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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Heart Shaker is not bad nor is Twice's worst song here but it seems a bit non-event and safe. Definitely not the road I wanted Twice to go after interesting songs like Signal and Likey.

    And Thank God for the other elimination.
  2. What's Your Name is a bit misunderstood and the crazy 8-bit synths are killer but yeah, it's one of those that needs lots of listens to get it..which is why I'm dumbfounded by its success. I actually wanted to go back and give it a higher rating after submitting my results but couldn't be bothered to do so ddddddd
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  3. Thank god all the 4minute songs are out because they had better songs

    and Heart Shaker is a fun little bop but I much prefer Likey sooo I’m not that sad to see it go
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  4. Heart Failure is one of the worst songs from last year.

    GLAD that's finally out!
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  5. 'What's Your Name' is the song which got me into 4Minute. I really loved the police siren-led beat and eerie synth which contrasted with the 'starships'-esque guitar chorus.

    They have other songs more worthy of Number 1 though. 'Volume Up!', 'Crazy', 'Hate' and 'Canvas' were my favourites, but I also like this even though I know it's trash:

    Also can we take a minute for the incredible fluro promo pics. Maybe my favourite teaser images ever:
  6. I really like What's Your Name pre-chorus though.

    and my highest score so far to leave, the last minute of Heart Shaker is heart-warming!
  7. WAIT

    I just remembered this bop from the Name is 4Minute mini album.

    I was so mad this wasn't the title track. What's My Name could never.
  8. What could our next song leaving be?...



    48. 2 Different Tears
    Average: 6.810
    Highest Score: 9 (@Cotton Park, @evilsin, @vague, @Squashua, @eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@yuuurei, @Kuhleezi), 3 (@Salami, @Slice of Life)​

    The titans of K-PJ finally take a hit, losing one of their three songs in the rate, though it is unsurprising that this is the first Wonder Girls song that will have left us; the song wasn't their first single out in their own rate, but it was out before both Be My Baby and Why So Lonely by a significant amount. As well, it scores about a point lower here than it did in the discography rate.

    You can click here for a broader breakdown of Wonder Girls history from the discography rate on how Lim trained with Jia & Fei from Miss A and what group Lim was originally supposed to be in.

    The song was their first track following Sunmi's departure and the first with Lim, who was meant to be in the Chinese version of Wonder Girls, which meant the song was released in an English version, a Korean version and a Mandarin version.

    I think I gave this like a solid 7, but I should have given it an point extra or two if y'all weren't going to be here for the retro funk of a Wonder Girls track. I'm a Little Sunminister too and love Reboot, but I also love this line-up so much too. Sun is giving it all with her belts and Sohee is serving.

    Some of y'all thought the song was so, so good:

    @vague - 9 - this is a cute and fun song, but i'm only giving it a 9 'cause i got the album for free back in the day from their official store.

    @Squashua - 9 - Korean fashion was such a kii back in the early '10s huh? Like a magic eye painting got caught in a 70's wallpaper factory explosion and the shrapnel rolled around in sequins. As for the song, we love an emotional ballad-fakeout turned super disco barnstormer. Do we think this MV was an insight into JYP's cult? An loosely veiled analogy perhaps?

    @31entrance - 8 - love the 80's vibes in this, I still don't understand the mv after all these years…

    @GeiPanda - 8 - Yas, Yubin get it gurl. The overall styling is horrendous though.

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - This song isn't quite as retro as the video director wants it to be, but it has its moments, and i appreciate their inclusion.

    @BEST FICTION - 8 - I wasn't a Wonder Girls stan when this came out cause I didn't like Nobody, but I remember my friend playing this song for me and I didn't wanna admit it was better than Run Devil Run cause I was a bitter SONE. Also I miss Sunmi ;(

    @Vixen - 8 - That video, though…. JYP, though…. Dddd, mess. But a bop is a bop! I don’t have much to say about this, it’s one or two notches above the “it’s just there” mark, but at the same time, I feel like it’s not quite up there with all the other near perfect scores. I love the slight retro and disco influence in this, though. I’ve always felt like it was a great direction for them somehow.

    @He - 7 - Underproduced bop, but still a bop.

    While some of you thought it was so, so bad:

    @ThighHighs - 6 - JYP in that blonde wig and yellow eye shadow is a LEWK henny. The song itself is cute, but a little bit basic, when we know they can and would do better in the future.

    @Kuhleezi - 4 - I love Oompa Loompas!

    @Slice of Life - 3 - I know we love the Wonder Girls round these parts but let's not pretend that this is one of their best eras. This is... shit. I'm sorry. I'm gonna give it a few points for that wonderful middle 8 and the cute production but other than that, this is just a big bowl of NO.

