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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

  1. It's your favorite number, isn't it?
  2. Wait was that last one for ITNW? ...

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  3. @Rainbow Trousers has taste, how dare you?
  4. 8th


    After School - Ah!

    Average: 7.86

    Highest score: 11 x 3 (@SloMover @McQueer @lalaclairi_) 10 x 3 (@Cotton Park @Reboot @junglefish)
    Lowest score: 3.5 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 4.5 x 1 (@Rainbow Trousers)
    My score: 7.5

    This might be surprising but I'm not familiar with After School and their music except this track and First Love. But I know Kahi thanks to P101 and know the group started as Pussycat Dolls of Korea so let me stan for Kahi serving Nicole Scherzinger realness in this song. She sings the most on this, she's the center all the time, half of the video is about her and her style is exactly like Nicole. The song is such a bop but a dated one. The verses are like verses from any other 2009 up-beat song and they're really fun (did Brave Bros use auto-tune for them?), the chorus is super-catchy and sticks to your head for days but it's too repetitive and a bit trashy for me. The highlight of the song is the ''After School in the house, mutu gatchi make it bounce~'' part when Kahi and the other girl kill the rap lines.

    After School's response to people who helped this to go to #8.

    Let's see what you guys said about this. Starting with the high scorers, SloMover ''Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.'' lalaclairi_ ''After School was unbeatable back in these days; Bekah-Kahi-Jungah were an amazing, underrated trio.'' Cotton Park ''Right out of the gate, you knew they were special. They just 'got it.''

    '' This timeless bop! I live for it and will never recover from the awful Produce 101 versions. Kahi and Bekah’s rap section is iconic.'' Reboot ''Queens of inventing the sexy concept. I have such a crush on Kahi in this video.'' McQueer''The production is pretty dated and cheap sounding but you can’t deny that this is a certified BOP! Kahi and Bekah going off of one another during the rap is fantastic and that leg lift? Queen. I really wish they had stuck with the whole ‘Korean Pussycat Dolls’ thing because this concept and track will forever be one of my favorites. Also can y’all believe that at one point Jooyeon wasn’t the worst vocalist in the group?''


    Slice of Life agrees with me about Kahi being Nicole (Hyorin) of this, '' It's weird to see After School without the Orange Caramel gorls. Kii. This is a bop and a half though. Despite the ~dated production, this still knocks and deserves to go far in this rate. Love how Kahi is so extra here. She just has to be a MAIN VOCAL AND MAIN RAPPER here. Not to mention MAIN DANCER and VISUAL as well. Greedy Kween.'' Squashuacompared this to a song who probably nobody but him remembers '' The one that sounds like Attention! What's that - you don't remember Wanna.B's Nugu-crushing military bop? Ok, no one does but still. I like this, the girls can't help but look hot (thank god they ditched the schoolgirl concept early) and the pitched up Pterodactyl Squawk "Ahhh!" is iconic.''

    I love the next comment. ryan_riot92 ''“Eat okay booty (AH!) Don’t wanna tooty (AH!)” The Korean Pussycat Dolls? I kind of see it? I honesty HATE the Pussycat Dolls. After School is so much better than them and that title. I don’t know what it is about old school Brave Brothers but it all KNOCKS!! Just put on your sassy school girl uniform and pop your booty! I still jam to this song every time it comes on my iPod. Le sigh ……. now I’m missing After School again … oh wait … I never stopped missing them … '' send photo also misses them ''WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO? MORE SPECIFICALLY ORANGE CARAMEL.''

    reading He's comment actually makes me feel better for not being familiar with this group ''I’ve never gotten into After School bar First Love, but yeah, this debut isn’t too hot. I know this is a classic, but just a bit too cheap all over for me. Me a week later: bopping like a post apocalyptic school girl… ugh. This is cheap but in the best way possible… I love the casio keyboard production.'' And the last comment by D is for Danger! ''Brave Bros managed to deliver something fun and upbeat. It doesn't feel outdated like some of the other debuts from this period. I love this beat. I also love that the song opens with the chorus so it can hook you in from the get go.''

  5. He


    @D is for Danger!, trash oppa, how does this not feel dated?!

    I love that performance, everyone being Kahi's back up dancers.
  6. How can you hate The Pussycat Dolls, though..... @ryan_riot92 what's good
  7. Oops for not proofreading. I meant that it didn't sound as dated as the other debuts that went for a more urban sound (KARA, Secret etc).
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  8. So, we basically need to create a Rate with a specific premise so Bang! can snatch dat #1 position.
    One of the biggest pop injustices in Kpop.

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  9. Darun jangso after Partay!
    Geojungma eronnay setaray!
    As good as it gets.
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  10. I tried to get "BANG!" to win the After School rate but everyone else wanted "Shampoo" ... Still a hell of a winner though.

