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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Not gonna say anything about this elim except that I stand by my score!

    I would be pleasantly surprised if either I Love You or Rum Pum Pum Pum wins this, neither of them is an absolute fave but I like them both a lot. But frankly I'm still mad about Sistar not even being in the top 3, so whoever wins it will be bittersweet.
    Then this may interest you.
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  2. My top 3 would be:
    1. I Love You
    2. TT
    3. Rum Pum Pum Pum

    f(x) are actually by far my favourite group out of the remaining 3 but this was one of their weakest leads in my opinion. Pink Tape is incredible though. TT is a basic bop but classic TWICE. I Love You is something magical.
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  3. I guess that's why she's still in the rate tbh queen.

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  4. Mine are clean and ready to listen to TT on repeat when it wins this rate x

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  5. He


    It should have been

    1. Why so lonely
    2. Rum pum pum pum
    3. I Love You
    4. TT
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  7. This is what makes me so sad about their disbandment. Maturity and coolness wasn’t their concept, it was just what they naturally exuded as industry veterans. No group out there right now gives me the same vibe.
  8. Yeah I also wish we had more groups (both 2nd and 3rd gen) going the artistic way like Wonder Girls' last line-up did.

    Or at least WG could release another album. But it's still great to see that they left on their highest level of quality and also getting an #1 with their last comeback, specially when Korea slept on Reboot so badly.
  9. I think Brown Eyed Girls have these same traits but I'm unsure about considering them a group that's "out there right now" since they've been MIA.
  10. If you don't 'get' "Why So Lonely?" and its wistful mix of abandonment and ennui, subtle arid beauty, and deceptively disarming chord changes, you're not a bad person, but... honestly...
    There's nothing anyone can do for you.
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  11. I apologize for the delay, y'all.
    These last few days have been... a lot dddd

    Our song to just miss the Final 2 is...

    03. TT
    Average: 9.013
    Highest Score: 10 (Sanctuary, @He, @Cotton Park, @31entrance, @vague, @soratami, @Love Deluxe, @HouLuis, @codecat, @Kuhleezi, @BEST FICTION, @Serg., @eccentricsimply, @Squashua, @elektricblue, @eliminathan, @ThisIsRogue, @GeiPanda), 9.5 (@vikeyeol), 9 (@junglefish, @Salami, @Oleander, @HappyBirthday, @Coming Century, @ThighHighs, @Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (@Dangerous Maknae), 7 (@Remorque), 6.5 (@Vixen), 6 (@TABOO, @Artemisia), 5 (@yuuurei)​

    And with that, we lose the last 2016 track and the last TWICE song from the rate.

    TT is also our first song to enter the 9+ averages, which is pretty good, since only three songs in the rate have a score to be a 9.000 or higher.

    To say this was a phenomena would be... an understatement:

    It's odd to think about that it's only been out for less than two years, since it really feels like a true MOMENT in k-pop. You can't say you have an interest in k-pop if you don't know TT. It's just one of those omnipresent cultural moments. There are several songs from previous generations of k-pop that have a similar impact, but TT feels like the first modern generation k-pop song that similarly fits the label of global phenomenon.

    I actually think, despite following their costume-y approach to concepts, the video doesn't feel particularly childish and immature? Maybe because adults (in America at least) still participate in Halloween, I always just took it as a fun Halloween concept.

    TT also feels just sonically and structurally more complex than Cheer Up. Though it focuses on the same thing that makes a TWICE song icon - a repeated, easy-to-remember hook - it still feels immense and universal of a song.

    It also gave us... this.
    And... this.​

    Whew, the impact.

    @He - 10 - Peak Twice, peak Momo vocals, peak Halloween. Shit video.

    @31entrance - 10 - okay but this is an underappreciated Halloween classic, scratch that it sounds good in all seasons.

    @HouLuis - 10 - Undoubtedly Twice’s biggest and best song. My favorite thing about this is the heavy bass-line of the chorus, so so so good.

    @ThisIsRogue - 10 - My favourite Twice song by far. I don't think they've ever been able to top this. Super catchy, super fun, easy to sing along to. I just love this. One of my favourite K-Pop songs ever.

