than the 75% stuff on here
  9. Get Ugly Out! I didn’t sign up for K-Emo.
  10. [​IMG]

    Other 9 are all the AOA songs they did I suppose?
  11. Definitely not!


    It's like 3 of them off the top of my head.
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  12. Were you low scorers like ... okay when you rated??? Whatcha Doin' Today is at LEAST better than What's Your Name.
    And you can all leave f(x) alone, thanks!
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  13. Sis let's not bring taste to the table, you gave Party an 8 x
  15. The SM bus is coming.
  16. I had the next elimination typed up, got home and accidentally fell asleep dddd.

    So we'll do a few more than usual today to catch-up....

    50. What’s Your Name?
    Average: 6.648
    Highest Score: 10 (@Conan, @vikeyeol, @elektricblue), 9 (@vague, @ohnostalgia, @Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@31entrance, @Oleander, @Vixen), 2 (@BEST FICTION, @Alouder98)
    And just like that, 4minute are roundhouse kicked out of the rate with back-to-back cuts.

    It is odd how their only two songs to go #1 don't seem to be looked back on with more positivity from fans. I think it's a combination of people thinking they had much better songs in their discography that deserved the attention (their music was always pretty huge for a non-Big 3 group, it's just that What’s Your Name? saw their presence get even bigger) and that people think this and Whatcha Doin Today ended their careers.

    Their music for the majority of their careers had a harsher, more electronic sound courtesy of Shinsadong Tiger. They finally had switched up producers and offered something more pure pop with What’s Your Name?, which was met to such good public reception that they double-dipped in the Brave Bros pool and released the follow-up, Whatcha Doin’ Today.

    There was arguably a more colorful and pop aspect to their work with Brave Bros than maybe their stans were used to and it was a typical situation that Cube always gets itself into. IE: The stans get used to one sound, a new sound is brought in and kept because the public responds to it, and then, for really no reason, they change sonic concepts again to where neither stans or the GP are interested.

    Crazy held its own and definitely succeeded in aspects with its Western appeal, but by the time Hate came out, it felt like people had simply moved on from 4minute despite having a huge and controversial star in it (Hyuna’s star at the time would also see some dimming with her very next comeback following 4minute’s disabnding despite an attempt to avoid any possible backlash from the public thinking she caused her group to disband by crying in a docs-series before her project release).

    Still, some of you appreciated this new direction for 4minute:

    @vague - 9 - okay, it's trash, but it's catchy trash that always gets stuck in my head. i should've given it a 10 tbh dddd. i love that my useless queen Jihyun got to be center for part of the chorus choreo

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - Solid without ever going full on banger.

    @He - 7.5 - Not my favorite 4minute, but still a minor bop.

    @Slice of Life - 7 - YATHHHH BASIC BRAVE SOUND BAWP. God, I miss these recycled Brave Brothers beats so much. This is certainly not 4Minute's best ever but I bopped to this (and still do teebs) soooo...

    While others felt it didn't justify becoming 4minute's signature sound:

    @GeiPanda - 7 - This song randomly created a surge of popularly for 4minute, and I'm not really sure why.

    @ThighHighs - 7 - The video game production really does it for me, but it’s a little bit basic.

    @Squashua - 6.5 - As someone who claims to love 4Minute, i'm still baffled that the two singles that have never really done much for me remain their only number ones. Where's the justice for Volume Up? Hot Issue? Crazy? Boo, you ahjumma SK - you always do Cube acts dirty. What's Your Name especially is basically what you get when you play every keyboard sound effect at the same time for 75% of a song and then pause it for the chorus to play the preset casio demo track. Surprisingly, that description isn't as much of a trainwreck as it sounds but it's definitely not my top-tier for 4M numbers.

    @Salami - 5 - Parts of it I love, parts of it I hate.

    @Vixen - 4 - Dddd I hate the production of the instrumental. The beeping is so grating. Yeah, sorry, this is just not for me, so let me trash its chances in the rate kii xoxo.

    @BEST FICTION - 2 - Still so messy that THIS is what put 4minute on the map again after they released bops like Mirror, Mirror & Volume Up. This song is SHIT. And then we had to hear it 2 more times when they kept remaking it.

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  17. What's Your Name is just a bit cringe listening back now to be honest.

    A moment's silence for the true 4Minute #1 that never was. R.I.P.
  18. Also let's get this out the way now:

    49. Heart Shaker
    Average: 6.729 6.662
    Highest Score: 10 (@soratami), 9 (@junglefish, @31entrance, @Serg., @eccentricsimply, @eliminathan, @GeiPanda)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Coming Century), 0 (@vikeyeol)​

    I'm actually pleased that 1) TWICE were able to avoid the Bottom 10 entirely and that 2) it's taken this long for a TWICE song to be eliminated given just how controversial and mad the iconic queens seem to get people with their cute, pure pop.

    Heart Shaker was a holiday/winter-themed special release that would serve as the title track for the holiday rerelease of their first full album. It also asked the most philosophical and important question of our lifetime: "Is Sana gay?".

    The song was also the first TWICE song out during the 2017 Gaon #1 rate, but here it finishes with just a little less than one point difference in average from the average it snatched in the previous rate. Given K-PJ's love for girl groups though and how tougher the competition is in this rate compared to the coffee shop singers TWICE were up against last time, it makes sense why the reception is slightly worse.

    I think I personally prefer What Is Love? as far as their sugary pop tracks go (possible 10-pointer for the 2018 rate?), but it's nice for what it was meant for - a sweet holiday bop.

    Y'all didn't have much to say:

    @vague - 8.5 - the choreo is fantastic and the song's pretty good, but it's not a fave.

    @HouLuis - 7.5 - Catchy, cute, fun. It was perfect for Christmas season.

    @BEST FICTION - 7 - A great song but after Likey it felt unsubstantial.

    @Slice of Life - 7 - I can't be the only one who sang IS SANA GAY? For days, right? Kii. This is not as solid as Twice's other singles namely TT, Like Ooh Ahh and Likey but it's a cute bop, and sometimes a cute bop is all you need.

    @Vixen - 6 - It’s cute, but I actually much prefer ‘What Is Love’ to it.

    @Remorque - 4 - No no no no. Well this is very by the numbers, and unspectacular.

    @ThighHighs - 4 - This is dreadful. Their output post-Likey has been trash across the board.

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  19. You guys really hate happiness.
  20. This definitely isn't their worst 2017 release. Go back to your caves of gloom bridge trolls.
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