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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. 1. Blackpink
    2. Miss A
    3. Twice
    4. SNSD
    5. Dreamcatcher
    6. Red Velvet
    7. 2NE1
    8. Oh My Girl
    9. Ladies Code
    10. After School

    Please & thank you.
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    I CANNOT BREATHE !111!!!!!1
  4. Jaekyung, Rana and Bini serving vocals in that Nine Muses' video.
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  6. 10th

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh My Girl - Cupid

    Average: 7.72

    Highest score: 10 x 1 (@Slice of Life) 9.5 x 1 (@SloMover)
    Lowest score: 4 x 3 (@send photo @Kuhleezi @Sanctuary)
    My score: 9

    So PopJustice's national girl group are the first group to leave the top 10. If it's a bit surprising for you that Cupid is in the top 10 despite only receiving one 10, I should say that it received nine 9s and a few 8s so it actually makes sense for it to be this high.
    This debut is one of the most promosing debuts in my eyes. I mean if this was the first song that you heard from Oh My Girl, you knew that they won't go wrong, right? The only thing that I don't like about the song is that the chorus doesn't quite match the other parts of the song and it sounds a bit boring next to those amazing chants but everything else is pretty great.

    Suenghee, one of the cutest girls in K-Pop is pleased by their result.

    Let's see what our panel said about this. Slice of Life is the first one to stan ''I C O N I C!!! Honestly, this one song was enough for me to decide to stan Oh My Girl. This is soooooo good. The drum-laden production is a really nice (and unexpected) touch and really separated them from all the basic cutesy A-Pink-y debuts of that time. The music video is one hot mess and I love it for it ddddd. Those cheap-ass wings and outfits? Byeeeeee. But for real, please don't let the messy music video distarct you from this bop. Just watch their Inkigayo debut performance of this and prepare to be scalped. They did thaT!'' SloMover ''The sugary sweet melody of the song coupled with aggressive marching band instrumental was just the introduction to what make Oh My Girl so great - insanely catchy music, always with an unexpected and unconventional edge #stantalent #pleasedontmentioncoloringbook''
    ryan_riot92 ''The drum line throughout the song is a pop masterpiece! It really makes the song! That and the wonky English of course.'' ThisIsRogue ''This is actually really good too. I'm here for the marching band drums.'' McQueer '' I love that Oh My Girl has always been able to deliver a cutesy concept while still being interesting music and production wise. Also YooA still has one of the most angelic faces I’ve ever seen.''


    ThighHighs ''What kind of supergroup. The chorus on this song snatched me, but the chanting after the chorus completely destroys me every time. Decimate me, queens.'' He ''Never gotten into them, and this song is not helping. The chant is nice, though.'' Cotton Park''Another aegyo group with very underrated vocalists.'' D is for Danger! '' I wasn't a fan of this one when it was released, but I saw the light after Closer came out. The marching band drums were a little hard for me to get used to. They sounded off beat from the rest of the song, which made the track noisy for me. Eventually I got used to them and came to love the song, just like I do OMG's other material.'' Squashua ''A low-key summer jam in 2015, despite the ultra-cute angel dolls concept. The vocals are laid by the gods upon flawless melodies and the marching drum gives it a necessary bite. Oh My Girl went on to do so much better but the promise was there even at this point.''

  7. Ladies Code & After School next please and there'll be not one dud left.
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  8. I believe I have five 10s left so if they could all make top 5 I'd be very grateful thanks.
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  9. Bad Girl and Ah! aren't duds tho.
  10. Unnie, Where were you when I was being attacked for having the same opinion :')
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  11. [​IMG]

    My personal ranking:

    9. Chase Me
    8. Ah!
    7. Like Ooh-Aah
    6. Happiness
    5. Bad Girl,Good Girl
    4. Bad Girl
    3. Whistle
    2. Fire
    1. Into the New World
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  12. So I am actually the one true Oh My Goddesses stan of Popjustice. Shoutout to the fake stans @SloMover, @D is for Danger!, @junglefish, @Squashua, etc.

    But for real, I am just happy this rightfully reached the top 10. I was expecting this to exit at, like, 32 or something ddddddd.
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  13. Sorry gurl I must have missed it!! Don't worry though. If you, D and I all down voted it ... Justice will be served!


    I actually kind of want "Ah!" to win this ....
  14. I feel like I may have been too generous to ITNW. I could have scored it lower. It's obvious that the top spot will go to that or Fire. No one else really stands a chance.

