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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Neither Sistar or SNSD impressed me, bar maybe one song. Their songs in this rate are very Of Their Time in the way that Britney’s Femme Fatale is Of Its Time. And that Time is one which I generally view as a recent nadir in modern music.

    To my ears F(x) and 2NE1 presented far far more interesting music (while also sharing a few Of Their Time tracks). And I’m glad the results reflect that.

    I also did not give out a single 10 post 2013, so.
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  2. That's fair enough as it's true 2NE1 and f(x)'s music had always been more quirky and adventurous, but regardless of Sistar or SNSD, I would be curious to see what you think of the remaining 2015-2017 cuts that do not belong to f(x) or 2NE1?

    Just to be clear kii, I never meant to point fingers precisely at you (as a "more casual listener") or anyone else, really. Like I said, there's also people who's been listening to K-Pop for years that have voted in that rate as well, which is why I also said it could be possible that people just grew tired of those 2010 songs after all these years, whereas something from 2015 may sound a little bit more...fresh? Not necessarily in the production, but just as a feeling, when you listen to it.

    I'm just not one who believes that K-Pop necessarily got better (or worse either) with time, even #1s - which is why I expressed that sentiment about the top 15 potentially looking unbalanced.
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  3. Is there really much recency bias though because most of the recent songs are from 2016, which has only lost 3 songs out of 9. From memory it's the 3rd best year for girl group #1s in this rate.

    2017 was dominated by TWICE, which saw most of their songs be eliminated, and 2015 doesn't appear to have been a particularly strong year for girl groups anyway with only 4 #1s that year.

    Sure 2010 and 2011 could have kept a couple of songs, and 2016 lost some, but besides 2010, every other year is still represented. There's still a good mix of girl groups in the rate.
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  4. No, you're right, 2017 definitely took a good beating (I forgot that ya'll heathens had eliminated 'Lonely' so 2017 was looking like it still had 50% left), but I guess it's also because I'm anticipating some of the older songs to leave very soon too.

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  5. 2011 probably deserved more representation in this final 20 (So Cool, Be My Baby & Lonely being all in my personal top 20 for example) but I do think 2016 had some excellent songs reach #1 so it’s not surprising to see it do so well.
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  6. Kpop has just become better in recent years teebs.
  7. I’m surprised Only You is still in. I like it but it’s not particularly memorable.
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  8. Aw, Hoot was my first ever K-Pop song.

    I didn't age that great, but it should have stayed until top 15 at least.
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  9. Hoot is my favourite SNSD song so i’m sad to see it go... the combination of the bond concept with that huge chorus and incredible middle 8, whew
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  10. Dddd sorry for the messery.
    I realized I wanted to do high/low for years when eliminated and fell asleep doing that instead of #17.
    But we'll get through #17-#15 today, I swear.

    But first....

    06. 2010
    Average Score: 7.380
    18. 8.202 - Hoot - SNSD
    20. 8.148 - Run Devil Run - SNSD
    27. 7.837 - Oh! - SNSD
    30. 7.797 - Lupin - Kara
    36. 7.445 - Bad Girl Good Girl
    38. 7.324 - Nu ABO - f(x)
    41. 7.175 - You Drive Me Crazy - T-ara
    43. 7.054 - Go Away - 2NE1
    47. 6.905 - Madonna - Secret
    48. 6.810 - 2 Different Tears - Wonder Girls
    55. 6.486 - Try To Follow Me - 2NE1

    Highest Scorers:
    9.181 - @TABOO
    8.863 - @Conan
    8.772 - @evilsin

    Lowest Scorers:
    5.727 - @Artemisia
    5.454 - @Dangerous Maknae
    4.090 - @HouLuis

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  11. @TABOO you’ a real one xoxo
  12. Me not in the bottom scorers? This is unexpected.
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  13. Ironically... our next track to leave is also from an SM act....

    but from who....



    17. Red Flavor
    Average: 8.283
    Highest Score: 10 (@Cotton Park, @Salami, @Oleander, @codecat, @HappyBirthday, @ThighHighs, @elektricblue, @Slice of Life, @Artemisia, @Remorque), 9 (@Conan, @ohnostalgia, @Love Deluxe, @Empty Shoebox, @Kuhleezi, @vikeyeol, @Vixen, @Squashua, @ThisIsRogue, @GeiPanda)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@31entrance), 3 (@yuuurei, @Gintoki)​

    This was probably the most consistent song out of any of the ones to feature in multiple rates over the last few months. This actually finished at #7 in the Gaon #1s rate, but with a lower score than what it comes in with at #17 (8.283 vs 8.260) here on the Girl Group #1s.

    It is a fun bop, though it did age quite a bit compared to their other titles. I would say maybe it being Red Velvet's only showing made people act kinder to it or that it benefitted from the goodwill from their last few excellent releases, but again, the results are largely similar compared to last time, so despite more voters, the overall reception of the song around a larger sample size remains largely consistent.

    Even wilder is that they only have one #1 to their name and 4 - FOUR - different songs to peak at #2, being blocked four different times from claiming the top spot. I'm especially pressed the iconic Bad Boy was blocked and we won't get to rate it for the 2018 #1s rate.

    Dumb Dumb blocked by IU & Park Myeongsu’s Leon
    Russian Roulette blocked by Lim ChangJung’s The Love I Committed
    Peak-A-Boo blocked by Minseo & Jong ShinYoon’s Yes
    Bad Boy blocked by iKon’s Love Scenario


    Y'all were much kinder to Red Velvet than the charts have been:

    @HappyBirthday - 10 - Possibly my favorite quality a song can have is propulsion, and in that regard this one is an absolute rocket.

    @Slice of Life - 10 - This was my summer anthem y'all. Like, I sang and danced this everywhere (as long as no one was watching dddddd). This is the most accessible Red Velvet single but despite that, it's never basic, beige or boring. I hope this goes far in the rate because it means so much to me.

    @Salami - 10 - Easily their best song. They completely lost me with Rookie but won me round with this. It’s just a lot of fun.

    @ThighHighs - 10- The song of the summer for 2017. Will probably be the song of the summer for 2018.

    @Vixen - 9 - It's weird, but even after all this time, I am not fully sold on Red Velvet. That being said, I have to admit that 'Red Flavor' is really one of their singles that grew on me with time. That video, on the other hand, is a choice... kii.

    @Empty Shoebox - 9 - I love fruit. My favourites are Fyffes bananas and Fyffes pineapples. FUEGO.

    @vague - 8.5 - dumb and catchy, but not their best.

    Though they still couldn't stop some of your own charts:

    @He - 7.5 - Fun and catchy but it never hit me.

    @BEST FICTION - 7 - I remember when this debut and everyone lost their shit and I just thought it was OK. I ended up really liking it, but then PeekABoo dropped and made this song downgrade for me.

    @HouLuis - 6.5 - One of Red Velvet’s weaker titles I my opinion, still bops though. Perfect for summer!

    @31entrance - 5: how...of all of their amazing titles they had....this is their ONLY number 1?

    @yuuurei - 3 - I really like some of Red Velvet's other music but this song is just kinda aggravating to listen to.

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  14. Bull-motherfucking-shit.
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  16. oh YASSSS

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. 2010 was truly a simpler time, unnie ~~
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  18. In retrospect, I would have given 'Red Flavor' a 8 instead of a 9, but I thought it was bad enough that this was their only song in this rate, so I went a bit easy on them.

    Definitely the right time for it to leave though.
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  19. Is it an unpopular opinion if I say I prefer Rookie over Red Flavor?
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  20. I guess it is but I do too. It has aged better than Red Flavor to say the least.
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