    @vague - 10 - i almost always need, like, ten plays before connecting with their music, but this was love at first listen. that chorus is undeniably fantastic and the choreo is already iconic

    @BEST FICTION - 10 - The song that really made me wake up and appreciate K-Pop again. I really needed some new blood and this have a random viral moment in December 2016 was what it took to get me fully participating in the K-Pop world again and I'm so thankful.

    @Squashua - 10 - For sheer memeability, zeitgeist plundering, lol-boppery, is there a better option than Twice's Party City Halloween Special ode to Obscure Emojis? That was a rhetorical question because 1) no there's not, that's indisputable and 2) putting all that to one side, this is actually a ferociously produced BANGER most girl-groups would sell their maknae for to have even something 1/10th as good. It twists, it turns, it barrel-rolls, it has hooks, chants, catchphrases and quotes of mastery bursting from every fancy dress seam and it's the only song i've seen being danced to in public (in France no less) by a gaggle of teenage non-Korean girls. Truly the power of TWICE spreads far and wide, and yet do I mind when it's just this damn good? Shoutout to the Mina & Tzuyu's magical dress-up spin, Jeongyeon getting probably her most prominent edit yet and the schoolboy revamp that features @junglefish's future husband (once he's passed his senior class that is).

    @ThighHighs - 9 - Actually the best thing they’ve ever done.

    @Slice of Life - 9 - Oh wow, I just looked at my score for this for the 2016 SOTY Rate and I only gave this a 7??? The fuck is wrong with me? Okay, I may have not loved this from the get go but I really love this now. Additional points for that iconic middle school parody.

    @Salami - 9 - Momo. Amazing. I heard a great remix of this that gave it a bit more of an EDM feel which I’ve been trying to find for a while as it’s so much better. The chorus feels a bit sparse otherwise. This was the first Twice song I didn’t hate on first listen so I have to give it credit for that.

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - Backstreet's Back alright! Okay, not quite the same, but you can see the similarities. I still don't know what 'TT' means. What else can you say really? It's a Twice single. It's catchy and cute.

    @Vixen - 6.5 - Okay don’t judge me, but when I first heard the song I thought “TT” was supposed to represent their teeth? As like..vampire teeth or something? Dddddd, I’M A FUCKING MESS I knoooow. Now I know it’s the crying emoticon or whatever. Regardless, what I think of the song? Look, one of my biggest issue with Twice is that they usually get a really really good chorus and call it a day, record whatever words spring to mind first when writing the verses, and hope the chorus will be enough to sell the song. It’s a cute song, but it has too many shortcomings (weak verses, uninteresting production or song structure, weak and pitchy vocals, etc) – they are capable of better. Now on the other hand, the video? Yaaaaath, they all look so damn gorgeous in it.

    @yuuurei - 5 - What is this song even trying to mean? Maybe I'm just too old for this. Not mature enough to not hear "just like titty" though.

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  12. Meaning your Top 2 is:




    Find out who wins...
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  13. TT was truly a MOMENT in K-pop history that will never be repeated again imo and frankly it does deserve all the praise it gets also lowkey choke @ the people who gave it less than an 8

    I'm indifferent to whatever is winning now though both songs are good
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  14. omg how are we the only ones who hear this. The voice CRACK as the last chorus begins...
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  15. Sana/Momo prechorus from TT will never be topped I encourage the groups to try though
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  16. The first time I heard the song/watched the video, I genuinely thought they were emulating vampire teeth. It also doesn't help that the TT choreo first happened inside what looks like the mouth (thus, teeth?) of an Halloween pumpkin, dddddd.

    I feel so dumb now. It's obvious it's about the crying emoticon.
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  17. This is the first time I got a final two I can endorse in a K-Pop rate. Obviously Rum Pum Pum for the win, but I Love You was my second choice #11 contender, so I can't be mad if 2NE1 prevail.
  18. I kind of love that these two iconic "quirky and offbeat" concept groups are facing off for the win in the end.
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  19. (Jinbo and Sumin of all people actually turned me on to some of the brilliances of TT. I like both versions.)
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  20. Obviously praying for my girls 2NE1 to win (again) but I know the 2N/A1 brigade and their whack scores have killed its chances of winning. And I'm okay with that.

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