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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Now either of the two remaining songs can win, but it would nice for Rum Pum Pum Pum to take this, since I LOVE YOU already won a rate before.
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  2. I can get behind this. There's only a point between them in my scores.
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  3. Honestly a crap Top 2, but if any song has to win it's 2NE1 and that's unfortunate.
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  4. I gave a higher score to I Love You but I want RPPP to win so f(x) can be in the winners rate. 2NE1 have already been there two times.
  5. RPPP needs to win now.
  6. TT was the song that made me understand what Twice were all about, and it would get my 11 if it wasn't for Sixth Sense. I love the crazy structure of the song and the chorus with the house bass underneath...but my fav part in TT is that noisy, malfunctioning synth that goes up and down throughout the entire track and you can only hear it clearly with headphones. Queens of using subliminal noises to get their track on top of the charts for 4 weeks straight!
  8. The time has come..... to find out....

    who will take the the girl group crown....

    Will it be the edgy YG girl group?

    Or will it be the experimental SM girl group?


    02. I Love You
    Average: 9.378
    Highest Score: 11 (@Conan, @ThisIsRogue), 10 (@Dangerous Maknae, @He, @junglefish, @31entrance, @Salami, @evilsin, @vague, @ohnostalgia, @soratami, @Oleander, @Love Deluxe, @HappyBirthday, @Serg., @vikeyeol, @ThighHighs, @Squashua, @elektricblue, @Slice of Life, @Gintoki, @eliminathan, @Remorque), 9.5 (@Kuhleezi, @BEST FICTION), 9 (@Empty Shoebox, @Vixen, @Artemisia)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (@TABOO), 7 (@codecat), 6 (Sanctuary)​

    Despite being a previous winner and a K-PJ fave by a K-PJ fave group, 2NE1’s “I Love You” falls just so short of claiming a second victory under its belt.

    I Love You sees 2NE1 wear Western influence more than they possibly ever have. The track is an electrifying eurodance bop with fizzing and buzzing synths. The song had even received buzzy airplay from BBC Radio in the UK, which isn’t shocking given the sonic fit.

    It does sound of its time, but there’s much worse out there in terms of dated music, especially given that they were hanging out with will.i.am at the same time. Teddy may have a small arsenal, but he’ll never reach will.i.am territory, and for that, we’re grateful.

    The song is also the single that started the odd trend of them tossing out random singles for two years with none of them attached to an album. The idea that one of their biggest hits (almost 3M downloads!) was a one-off random single and not attached to a bigger picture is so… ???. Wait, y’know what? That’s actually the norm for a YG girl group.

    “Do You Love Me” owns my heart as far as their trashy eurodance bops go from that time, but I can see why “I Love You” is so anthemic for so many people and why many would rank it the best of their best.

    For many of you, I Love You represents what makes k-pop so great.

    @He - 10 - Perfection. Just too good. Wish they had done a couple of more bangers like this one. But alas, YG.

    @Salami - 10 - I love a sad uptempo. Their best song by a mile.

    @31entrance - 10 - Might be my all-time fav 2NE1 song, it just makes me feel some type of way...

    @HappyBirthday - 10 - It’s amazing how such a maximalist song shows restraint, but that just shows how 2NE1 at their best were working at a level above everyone else around. They are and will be missed.

    @vague - 10 - lemme give this a 10 so i don't seem like a 2ne1 hater or w/e, but that 10 is for Bom & Dara ONLY

    @Slice of Life - 10 - COMMENTARY COMING #SOON [ddddd sis]

    @Squashua - 10 - Arguably 2NE1 at their very best from the stunning, Chinese-dabbling atmospheres of the MV to top tier electro pop production that would still sound ferocious today and constantly shifts like a mystical puzzle box - it really should've eh-kuh-leeps-ed I Am the Best as their signature song as the years went on.

    @ThighHighs - 10 - Perfect, flawless, never going to be topped. This is my favorite 2NE1 song and it has been ever since I first heard it. It’s got everything I love about them and then some. Truly a staggeringly amazing song. They were massive before, but this is what truly cemented them as ICONS in my book.

