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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

  1. Nah this is a perfectly fine spot for Glass Bead to depart. It's a good song but ultimately got completely eee-cuh-leepsed by the behemoths that GFriend unleashed afterwards.
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  2. Nah it's top 10 material.
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  3. Glass Bead is a great song but Into The New World exists so having both in the Top 10 would have been redundant.
  4. 12nd


    Nine Muses - No Playboy

    Average: 7.55

    Highest score: 10 x 4 (@vikeyeol @D is for Danger! @LOOΠΔ @ThighHighs)
    Lowest score:
    4 x 1 (@LightningRider) 4.5 x 1 (@Sanctuary)
    My score:

    An iconic debut from an iconic group. Everything about this debut makes me cackle every time I remember it. Awful vocals, even more awful production and lazy choreography all make me ask why did their company debuted a group when they didn't put minimal efforts into this like they are over the group even from the beginning. But this is a bop and half and nobody can deny it.

    Kween Kyungri is happy about making it to top 12 with such a cheap debut.

    Let me just post the comments without write-ups since I'm a bit busy today.

    D is for Danger! ''Where do I even begin to explain why this mess of a debut deserves a 10?! 3 filler members that would all depart following their debut, thank god. One of which, who was replaced by my wife Moon Hyuna. Everyone singing in an unusually low register, which some members couldn't even handle, except for Rana. EuAeRin getting the high note. SAY WHAT?! This song was produced by JYP. The lingerie and cocktail jacket combination is a look. Lee Sem's rap is the saving grace in this train wreck and worthy of that 10 all on its own. Arguably one of the worst debut stages ever. Still, the girls worked with what they were given. They came a long way and improved significantly, cementing them as my second favourite group behind T-ARA. They could have been big! Sadly a shady label and Korea being afraid to embrace mature mid-twenties women meant they stood little chance. They're still around, but only as a shell of their former selves. At least they still deliver the amazing music.''

    SloMover ''I know this is a lame Genie rip-off but I bop severely to this. I get my absolute LIFE to LeeSam's rap.''

    LightningRider ''Listening to this makes me nostalgic for the days Lee Saem used to drop iconic raps in the middle of songs. I need her to come back and #MakeKoreaGreatAgain.''

    Slice of Life ''This is one of those songs that I want to like more than I actually do. It's Nine Muses, of course, I have to stan! But admittedly, this is not one of their best. I mean, sure, I would still have a meltdown if y'all eliminate this too early but that's about it. Here, have this 6, babes. x''

    McQueer ''How can these vocals be so poor on a studio recording?? I still bop tho''.

    Kuhleezi ''Why does this make me think of Selena Gomez? *reads about awful live performances* oh... ''. Why are you bringing my whisper queen into this shady comment? you're right though, but still:


    ryan_riot92 ''No …………… No …. No …………….. No ……… No …. No Seriously though, the song isn’t bad but the “No”s not completely matching the beat makes it sound very shotty and like it needed some more time to really bake in the oven. I will say the video, choreography and attire are GREAT though.''

    Reboot ''The verses are kinda shit but that chorus makes up for it''

    Cotton Park ''Another underrated group like Rainbow that would have been better served with fewer numbers and more personality. This is a great song, but the group is just a blur of faces and legs. It's not easy to do what SNSD and After School did so well in their prime (and Twice is doing now). And there's a reason for that.''

    send photo ''You could tell me they debuted in 2008 and I’d believe you''.

    He ''Another group I have never really gotten (Hurt Locker though), but what a basic bop this is! I’m not sure any of the members are the same, but still, the chorus and beat is so much fun. Reminds me a bit of Queen Uhm Jung-hwa latest, maybe that is why I like it so much. Not sure I approve of the video, since I’m sure most were teens… but oh well, a bop is a bop.''

    Squashua '' A banger of fembot levels of mastery. This gets such a bad rap because of the live stages but how does anyone even pay attention to that when look is right, the beat is booming and you end up convulsively saying "No… NO…. NO!" randomly for the next week after? What an iconic start for one of K-Pop's most consistent groups.''

    ThighHighs ''Consider this the result of Stockholm Syndrome after watching their doc on Netflix, but this song has transcended so bad it’s good territory and I legitimately love it and regard it as a classing. The awful vocals, the complete aping of Genie’s instrumental, the complete lack of effort on behalf of everyone except the girls themselves. They don’t make em like this anymore.''

    If you haven't watched this performance before, you should definitely watch it now. Even the video's title makes me cackle.

  5. I love Nine Muses but thank god No Playboy didn't make top 10.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Kinda surprised Namyu made it so far considering No Playboy's infamous reputation but a bop is a bop no matter the robotronics & lack of rehearsal time given to get it on stage.

    It was ranked #10 on my list so not too far off.
  8. I have 4 10s left but also have 4 songs at a 4 or below left too dddd.
  9. I don't like these results!

    I don't like these results!
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    YATH! I love all the remaining songs!

