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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

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    Finally, I feel accepted on the Kpop subforum.
  3. 1. Into the New World
    2. Chase Me
    3. Whistle
    4. Fire
    5. Good Girl, Bad Girl
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  4. I feel like a lot of girl groups tend to have mediocre debuts and then improve over time. While heaps of boy groups have solid debuts and get worse over time. (And there's a few kings and queens who're always great)

    Consistency doesn't seem to exist in Kpop.

    Like even with the songs in the Top 10, I can't deny they're good but they have terrible longevity. (Except ITNW)
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  5. 5th



    Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

    Average: 8.02

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@GeiPanda) 10 x 9 (@Slice of Life @ThisIsRogue @Kuhleezi @lalaclairi_ @ryan_riot92 @Sanctuary @Reboot @Mikl C @LightningRider)
    Lowest score:
    4 x 4 (@Squashua @Cotton Park @Deja-Boo @Rainbow Trousers)
    My score:

    So Queens of feminism are the last Renaissance group to leave the rate. Bad Girl, Good Girl is definitely one of the most iconic girl group debuts in K-Pop along with INTW and Fire but I also understand why it received some low scores, cause I personally find the parts that they repeat some certain words a bit annoying. But the debut overall deserves its place in top 5, cause the song is still fresh to this day (not every debut has that), the choreography is one of the most memorable choreos in K-Pop (in my opinion) and the girls show charisma, sass and attitude in the best way possible.

    Min after seeing their song is chosen the best debut of 2010-2013 era.

    Let's start the comments with lalaclairi_ who lost three of their faves in only two days, when will ryan_riot92? ''Miss A should've been massive... what a great debut!'' and they're not the only who thinks this is one of the best debuts. ThisIsRogue ''Doesn't sound dated to these ears. One of the best girl group debuts in this rate.'' Reboot ''The original feminist bop.'' D is for Danger! ''This is the perfect way to show off a new group. It's sassy, spunky, and full of attitude. It's definitely in my top 5 Miss A songs.''

    But a few other people don't think like that. Cotton Park ''Only one of the greatest, most charismatic KPop groups ever could save this trite JYP bullshit. And they do. Almost.'' Squashua who has been calling for this song since we were at 20s, ''Unpopular opinion time but I've alwa inks it’s so angsty and edgy when really it's just super underwritten and dull without the, admittedly killer, choreo to distract you. Not for me.''


    Squash also once asked what other people see in this debut that it's doing so good here. Let's answer his question. Slice of Life ''PERFECTION. PERFECTION ALL AROUND. Y'all, this is how you debut. This is the only song in the whole rate that challenged my eventual 11. Up to this day, I still listen to this on a regular basis and EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I always get my life. That simple but effective production. The 'you don't know me' hook. The extra HAM choreography (!!!). Jia's pink hair. Min's Jokwon-isms. Fei's classic Chinese beauty. And my bae Suzy... yeah, her too. Kii. These girls are ready to wreak havoc. And it's not a safe debut! Goes to show that uniqueness is sometimes valued and rewarded by the Korean masses too.'' Kuhleezi ''The not-so-veiled misandry and key change speak to me on a spiritual level.'' ryan_riot92 ''YOU DON’T KNOW ME!! This song was such a powerhouse strong woman anthem! That and all the ladies of missA looked like bombshells in this era! Iconic choreography to boot. Amazing!''

    I always hate JYP intros (and like 80% of the songs that he produced) so it's good to see some people with same thoughts. ThighHighs ''As much as JYP’s “Made in Asia” intro makes me cringe, the rest of the song is that. ho. Anthem.'' McQueer ''​
    I’ve always hated how cheap and hollow most of JYP productions are but this is still great and iconic for a reason.'' He also dragged JYP but for another reason ''Another hot debut from JYP girls, too bad he’s destroyed his groups… I really like the verses, but the vocals fall a bit flat in the chorus, but still, the beat and melody makes a high quality bop.'' And the last comment by SloMover who likes Miss A's later material ''Miss A were the only refined girl group to debut during The Great Girl Group Influx of 2010 but I found the song itself a little too understated for my tastes. I didn't hop on to the Miss A train completely until Good Bye Baby.''​

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  6. [​IMG]

    Now let's remind ourselves how awful were debuts of 2010-2013 era.

    50. Tilt My Head : 2.6
    49. Rocket Girl : 4.31
    48. Do You Know : 4.65
    45. Pitapat : 5.15
    44. Tonight : 5.31
    41. Wa$$up : 5.5
    34. I Don't Know : 5.76
    31. Whoz That Girl : 5.89
    30. Supa Dupa Diva : 5.93
    29. Dr Feel Good : 6.06
    27. Beatles : 6.27
    24. Venus : 6.41
    23. Push Push : 6.67
    22. Elvis : 6.74
    17. Russian Roulette : 7.26
    14. Vista : 7.45
    12. No Playboy : 7.55
    11. Bing Bing : 7.66
    7. Bad Girl : 7.91

    5. Bad Girl, Good Girl : 8.02

    Generous people:

    1. @ryan_riot92 : 8.3
    2. @ThisIsRogue : 7.32
    3. @send photo : 7.07

    Tasteful people:

    1. @Kuhleezi : 4.22
    2. @LOOΠΔ : 4.29
    3. @Sanctuary : 4.89

  7. Aside from having the greatest footwear collection in all of KPop, they were so fuckin' good. (I don't like this one so much,though.) Such a loss. Just imagine how much cooler this summer would be if you had a few Miss A (and Wonder Girl) bangers to jam along with... instead all we get from JYP is... well... jeerit jeerit jeerit jeerit...
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    The Dreamcatcher stans will kill me (or at least they can try) but Chase Me needs to be chased away from this rate already. yeah_i_said_it.mp3

    Let me tag the Dreamcatcher clique for extra messiness. @Squashua @eccentricsimply @Cotton Park HI LET'S FIGHT~~~
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  9. He


    This is so depressing.
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    I don’t fight people who are out of their mind.
  11. Your score is 3 points higher than the score that @Cotton Park gave to Chase Me, lol.
  12. I don't mind as long as it takes Fire with it
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    WAIT A DAMN MINUTE. I believe this is a miscalculation? How in the world is @send photo a high scorer???

    @send photo babe what's good??? I'm genuinely shqqk.
  14. I was shook too and I re-checked it but it's correct. I think that's because he didn't give any scores below 4 (in Renaissance section).
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  15. True dat. And I'm okay with it.
    I'm a late convert.

    But... I mean... DAMMIT @Slice of Life HOW DARE YOU!
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    Oh. I forgot he gave his 11 to Apink. ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
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  17. This is...... a damn mess.

    I assume it'll be 2NE1, SNSD and Blackpink in the Top 3.
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  18. That SuA is definitely a secret weapon.... She's so sneaky good... Love her!
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    Lemme take your hating ass instead.

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  20. We'll get to that but i must admit this was a pretty iconic performance of it, maybe their best? They really turned it out when they had to.
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