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♡ GIRL GROUP #1s ♡ The Rate - ♛ FINISHED ♛

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. We have 9 ballots at the moment!

    For some tea - There's nine 11's and they're spread across eight different songs at this point.
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  2. I'm about to rate I GOT A BOY and I'm already creaming.
  3. She's a catburgler. Aw ma....
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  4. I... what?
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  5. One of the lines sounds like that.
  6. I've looked through and listened again and didn't find/hear it. Oh well.

    Oh yeah, I've submitted yesterday. Thirteen 10s including my 11 and the lowest was a single 4.
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  7. It's Sooyoung's part at 0:06.

    I Got A Boy honestly is a masterpiece because of its iconic parts alone.

    EYO GG

    She's a catburglar Aw Ma

    *Tiffany cackling* Hey let me introduce myself.

    Heeeeeeereeeee comes trouble. hey girl listen, (whoooooooo) TARAHAE

    Ayo stop let me put it down another waaaaayyyyy

    I Got A Boy on my chin, I Got A Boy a chicken

    Don't stop let's bring it back to 1:40

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  8. He


    This wil never not be iconic.

    I hope there is a SNSD reunion in 10 years with all 9 of them, and Jessica does the least possible.
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  9. Well, okay, if you force it a bit, it does sound like it.
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  10. I hate I Got A Boy but I didn't want to be a binch, so I didn't give it a terrible score. You guys are making me regret my decision.
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  11. So remembering the previous rates... are we looking at 2NE1 winning yet another one?
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  12. Well ‘I love you’ is one of their best so hopefully yes.
  13. I was starting to think I was the only one.

    I Love You could probably win but there's like 5 other candidates for sure. Nothing post 2013 could win I think though.
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  14. There's too many wild changes in direction in it for my liking.
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  15. 1 WEEK LEFT!
  16. YATH. It's the weekend here now so I'm hoping I could start rating most of the songs. I'm perched.
  17. Looking into MAYBE doing the rate this weekend.
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  19. Am I ready for y'all to shaft 2013, even though it features the Big 3, who, even at the tail end of their popularity, managed to release each a career high? No, I am not.
  20. The SISTAR songs and Missing you are fantastic. The rest can choke (But a low score to me is like 8 so it's fine.)
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