    Also what the hell is Whistle still doing there?! This contest is rigged! 2NE1 should not have 2 songs in the competition!!!!
  15. 9th


    Red Velvet - Happiness

    Average: 7.79

    Highest score: 10 x 3 (@Kuhleezi @Slice of Life @ThisIsRogue)
    Lowest score: 1.3 x 1 (@Rainbow Trousers) everything else is 6+.
    My score: 8.5

    This is one of those debuts that I was quite sure it will make the top 10 only based on the love that Red Velvet gets in this forum. I just recently started liking RV after listening to their strong discography but even before that I liked this song. I don't know why some of you guys said it is very f(x) in your comments cause honestly this is like an original Red Velvet song for me and I think it shows their musical style very well. It's not one of their catchier songs for me but still every part of the song sounds good-to-great.

    Led Belbet after seeing the results

    Let's start the comments with SloMover who lost two of his faves in one day, ''YASSSS GOD VELVET. THE WORLD WASN'T READY FOR THEM TO ROCK DA WEURRLD''. He is a flop RV fan that doesn't even know the members' names (who does?) '' I love this song shamelessly. BOOYA!!! I still cannot say which girl is which even when I have loved most of their output. But they really work well. i love the dyed tips, as well. are you heppy?'' The best part about rates for me is that people can discover new faves along the way and I'm glad that Kuhleezi found this song in this rate ''OMG I'm so happy. I've become a proud *hits up YouTube comment section* ReVeluv yasssssssss.'' ThighHighsalso is here to stan '' “Sometimes you gotta be bold,” and when you are, it gives you a great debut. I love this.''

    Like I said before, some people mentioned the f(x) comparisons in their comments. D is for Danger! '' HA PENIS! MO BOOTAY!This was back when the group got flack for being a copy of their sister group f(x). Sure it's quirky, but it's not as edgy as what f(x) has done. At least they were interesting . Now they're just beige and rehash the same cute sound or release terrible ballads. Seulgi's second verse at the 2 minute mark and Wendy's solo vocals at the end stand out as the best parts of the song for me. Please heed your own advice. Sometimes you gotta be bold Beige Velvet!'' ryan_riot92 ''I remember they were rumored to be the new f(x) … yeah, okay. HOWEVER, this song is great as is most of their releases! With a year full of lack-luster releases, tragedies, and general depression, this was a nice little diversion … except the 911 references in the video … but they fixed that. Still a BAWP to this day!'' McQueer ''This was a pretty fantastic debut. I know there were tons of f(x) comparisons at the time but this still feels pretty unique to me and a great way to introduce the girls. Also no shade but I still don’t understand why Yeri was added.''


    Cotton Park is one of those people that I enjoy reading their comments about different acts, here is his comment on Red Velvet ''Red Velvet is on a planet of their own. Not their greatest song, but they're so multitalented, they can make almost any dumb dumb song work. If they had Purfles's or Berry Good's charisma, they'd be outselling Twice.'' ThisisRogue, one of the highest scorers '' I love the tropical surrealism concept of the music video.'' Reboot also liked this ''A little bonkers, in a good way.''

    Slice of Life knows the song is not that perfect despite giving it a full score so I think he's okay with this result? ''If I was to be honest, this is just a 9 (or maybe even an 8). But I just have a feeling that y'all are gonna murder this so lemme bloat my score a biT. Kekeke. Okay, about the song, it's cute. It's very f(x) and I remember f(x) stans were FUMING because this song was given to Red Velvet instead of f(x) dddddd. They thought f(x) were to be replaced by Red Velvet! A mess! As for me, I was living for it. The more people hated Red Velvet, the more I stanned. I also appreciated that Red Velvet sang LIVE (I think? Don't quote me on this dddd) during their debut stages for this song. They sounded real messy but I appreciate the effort. Their sunbaenims always lip-synch during comeback stages so it was really refreshing to see an SM group not go that route. Also, isn't Joy just lovely in this? So pretty!'' send photo finally likes one of Slicey's fave''That parrot needs to moisturise. Enough about Slicey though, lemme bop to his faves.'' And I'll finish with another Team Perfection (or Triple S or whatever they called themselves) member, Squashua ''Since the imagery controversy in the video (oh, SM - why do you troll us so?) I feel like this has been buried far away from modern Red Velvet. It's kinda wacky, kinda noisy, kinda preachy ("ARE YU HAH-PEE?" sounds like a threat more than self-affirming) and the general vibe is one of messery but I can't hate on it. Still, probably their weakest single looking back.''


  16. [​IMG]

    The only points to be taken from this masterpiece that changed human kind should be that Yeri was not in the group yet.
  17. I can't listen to Happiness without thinking of:
  18. SCREECH!
  19. The Wendy bridge in Happyness always gets me. Great Moments In KPop.
  20. Wait did I really give it a 1.3?

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