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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. Congrats to f(x)! RPPP is not my favorite of their songs but it's definitely amazing and deserving of a win here. It's very catchy and interesting! Their looks for the video are nice too, I especially love Krystal's outfit.

    I wish Missing You had been the top 2NE1 song instead of I Love You but I guess it's not everyone's taste. ILY is a good song though, tbh I probably should have given it a 9 instead of an 8 but I listened to it sooo much back when it was released that I'm still kinda sick of it www.

    The results of this rate were ... frustrating at times lol but it was always entertaining. Great job hosting @Sanctuary, it was all super well done and your write-ups were really nice and informative!
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  2. The write ups were kinda the best part of the rate. I imagine it took quite a long time to put them all together and we appreciate it!
  3. I would've rather had it the other way around (and Rough or Sixth Sense winning in general) but overall still a great winner.

    Fab job, @Sanctuary bb! Always love participating in your rates!
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  4. Ahhh the best song WON.

    Justice is served.
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  6. I mean... opinions are opinions and everyone entitled to their own, but I just can't see how any of the 2 finalists are less than a 10.

    Having said that, I'm actually very happy that Rum Pum Pum Pum won! HURRAH! Thank you for hosting, @Sanctuary, this was very enjoyable not the dragging and the messiness of the participants though.
  7. He


    Scream. I love this.
  8. He


    Tell that to the host, kii.

    Great rate, you highly enlightened unnie, @Sanctuary. Thank you!
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  9. @Sanctuary, thank you so so much for all the work you've put into this rate! This was the first time I did something like this, and I really enjoyed your insightful commentary (even if you didn't like a song, you've always found a positive aspect of it to highlight and that's stellar), your attention to details with the graphics, and how dramatic & fun this rate was. I'm almost willing to forget you gave Sixth Sense a 4 ddddddd
  10. Some of y'all's horrible opinions aside*, this was so fun. Thank you @Sanctuary, perfect rate as always.

    * #IGotABoyDeservedBetter
  11. Although there were certain moments in this rate that truly scarred me for life and question my love for A LOT of you, unnies, I still think this rate is amazing. All thanks to @Sanctuary unnie's impeccable rate hosting skills. Do I think you deserve capital punishment for being the lowest scorer for both Sixth Sense and I Love You (my two 11 contenders)? Of course. But do I still love you? Of course.

    Can't wait for your next rate!!! ♡♡♡
  12. Well done @Sanctuary you did great.
    But Blackpink only released after Girdle showed up. Does this mean that to get @Slice of Life to enter commentary we just need a rival?
  13. @Slice of Life not sending commentary for the finale??


    I copied her comment from 2NE1 rate for my Debuts rate dddd.
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  14. Wow, well done f(x). As I said before, RPPP isn't my favourite of their leads but it is still a great song. They are also one of my favourite kpop girl groups and I still can't believe I saw them in London (where they also performed this song). I'm just really surprised they don't have any other #1s.

    @Sanctuary thanks so much for running this! It's been super fun!
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  15. Wow I never thought Rum Pum Pum Pum would win this but I can’t say it isn’t a worthy winner even if it’s not my fave f(x) song

    @Sanctuary thank you for hosting such an amazing rate! I laughed and I cried and I got mad...woo what a journey! thanks again!
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  16. Iconic rate! Looking forward to the next one.

    Best thing about it was introducing me to the brilliance that are GFRIEND, I can't believe I was sleeping on them until now.
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  17. The true winners of this rate x
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  18. Oh wow, my 11 actually won a Kpop Rate. I’m overwhelmed.
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  19. [​IMG]
    OH YESSSSS, Honestly I was praying before for it to even go top 10, this was so unexpected for me. I Love You would've been an amazing winner too, even TT which managed to sneak into the top 3 with no 11's.

    Thank @Sanctuary for hosting, it was lot of fun.

    dddd I posted this in a wrong thread at first at the tv + film section.
  20. Woo! Now I can say that I've had an 11 win a rate.


    Thanks so much for all the work you put into this rate, @Sanctuary! I certainly learned a lot from the write-ups and have come out the other side with more knowledge about the big girl groups and more excellent music to listen to.
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