    @BEST FICTION - 9.5 - I can't believe YG didn't follow this up with a full album. IT'S SO GOOD!

    @Empty Shoebox - 9 - You lot all voted this as the best 2NE1 song, so I'm not going to argue with you. I wasn't planning to anyway.

    @Vixen - 9 - Ugh, this is is fucking iconique. What a moment for them, honestly. Melodies and hooks for days, hell even the vocals are very pleasant which was not really all that common from 2NE1 in general. It’s one of my favorite singles of the girls, and I sometimes forget how much I appreciate those sort of midtempos from them (when they are done right) because of the sound they’ve followed throughout their careers. This is such a triumph for them.

    @HouLuis - 8.5 - Wohooo sensual and melodic electropop – that is how I would call this, that chorus is so hypnotic and the verses and pre-chorus melody is so good. I love how it starts building up throughout then it slows down in the middle 8 before descending into this explosive outro.

    @GeiPanda - 8 - A very complex and immaculately produced track, that they never seemed to repeat.

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  9. And we have a switch-up!

    K-PJ faves f(x) are able to overcome previous winners from Sistar, 2NE1 and Wonder Girls to claim their first ever K-PJ rate win.

    As a tumblr gay, despite not being that aware of k-pop at the time, Pink Tap and its iconic album packaging was everywhere and something even I was aware of, even though I only recently heard its single in question.

    The song in question, “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, does sound to my ears very quintessentially f(x) in its noisy and off-center structure and production, and though that may not be for everyone (like me dddd), I can definitely see why that made f(x) interesting and adventurous to so many. They weren’t afraid to try things others in k-pop veered away from.

    I can joke and call them the #1 hipster k-pop group for casuals, but there is a very artistic and different quality to f(x)’s work that set them apart from being easily lumped in with hoards of other girl groups. The one thing you will never be able to accuse f(x) of is blending in and sounding like everyone else.

    Pink Tape + “Rum Pum Pum Pum” were also the last comeback before "Red Light" and messy queen Sulli’s controversial shenanigans forcing her removal from the group and Red Velvet to be prematurely ripped out from whatever cryogenic chamber they were being grown in to take attention away from the messiness that was happening with f(x).

    f(x) would then go on to have one more moment in the sun with the further iconic "4 Walls", and though the future remains uncertain for them, it’s clear what kind of legacy f(x) has left behind.

    It’s important to remember just one thing…

    Ddddd y’all didn’t let the uncertain future stop y’all from CROWNING talent:

    @Kuhleezi - 11 - Wow. This song. Let's start by how unique this song is: despite being a #1, you can't really compare it to anything else, it doesn't sound like anything else. And the crazy thing is that it's relatively simple at that. The instrumentation is rather sparse, but f(x) turn this bare-bones song into something extremely rich just by playing with their vocal harmonies. The first pre-chorus is a stellar peak in their career, at the same level as Red Light's middle-8. After everything is said and done, this is among my favorite songs of all time and probably my favorite K-pop song altogether.

    @HouLuis - 11 - OKAY, this is the song that got me into f(x) and the album is pure gold also (SHADOW is one of their best songs). This is what f(x) is for me, quirky left-field pop music. Highlights includes minimal funky guitar through the beginning of the verses, the beat kicks in after “the attention boys”, the row row row your boat type of overlapping in the pre-chorus with the marching drum-beat, vocal layering/harmonies used as the background for the chorus, the ad-libs for the last chorus, vocal layering throughout the song is genius specially during the outro, how the beat goes harder and harder and the clever lyrics. Pure genius.

    @Salami - 11 - I couldn’t not give f(x) my 11 and I’m so glad I get to give it to their best song. I really didn’t like it at first but after a while it grew and even now I listen to it several times a week. So many highlights - Luna repeating Krystal’s lines and choreography and then coming together, that weird little noise just before the chorus, the “oh oh ohhhh” in the chorus’ the dance break, the tartan outfits, Sulli not ruining the whole thing, the fact it’s about toothache, Victoria in general...perfection.