    But now I'm worried because I have a feeling an absolute fave is gonna leave at 11 and I don't think I'm ready.
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  11. 11th


    Crayon Pop(e) - Bing Bing

    Average: 7.66

    Highest score: 11 x 2 (@Deja-Boo @Cotton Park) 10 x 6 (@lalaclairi_ @D is for Danger! @Squashua @Slice of Life @LOOΠΔ @send photo)
    Lowest score:
    2 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 3.2 x 1 (@Rainbow Trousers)
    My score:

    Poor Renaissance! There are only two songs from the section in the top 10, Ladies' Code's Bad Girl and Bad Girl, Good Girl. About this debut (Warning: y'all will hate me after reading this) : I never get the love for Crayon Pop, their music, their style, their anything and I usually give a score like 6 or 7 to them in any rates that they're included. Bing Bing is cute and its verses are good but that's about it for me. I don't care about the rest of it and I actually found those bi-bing bi-bing-bing in the chorus a bit annoying. But to prevent from getting killed by @Deja-Boo and other Pope stans, I think this debut shows their music style really well cause everything else that I've heard from them sounds like this one. @Slice of Life after reading this hate speech:


    Let's start the comments with a few of C-Pope fans. He ''Aw, how cute were the Pope before Emo rat-tail ruined the party! This is a major bop! I also love how they stayed true to their sound and only improved on it. How weren’t they more successful? Korea definitely fucked up, as usual.'' ryan_riot92 ''Budget BOP! The trot vibes from this song make it even better!! I’m almost positive I can do the whole chorus choreography too.'' D is for Danger! ''Who else but the Crayon Pope can deliver such an amazing debut?! The song feels very DIY and Lo-fi, which is what Crayon Pope is all about. I love the brass sample and the Bing Bing chorus is certain to get stuck in your head. Soyul's rap is cute and badass at the same time! Love, love, love it!''

    The next one is ThighHighs who sacrificed two of his 10s to see this one go out ''I dig the kinda retro sound they were going for. It isn’t too spectacular to me. Plus, they have much better headgear in their future (WHAT is that giant hat on ChoA?).'' SloMover ''I never really cared for Crayon Pop and I'm not sure if the standom on KPJ was ironic or not.''


    send photo is here to redeem his previous mistake (in his own opinion, not mine hehe) ''Lemme toss this a ten to apologise for my lowest score in @Deja-Boo’s rate.'' Squashua, another higher scorer for this ''Such a bop and manages to distill everything amazing about Crayon Pop into a true soul-pop brass heavy motivational jam. It's amazing that they manage to sound one of the more mature acts in this list, based on the debuts alone, considering their image could arguably be seen to be based in kooky childlike fantasies.'' Me and Cotton Park have a lot of similar opinions but not this time, ''The most underrated KPop song of all time. Bar none.''

    And let's finish this post (who I anticipate to get only 2 likes) with this essay from Slice of Life''DO NOT MAKE ME CRY AGAIN UGH. Soyul-ah, this person misses you sooo much! Please come back to Crayon Pope! Okay, whoo.mp3 enough drama. This is still one of my favourite Pope singles ever. It's not as bonkers as their latter singles but it is still such a triumph. Also, yath at my girl Geummi snatching major lines!!! PS I feel like my commentary isn't extra enough so here's my commentary for Bing Bing for the Crayon Pope Discography Rate: "Frankly still one of the best debut songs ever... right there next to Fire and Replay. This is so early Wonder Girls and I am beyond obsessed with it. Of course, it has that weird vibe that only Crayon Pop can successfully deliver but beneath all that is that Wonder Girls influence. This is like a cousin to Tell Me and So Hot. JYP is literally shook. Who knew that a company with next-to-zero money can produce this monstrous debut hymn??? AND THAT SOYUL MIDDLE 8 --- LORDT S.O.S. I was cackling and giggling and whatever that 3XS guy does. This is perfect for crazy dance parties and gang wars and Vatican conventions. It's just so, so perfect and should be a contender for that Top Crayon Pop Song spot." YOU'RE WELCOME.''

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    Slice of Life Staff Member

    FACK OFF!!!

    FACK OFF!!!

    FACK OFF!!!!!*#^#^@*×(@*#^#^#&@(@
  13. Top 10

    After School - Ah
    2NE1 - Fire
    Queens of Pop - Into the New World


    Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl
    Ladies' Code - Bad Girl


    Dreamcatcher - Chase Me
    Red Velvet - Happiness
    BlackPink - Whistle
    Oh My Girl - Cupid
    Twice - Like Ooh Aah


  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Edited for correctness, babe. xoxo

  15. Beige Velvet, Beige Pink and Twice are not top 10 material!
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  16. I really wish I saw what y'all do in Good Girl Bad Girl (or Miss A outside of Hush and their solo releases for that matter).
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  17. I'm going to post the next elimination and just saw that you still haven't sent commentary for your 11. Hurry up please, It's coming in few hours xx
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    Slice of Life Staff Member


    When I get home, my love. ♡♡♡
  19. He


    The disrespect for Crayon Pop!

    Their discography is incredible, and you flops will deal.
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