    @Salami - 3 - I don’t recognize the group who made Reboot. Even their vocals sound messy.

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  9. I don't really care for it, so I'm fine with it leaving, but I do think there's a few mediocre songs that should have left before.
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  10. I get that Sohee is iconic or whatever (I was a rabid SNSD stan at the time so I never got her appeal ddd) but Wonder Girls' discography would be holding up much better if JYP put more effort into making her vocals listenable.
  11. I'm going to just ... refrain from saying anything about WG to avoid any drama. But I'm obviously not sad about one of their songs finally being eliminated. And right after Twice, no less!
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  12. Nawt me and my mortal rate enemy @Salami collaborating to kill 2 Different Tears. 2018 is wild.
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    Ddddd y'all jinxed it calling it out as not their worse 2017 track....


    ??. Signal
    Average: 6.851
    Highest Score: 10 (@BEST FICTION, @Serg., @Coming Century, @eliminathan), 9.5 (@eccentricsimply), 9 (@junglefish, @ohnostalgia, @soratami, @HappyBirthday)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Alouder98), 2 (@Salami, @Kuhleezi), 0 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    I don’t think anything could prepare K-PopJustice for what is going to unfold in this thread every time a TWICE elimination happens. I kinda live for the drama because my thread is gonna be popping, but I also enjoy tons of their music and view them as queens who have people pressed and should, for the most part, be staying longer than they are.

    Maybe I just have a bad read on public opinion, but I really thought that Knock Knock would go before Signal, but Knock Knock has been able to outlast Signal (…but for how long?). This is another example of how songs perform differently in different rates.

    While Heart Shaker seemed to just poorly illicit middle-of-the-road reactions from people - its crime being boring - Signal seems to pull out a wide range of reactions, some of you absolutely LOVING it and some of you fuming and absolutely HATING it.

    Some of you caught TWICE's signal of love:

    @BEST FICTION - 10 - I love this song and I do not care how anyone feels about it. SONG OF THE YEAR IN KOREA'S EYES!

    @HappyBirthday - 9 - I kind of love how there’s a recurring theme in Twice songs of nonexistent or confusing communication. Jessica Doyle and Maxwell Cavaseno on the Singles Jukebox mentioned it a while back, and now I can’t help but notice it.

    @ThisIsRogue - 8 - Another Twice song that grew on me. This is a jam.

    @vague - 8 - definition of a grower not a shower. it took forever for me to get into this, but it's pretty solid now

    @31entrance - 7.5 - It does get stuck in my head. A LOT

    @ThighHighs - 7 - It’s got some good parts, it’s got some terrible parts. The chorus is a good part and the only reason it gets a decent score from me.

    @Vixen - 6 - Why are their videos always so cute and charming? How can the little alien just ignore them? THEY ARE FUCKING ADORABLE YOU JERK. As for the song, sadly I’m not really feeling it, but it’s not bad per say.

    While with others, it seems the signal cut out:

    @Slice of Life - 6 - I'm so conflicted on this. On one hand, I use this so much, y'all have no idea. But on the other hand, I use a version that is very different from the official one. Listening to the original version now, I still hate Mina's and Momo's rap sections so much (actually I even hate Dahyun's and Chaeyoung's as well). These rap sections seriously ruin a perfectly killer single.

    @He - 6 - Meh, like I have fun with this but at the same I see it as an annoying redux.

    @HouLuis - 4.5 - Very weird and quirky song, never got into it honestly.

    @Salami - 2 - Definitely their worst single. It’s just a mess. Disjointed song and none of the desperate parts are good.

    @Empty Shoebox - 0 - This song is similar to 'wannabe' by the spice girls, in that every time I hear it, I hate it just a little bit more. Having already rated it twice, all my goodwill towards it has gone.

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  14. dddd I don't really think it's a good song, nor that it is really original or groundbreaking, but I feel like it's the only Twice single with a little bit of quirk. It kind of stand out a little bit (for better or for worse) amongst the rest of their more beige and safe discography.

    Not the Twice song I had in mind when I said we should get rid of some, but whatever, it's done. Now an elimination for IOI or miss A please, kii.
  15. GFriend is gonna win huh. Oof.
  16. Wait. Expose her. @Sanctuary you cooking the books?
  17. Wait, you submitted the 2017 scores in a different order than everyone else and I didn't notice.


    Let's cut to a quick intermission to check if this is... going to be a problem dddd, shit.
  18. Okay, Heart Shaker is STILL in at #49, but its score drops to 6.662162162.

    Signal is NOT the next song out dddd. Should I reveal where it does fall without revealing what it leaped over or not reveal when it's out until we get there?
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