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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

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  2. Top 4 actually, gorgeous!

  3. Such a star, that Roseanne...
  4. He


    Bring back her ginger hair!
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  5. Whistle needs to go first. It's the inferior 2NE1 song left in the rate.
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  6. He


    1. Fire
    2. Whistle

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  7. Bet nobody saw that one coming ...
  8. So Blackpink is still in the area. At least the general vicinity. Okay.
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  9. 4th


    BlackPink - Whistle

    Average: 8.06

    Highest score: 11 x 1 (@Sanctuary) 10 x 6 (@ThisIsRogue @ryan_riot92 @Squashua @ohnostalgia @He @Slice of Life)
    Lowest score: 1 x 1 (@D is for Danger!) 5 x 1 (@Cotton Park)
    My score: 9.5

    Not my least favorite BlackPink single getting a 9.5 from me and slaying in a rate (unlike their other singles in a certain rate), It was even at #1 for a short time before it received a 1. As y'all probably know I'm a late-comer to K-Pop so I've only experienced a few debuts and BlackPink's debut is one of them. When their songs came out I really hated this and was pressed at it going to #1 while their better song, Bumbaya (kekeke), wasn't as popular as this, but it finally clicked with me after a few months. Still the lack of a proper chorus annoys me a bit but the other parts, specially Rose's pre-chorus and the middle 8, make up for it. I wish this was the last Newbie standing in this rate but #4 is still really good.

    Rose's response when she was asked about her opinion on these results.

    Let me start the comments with ryan_riot92 who just lost his 16th 10/10, ''“Hey Boy…” They didn’t have one massive debut … they had two massively strong debut tracks!! Just when everyone was craving something from 2NE1, BLACKPINK stepped into the ring with a one, two knockout punch!!'' Honestly I always thought we all agree on Boombayah being their better debut single (cause this is PJ and we have taste) or at least that's what SOTY rate showed but seems like some people don't think like that. Slice of Life ''Whistle > Boombayah. COME AT ME, BRAHS! Both are 10s though. I mean, I love the brashness and bombast of Boombayah but I love that Whistle's relative lowkeyness was rewarded with the Gaon Number 1 Single certification instead. Kii. I know y'all gonna play dirty and give this hymn low scores but I have already accepted this so I'm not gonna be mad. Just know that Whistle will always remain a bop and a hit while you heathens stay pressed and your faves stay flopping. Kekeke. *giggles* *something something global* *something something international*''. He ''I know people love Boombayah more but Whistle is the real deal for me. It is so smooth and the Rosé kills that pre-chorus, Lisa kills the rap, Jennie introduces you to their high budget, and Jisoo asks you to shut it. Great debut.'' Squashua ''On a par with Playing With Fire for their best single. The complaints about this being a 2NE1 rehash are only really viable for Boombayah/Stay - this is a hip-hop, marching band, country swagger mutant behemoth of hooks, lewks and feeling SHOOK.'' But the biggest hater of BlackPink's music, D is for Danger! has a different opinion, ''I'm giving this a 1 because I like my Beige Pink girls, but their music leaves a lot, and I mean A LOT, to be desired. Also, Boombayah was slightly better.''

    BP stans right now

    Speaking of BP stans, ThisIsRogue is here to stan ''The production is excellent, it's interesting, and the song's got a nice edge to it. Maybe I'm biased (I am) but surely this is a contender to win. The beefed up production for that final chorus gives the ending a bit of an urgency.'' McQueer is still mad at this not being in SOTY rate, ''I still can’t believe this was missed on the song of the year rate, like what the fuck ? This is great and really not like anything 2NE1 has done. Also I’m gonna need them to take that reggaeton beat that comes in at the end and turn it into a full song.'' SloMover also compared the group with 2NE1, ''I sort of roll my eyes at how obviously 2NE1 inspired Blackpink are... Their rapper seriously sounds just like CL and one of their vocalists sounds just like Bom (and why would you want to sound like Bom but that's another discussion). With that being said, I check for them and Whistle is a bop.'' Rainbow Trousers is here with another shady comment but at least he didn't give this one of his infamous 1.3s, ''Really love it.'' And the last comment is by ThighHighs ''An absolute anthem. Something new and fresh and totally different from what everyone else was doing last year. Came in like legends.''

    Hopefully #3 will be revealed tomorrow and then top 2 on Monday. I can't believe we're so close to the end of this rate dddd.

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I'd like to see them perform more and do more songs because I think they'd improve faster. And since they're already getting damn good, that's a scary thought. My only real problem with them is their lack of output. I guess you could consider that a compliment. I absolutely loved Fire/Stay.
  12. Legends only
  13. The Nightmare Cult casts their vote:

    (Either that or they're just showing off. Can't always tell with them. Anyway, "it's up to YOUR choice!")
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  14. Blackpink has now left your area~

    Whistle was a banging song when it came out but unfortunately, it also gets old pretty fast. It's still a very solid debut.
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  15. 3rd


    Dreamcatcher - Chase Me

    Average: 8.25

    Highest score: 10 x 5 (@Deja-Boo @junglefish @send photo @Squashua @ryan_riot92)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@Mikl C) 5 x 1 (@Cotton Park)
    My score:

    It's finally time for Dreamcatcher, the underdogs of this rate, to leave. Is it too bad that I couldn't even remember how does the song at #3 in my rate sound like 10 minutes ago? I think it is, and that's my problem with all of Dreamcatcher songs that I've heard. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate their presence in K-Pop, they are like the most unique group ever and their dance routines are perfect but their songs do nothing for me. Every time they had a comeback this year, I hoped it's a song that I can finally relate to but nope, my basic-ass taste can't handle this amount of talent, I guess.