    @He - 10 - f(x) taking its true form here. The parent album of this is one of the best kpop releases ever. The video is a bit shit, to be honest, but red headed mermaid Krystal saves it a bit (that messy headband / wig combo for Victoria is a kii).

    HappyBirthday - 10 - Weightless in the best way.

    @vague - 10 - i only casually followed them before this came out, but i quickly laminated my stan card after hearing this. it's amazing; one of the best tracks SM has ever put out

    @Slice of Life - 10 - I'm genuinely surprised that most of y'all are stanning this. I thought this was one of f(x)'s more divisive singles. Kii. But it has been a fave of mine since day 1. There are A LOT of better songs on Pink Tape but this is still super cute. That pre-chorus where Krystal and Luna are singing over each other will never not amaze me.

    @ThighHighs - 10- One of my favorite f(x) comebacks. So demented and frenetic and everything I love about K-pop.

    @31entrance - 9.5 - can't believe I used to LOATHE this when it's actually kind of brilliant.

    @yuuurei - 9 - Queens of tooth analogies.

    @BEST FICTION - 9 - I feel like so many people were disappointed with this song and wanted their other Pink Tape album tracks in it's place, but I always loved this. I think it's great!

    @Squashua - 8.5 - The tartan ensembles are still everything. The song too is very good and really wormed its way into my brain after having to cut and edit into the KPSC highlights reel for hours.

    @GeiPanda - 8 - Very interesting.

    @Empty Shoebox - 8 - It's got a beat, and it's catchy enough, but there are better songs here.

    @Vixen - 7 - I’ve said this already, and will say it again, but f(x) just sounded a little bit unpolished at times back then. This is a step in the right direction, but it still sounds iffy weird in places, instead of ‘polished weird’, you know? Not to say that this isn’t a bop, or that it doesn’t have an interesting production (especially that bridge!), because it does, but they can do (and have done) better.

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  10. I mean it's not a bad song, and I'm not even mad, but I just never in the world imagined it would actually win.

    Also ddddd imagine hosting a rate and having songs that you scored 4 and 6 be in the top 2. I live.

    @Sanctuary you've been an amazing host. The timing was quite literally perfect, and the presentation has been great as well. Thank you so much for doing this! ... but boy, am I glad this is over kiii. I swear the results have been awful ever since we entered the top 30, so woof, bye bye this rate finally xoxo
  11. Me as the results were coming in and realizing the clown came back to bite:
  12. Looking at my 9 when realistically if I used the full range of numbers it would be like a 6.5

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  13. Thank you so much for hosting!!! Looking forward to your next rate they’re always amazing.
  14. Also if you're curious on how 11s were spread out:

    7 - Rum Pum Pum Pum, #1
    4 - Rough, #11
    3 - I Got A Boy, #29
    3 - Why So Lonely, #4
    2 - I Love You, #2
    2 - Knock Knock, #37
    2 - Likey, #8
    2 - Lonely, #19
    2 - Mr.Mr., #13
    2 - Sixth Sense, #16
    1 - Alone, #9
    1 - Bad Girl Good Girl, #36
    1 - Cry Cry, #31
    1 - Lonely, #40
    1 - Missing You, #25
    1 - Party, #59
    1 - Run Devil Run, #20

    1 user opted out to not use their 11.

    OP updated. Will be doing the rest of the yearly high/lows and stuff in a little bit.
  15. Actual best commentary of the rate:
    [ddddd sis]
  16. @Slice of Life oppa was just emulating his faves BLACKPINK. Obviously 'commentary coming #soon' meant a year from now on. Ugh, his mind!

    Maybe we could announce an event to get it sooner, though... Food for thought.
  17. The attempt.

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  18. You know what Jooie would say about this rate?
    It was GREAT!

    so would tony the tiger... thank you @Sanctuary - great info and commentary!
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  19. And they are coming back. (Even if it's some kind of S.E.S type 20-year anniversary release....)
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