    You mean Nicole Scherzinger and Backup Dancers? I'll pass. They're more untalented than TWICE.
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  11. I'm happy with the placement of my 11. I knew they wouldn't win and number 8 feels right since they're always around the mark on international "underrated/best Kpop girl group" ranks. Queens of consistency.

    Lemme just post THE BEST Ah performance.

    Like y'all wank on Generation One After School when the 8-piece line up did it better???
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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  13. Back when I barely knew what KPop was I thought this was:
    (Electronic Voice): Blade Of Sound....

    (Honestly, if it wasn't for accidentally stumbling upon Kahi and Afterschool years ago, I would have never known how truly shitty my seemingly awesome life was without KPop. You all have them to blame for me.)
  14. We need a rate for After School's flawless Japanese Discography, so I can give the 'Dressed to Kill' Album an 11.
  15. Everything After School did is iconic.
  16. 7th


    Ladies' Code - Bad Girl

    Average: 7.91

    Highest score: 10 x 5 (@Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @LOOΠΔ @lalaclairi_ @Squashua)
    Lowest score:
    1 x 1 (@Kuhleezi) !!?? 3.5 x 1 (@Sanctuary)
    My score:

    Queens of doing great in every rate they have been included. This debut is definitely one of the strongest debuts and I regret not giving it a 10. The girls show their vocal abilities very well, the performances are out-standing, the MV is well-thought-out and the song is fresh and strong overall. I also get really sad every time I see Rise and EunB. RIP, queens.

    About the group, the only songs that I've heard from them are Galaxy and The Rain but I love both of them and hope they have a comeback prepared for this year. I was also perched for Sojung solo debut since I really love her tone but her debut single was only a ballad. She didn't even appear on her MV, instead they zoomed the camera on one of Loona girls for 3 minutes and called it a music video.

    Comments time. Starting with the highest scorers, ryan_riot92''This is such a banger! It’s very slick and jazzy. It may not be their best but the video alone is worth watching. One of my favorite things about the video and performances was the opening of the second verse with Rise. LADIES’ CODE proved you don’t have to be sexy to be a bad bad girl. Instead you could just put a smile on your face while holding a flame thrower.'' Squashua '' Classy, confident, a little bit crazy - Ladies' Code ladies and gentlemen. The best Bond Theme the Western World will never know, there are so many fantastic little parts to this - that's without mentioning the Gatling gun and submarine - that it's difficult to understand why it didn't smash the charts.'' lalaclairi_ ''Bad Girl is a massive, showstopping song--everything a debut should be.'' Slice of Life ''I LOVE TALENT. The girls just brought the house down with this debut, didn't they? Wow, what a knockout song. They may be now known for their indie-leaning low-key Monotree singles but once upon a time, these ladies released bop after bop after bop. Bad Girl sees them flex (and show off) their vocals and sass and I live for it. Yath gorls, machine gun those bad boys!''


    Something that I love about comments this time is that even people who didn't give this a full score, had respect for this underrated group and said nothing negative about this debut. Cotton Park ''Great start for a really, really underrated group.'' Reboot ''A very strong debut. Would make a very nice song for an all-female action movie, melodically.'' He '' I’m in love with current Ladies Code, but this is quite good, if not jarringly different. It’s also quite sad seeing the other two girls. They are all very talented, and the song and video are very high quality.Also, some hotties in the video… who are shot at the end by the girls? eh… I’m a bit lost.''

    SloMover indirectly threw shade at poor Renaissance that is left with only one song, ''Ladies Code were the only girl group debut in the 2011-2013 time span to really capture by attention.'' ThighHighs prefers Ladies' Code's later material but still likes this '' I really like this. They pull off the jazz sound really well, and they’re more than competent enough vocalists, but their later material, both the insane stuff (Pretty Pretty, Kiss Kiss) and the moodier 2016 chunes, really do more for me.'' And the last comment by D is for Danger! '' I love the opening piano bit and the saxophone throughout. The instrumental (saxophone, strings, drums) successfully gives a spy movie/James Bond feel to the song. The MV also helps in that regard. Top vocals from Sojung and the other girls. Rise was kind of hated on the forums because of her funny faces in the MV teasers, but she quickly won us over with her little dance solo. Still miss EunB and Rise and wish they were here with the other girls. RIP EunB and Rise.''