    Dreamcatcher thanks their fans who earned this placement for them.

    Since I don't know that much about the group, I don't have much to say about them but thankfully y'all had a lot to say. DC's #1 stan, Squashua: ''So incredibly apart from everything else on this list in the best possible way - MIXX did the absolute right thing trading in Girl Crush for Hard anime intro J-Rock and suddenly reincarnating themselves as THE best nugus of 2017. I absolutely love everything about their concept. It's vicious, creepy, intense, mysterious and performed to perfection by the ghostly gals with stellar voices. I do hope they breakthrough to some degree because i'm kinda over cutesy, athletic schoolgirl concepts and would love to see the Gothic reign supreme in 2018 & beyond.'' ThisIsRogue ''Yas give me that J-Pop anime soundtrack sound mixed with perfectly executed choreography!''

    I'm not sure if ThighHighs only made a mistake here or he really thinks DC are the same legends who saved music with Love Is A Sudden but here is his comment: ''WHAT A DEBUT! Great vocals, great melodies. Who knew that MIXX would come back with something so worthwhile.'' Another Minx fan, McQueer ''I actually really liked their ‘original’ debut track as Minx but wow if this wasn’t a pleasant and refreshing surprise.'' ryan_riot92 who finally lost his last 10 in this rate, ''J-Pop Anime Theme QUEENS!!! This is like Babymetal meets K-Pop style. You’ve got the hard rock sound with the girl group glitz and choreography. Their concept is so different from what we’re used to as well. It’s nice to push the envelope once in awhile! Fantastic … ALTHOUGH TECHNICALLY they debuted as MINX with “Why Did You Come To My Home?” which is equally amazing.''

    Some people are not fully here for Dreamcatcher music but they appreciate the group's existence. SloMover ''This sounds a lot like a Tommy heavenly6 song, which would normally be a good thing for me but I don't particularly care for the song at all. Though I'm happy that we have a KPop girl group like them around.'' Slice of Life ''I always love it when groups make a conscious effort to differentiate themselves from the pack. Dreamcatcher could've easily gone the cutesy or sexy route but they chose this... I don't know, horror concept (???) and immediately made an impact. Chase Me is frantic but still melodious and catchy. The choreography is also one for the books. I mean, that one unnie doing floor choreography during the bridge??? YATH KWEEN. Rose is shook. That said, since I don't usually listen to this type of music, Imma deduct some points. Kekeke. Sorry Dreamcatcher stans.'' He ''I haven’t really gotten into them but I love the concept and the anime style music. Also their dancing is great. I really like this.''

    Even Cotton Park wasn't a DC stan since day 1, ''I thought they were Japanese for a moment.'' What do you think about their debut now that you're a big fan, Mistah Park? The next comment is by Reboot (where are you sis? Come back), ''This is special''. send photo ''I’m still moshing to this regularly.'' The last comment by D is for Danger! ''A bit generic since it borrows heavily from Jpop, where this sound is all too common, but in the realm of Kpop, this is uncharted territory. Yes, it's very anime opening in style, but it's still amazing. The song starts off inconspicuously with nothing more than a piano, but soon the drums and electric guitar kick in telling the listener that we've entered full headbanger territory. As with all kpop songs, the chorus is the true standout. It's Siyeon's vocals impressed me quite a bit. Dami is serviceable as a rapper.''

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  17. He


    Ok, I like me some Dreamcatcher but this is way too high up.

    And DC is a rebranding of MINX, right?
  18. Considering I've got a 10 and a 9.5 left in the final I say we've all done pretty well.

    Elvis was robbed.

  19. [​IMG]

    Newbies Recap

    46. Pit-A-Pat : 5.1
    42. Jjan! Koong! Kwang! : 5.48
    40. Dream Candy : 5.53
    39. Somehow : 5.56
    38. Pepe : 5.58
    37. Candy Jelly Love : 5.64
    36. Wonderland : 5.67
    35. Mr Ambiguous : 5.75
    33. Mo Mo Mo : 5.81
    32. Deja Vu : 5.83
    28. Love Letter : 6.068
    18. 1 2 3 : 7.21
    16. Wee Woo : 7.3
    13. Glass Bead : 7.46
    10. Cupid : 7.75
    9. Happiness : 7.79
    6. Like Ooh-Ahh : 7.96
    4. Whistle : 8.06

    3. Chase Me : 8.25

    Highest scorers:

    1. @ohnostalgia : 8.42
    2. @ryan_riot92 : 7.73
    3. @ThisIsRogue : 7.65

    Lowest scorers:

    1. @Rainbow Trousers : 4.04
    2. @Sanctuary : 5.05
    3. @Kuhleezi : 5.42


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