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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. I have to agree with the Shoebox there's one.
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  2. He


    Well, yes, Signal.

    if 2017 was taken into account, kii.
  3. My lowest score was a 3, and though I don't think there's any 0's here, I could see that song pulling in a zero or two.
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  4. He


    Queen of always being the low scorer, even in his own rates.
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  5. WHy are these garbage 4Minute songs the only ones that got Gaon number 1s. Where is Volume up or literally any other 4Minute songs that don’t have a question as a title?
  6. Looking at it year by year just reinforces my opinion that the tail end of 2009-2013 were the golden years for K-pop. I don’t deny that not all of it has aged well but groups were literally releasing bop after bop, and I think only now I really appreciate that. Obviously you still have groups putting out quality stuff, but even with the steadily growing popularity of K-pop, I feel like the momentum has definitely slowed down.

    I feel blessed to be a part of that time when SweeTune were releasing melodic masterpieces monthly and Shinsadong Tiger was slaying it.

    Maybe my nostalgia is clouding my judgement but goddamn that was a good time to be a fan
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  7. Oh wow, you're reading my thoughts.
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  8. there's not a single 10 worthy song in 2013 there's a 9.5 though
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  9. yeah I agree the 4minute songs are definitely their worst ones
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  10. Thats right because Rum Pum Pum Pum is an 11.


    I quite enjoy Whatcha Doin' Today but Whats Your Name is average
  11. I can't wait for people to utterly drag me for my scores in this rate
  12. Dddd same. Looking at my scores now I think I was a bit cruel in this one.

    Like, I only gave 3 full scores to SNSD and anyone who knows me would understand how surprising of me it is to not give all of their songs 11/10.

    My average for them is still 9+ so don't even try me and my stan card @Kuhleezi.
  13. That's 3 more than I gave them
    I only gave 7 songs a full score at all in fact ... I was pretty stingy with my scores overall.
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  14. Can't get the shitty 4minute song out of my head
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  15. I completely forgot about Gone Not Around Any Longer.

    That was my song back in 2013.

  16. what a way to end this with the bop of the decade aka TT!

    anyways here's my average for every year:
    2010: 8.54
    2011: 7.27
    2012: 7.42
    2013: 6.78
    2014: 6.33
    2015: 6.85
    2016: 7.88

    I still haven't decided an 11 though but I might give it to TT

    Edit: it's not TT
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  17. So which Sistar song are we all elevening?
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  18. None.
  19. Anyway, I've scored all the songs now, so you're getting that at the very least @Sanctuary.
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  20. Mine should be in today.
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