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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. The last few eliminations have been choices.

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  2. Bad Girl Good Girl leaving first than Only You, Blasphemy!
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  3. Let's do one more for the night to keep on schedule...

    34. Danger
    Average: 7.513
    Highest Score: 10 (@Conan, @31entrance, @Salami, @Oleander, @TABOO, @Vixen), 9 (@elektricblue, @vague, @soratami, @Kuhleezi, @eccentricsimply)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@Alouder98, @yuuurei, @Squashua), 4.5 (@codecat), 4 (@HappyBirthday, @Artemisia)​

    I couldn’t figure out if Pinocchio or Danger was the more commonly used official name, so let’s just go with Danger ddd.

    Songs like these are what make me realize that a significant chunk of f(x)’s discography just... isn’t for me, though I tried to be fair in ranking the quality of them (though I see that maybe I should have been petty like some were to groups like Sistar *dramatically moves bangs*).

    I do appreciate the experimental quality to their work and Sulli is a star (controversial queen yas). I believe she was the most popular in their early days?

    I’m glad though I wasn’t noticing the shades of 2NE1 that were in them out of nowhere and making it up, since some of you also noted in the comments even for this song how the fashion often veered closely to a response to 2NE1’s own looks.

    As well, Amber’s voice adds a unique kind of vibe and feel to the track, especially with how screechy the song could get, especially in the chorus. Songs like these show how vital her role was in the group.

    I promise I’ll make better write-up’s for future f(x) songs dddd.

    Some of you were not lying when y'all said you loved f(x):

    @Salami - 10 - This is when f(x) really come into their own. Again with the terrible styling in the video but what a song. It’s very of it’s time but the “Danger” / “Pinocchio” parts are damn catchy.

    @Vixen - 10 - I still think this f(x) is not as polished and sleek yet, that's coming a little bit later with their last album, but this is undeniably good nonetheless. Like I can't 'not' give it full marks. It's just that good. The bass line on this is out of this world, and while the hook is rather simple, it's just incredibly effective and doesn't feel as regressive as it could have been on paper. A success, in other words. Congrats ladies. (Also Luna's vocals? Yaaaath.)

    @Kuhleezi - 9 - I love how the Japanese version of this wouldn't sound out of place on Girls' Generation (the legendary 1st Japanese album).

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - This song's massively helped by the pounding beat that goes all the way through. I was dancing.

    @HouLuis - 7.5 - This is a song that took time to grow on me. Quirky, minimal, f(un).

    @He - 7 - Were f(x) SM’s response to 2NE1, styling wise they kind of were. Poor Luna.

    @Slice of Life - 7 - Ooh, this actually sounds better than I remember? I found this so weird-sounding back then dddd. The chorus is cute and the choreography is fun (and basic for a girl group that was once marketed as a dance group kii but lemme not drag my girls so much). I gasped at that Luna high note. So unnecessary and extra but I live for it anyway.

    But some of you felt it just wasn't dangerous enough:

    @ThighHighs - 6 - It’s not bad, but it’s not very exciting.

    @GeiPanda - 6 - Unimpressive.

    @BEST FICTION - 6 - This was always one of their... less great singles.

    @Squashua - 5 - Wow for a song called "Danger" a whole lot of nothing happens. Some of the Willy Wonka sets are cute mind even if the Jeremy Scott's Rainbow Vomit collection styling is seizure inducing.

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  4. This song and video are both a big fat NO.
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  5. That shouldn't have left... What the fuck.
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  6. BOP. New Queens of tteokbokki sajaegi Summer e.t.c
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  7. What’s wrong with you people.
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  8. Ya’ll. No!​

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  9. The lyrics are actually the worst part of Bad Girl Good Girl for me, it's so boringly pseudo-feminist that I lowered my score a bit after reading the translation w
    Yes good, the other SISTAR song I don't really like is out! Now, the rest are all basically flawless so if they don't place highly I will start hexing people.
    I liked that song for a minute, and then one day suddenly I found it so annoying that I haven't listened to it in full since except for this rate. So ...
  10. Aw no, I really like Danger.

    Simpler times.
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  11. Pinocchio (Danger) is a cute girl, not gonna lie, but it should have left before Nu ABO.

    By the way, apparently the official lyrics for Bad Girl, Good Girl say "shut off, boy" and not "shut up, boy". Mess.
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  12. This shouldn’t have left when there are still worst songs left here

    *looks at Red Flavor*
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  13. Hey @Sanctuary I also gave 'Danger' a 9. Hope that score counted!

    I wasn't a fan of that song much initially but I got really into f(x) in 2015 after seeing them live in London and really came around to it!
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  14. It did. I had it in the data set. When I do high / low, I don’t know of any way to do it besides just read across the spread sheet and mark down high and low scores, so if I ever miss one of y’all, just let me know ddd. I’ll add you to the OP when I have a chance.
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  15. Oh I meant musically, as in the melody. I never bothered to check the translation, but I’m not surprised it’s as tacky as you say.
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  16. If you use Excel, I tend to function in some formatting rules so any score that’s input above/below/exactly a number turns a seperate colour for an easier visual reference later on (so anything below 4 turns a cell red, 10s are gold e.t.c). That might help out? (Although it might be a bit late in the rate now I guess)
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  17. Can 'Very Very Very' go next / soon? It gets on my tits.
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  18. nn I gave them mostly high scores but f(x) are so overrated. I only listen to 4walls nowadays.
  19. Red Velvet is arguably better than f(x) and by the time they disband it will be unarguable.
  20. Kris & Tao being the Top 2 on US iTunes is such a kii.
    Why can't these Chinese stans use their VPNs to buy Loona's next single (or No Tears Left To Cry) instead?
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