    The next song received more 10s than any other songs in this rate and it also received an 11. Any predictions?
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  17. Y'all kicked out the wrong Bad not-meaning-bad-but-bad-meaning-good Girl.
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  18. 6th


    Twice - Like Ooh-Ahh

    Average: 7.95

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 10 x 10 (@Mikl C @GeiPanda @ryan_riot92 @Reboot @Squashua @He @vikeyeol @Sanctuary @Slice of Life @Cotton Park)
    1.3 x 1 (@Rainbow Trousers) 3 x 3 (@send photo @Kuhleezi @LOOΠΔ)
    My score: 7.5

    Screaming that I tagged almost everyone as the highest and lowest scorers but I guess that's a normal thing when it comes to Twice. People who only care about bops, stan them but then some people (like myself but not this time as my score shows) love to drag them for some reasons. It's always hard for me to compliment Twice but let me try it. Like Ooh-Aah is such a solid debut, the song which is a bop and actually is one of the only two Twice's original songs, the choreography which is probably my favorite Twice choreography and the concept that is my favorite thing about this debut (I always like not-cute-but-also-not-sexy concepts) all make this debut such a good introduction of Twice to K-Pop world.
    Talking about Twice members' talents (if they have any) or their weak vocals is probably one of the most cliche things in K-Pop these days but seriously the only thing that I don't like about this is the some of the girls' vocals specially Jihyo's voice that is sooo annoying. I honestly prefer to listen to a chorus sung by Tzuyu and Sana (Signal's chorus for example) instead of Jihyo's grating voice in this one. Thank God, they don't give her high notes anymore these days.

    Twice after seeing they broke another record with receiving more full scores than any group in this rate.

    Comments: Let's start with He '' This song is the perfect debut. Song, image, video, all on point. The birth of the new talent-challenged queens of the charts…The chorus is such a rush, and I always try the hip dance in the shower, ha! Momo’s dance break is amazing.'' There are a couple of people who are not Twice fans but found this one good. SloMover ''I like to drag Twice as much as the next person but I've always secretly enjoyed this.'' Cotton Park '' An instant classic. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. I'm not a fan... at all, but this song is priceless. Nayeon, Momo and Sana sold me within the first 20 seconds.'' Rainbow Trousers, Queen of shades, said '' My favorite. '' Reading D is for Danger's comment makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who found Jihyo annoying in this song, '' As much as everyone hates on Twice various reasons, many of which are valid, they have a solid singles run. I would have to say LOA is second best to TT in my eyes. I love the flute sound. I kinda wish it wasn't as buried throughout the track by the rest of the instrumental. It only really sticks out during intro and outro. Jeongyeon gets the shaft as usual. Until Knock Knock, every song had the same structure. Nayeon, Mina, Momo, Tzuyu and Sana to start. Then the post-chorus rap by Chaeyoung and Dahye. Finally, Jeongyeon gets the last chorus, so Jihyo can wail to her heart's content. Jihyo's vocals are grating in this one if I'm honest.''


    Some compliments. ThisIsRogue ''No wonder they're Korea's NGG. They got everybody hooked with a brilliant debut single.'' McQueer''I’ve been fully here for TWICE since the moment I watched that Momo led dance break ¯\_(?)_/¯'' ryan_riot92 stanning Twice makes me know that I'm doing good with hating them '' I remember being so utterly pumped for this release. Not really because I watched SIXTEEN … because I didn’t, but the fact that this group was supposed to debut A LONG TIME before this came to fruition. The song itself did NOT disappoint! The jungle/tribal vibes mixed with some electro beats made this a phenomenal debut! I’m pretty sure I will forever stan them even if they have no vocal abilities.'' ThighHighs ''I legitimately love this song. I think it’s maybe just under TT as my 2nd favorite thing they’ve released. The video concept is really fun, the choreography is cute, and the song is a bop.''

    Reboot who surprised me with her love for Twice: ''Your faves could never.'' Squashua thinks this is the best Twice single after TT, ''If it wasn't for TT, this would be far and away the best thing Twice have ever released. The flute-meets-trap sound is inspired, the video concept is fantastic (those red camo outfits!), the song is pep rally fire and that Momo dance break still hasn't been topped in their videography. I'd go as far as saying it was one of the only times i've Y*ssssss at a MV in public. Such a bop, annoying that it'll probably be their only non-#1'' And the last one is Slice of Life who also surprised me with this full-of-stanning comment. ''To me, this is still Twice's most fully realized concept, song, choreography, era, etc. Everything just works here. The song is a MAJOR BAWP. The concept is fresh. It's not too cutesy, it's not too sexy, it's just right. The music video has major replay value too. Lawd, I probably watched this music video for, like, a thousand times already and every time I watch it, I never get bored. Watching the music video, you just know that the girls are gonna be our future K-Pop overlords and look at Twice now, they really fulfilled that prophecy. Also, that Momo dance break alone is worth *at least* three 11s. Y'all, I know we aren't the biggest stans of Twice in the world but please, let us not do this bop dirty.''

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    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Not @ohnostalgia coming through with ha superior taste! It's nice to see your 11 finally reach top 10, cyst! xoxo
  20. Fucking Whistle made the top 5?! What a disgrace!
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