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Girl Groups Debut Singles Rate (FINISHED)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, May 4, 2017.

  1. Finale is coming....


    Into The New World vs Fire

    SNSD vs 2NE1

    Two most successful K-Pop girl groups

    Two legends

    Only one winner

    One song received four 11s, the other one three 11s. The lowest score for both songs is 4 . The difference between the two songs is LESS THAN ONE POINT (0.75 point to be exact).

    Will SNSD win and add another #1 to their countless achievements or 2NE1 will finally win something against GG?

    Find out (hopefully) Tomorrow.

    But before that, let's see who gave a higher score to SNSD and who to 2NE1:

    Team Taste


    @Mikl C
    @Rainbow Trousers

    Team 2NE1


    @Slice of Life
    @send photo
    @D is for Danger!

    And drama-free people who gave same scores to both songs:


    @Cotton Park

    Stay tuned <3​
  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I see you, whore!!!111!111

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  3. Team Taste
    Team 2NE1

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  4. He


    I love our team Global Talent.
  5. ITNW better fucking win this.
  6. I'm kinda sad it wasn't Team Taste vs Team *giggles* to be honest.
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  7. So what song ended up at #2?




    SNSD - Into the New World

    Average: 8.54

    Highest score: 11 x 4 (@Alouder98 @junglefish @Mikl C @Reboot) 10 x 7 (@Deja-Boo @Squashua @LOOΠΔ@ThighHighs @lalaclairi_ @Sanctuary @GeiPanda)
    4 x 1 (@D is for Danger!) 5 x 1 (@ryan_riot92)
    My score:

    *takes a deep breath*

    *reminds himself that rates are just for fun*

    *tries to remain a nice host*


    We use iconic for many things these days but Into the New World is something that truly deserves to be described by the word ''iconic''. A debut that took about 8 years to be appreciated like it deserves. A timeless classic that I always get a strong feeling of nostalgia from it even though I didn't hear it until years after it was released and my love for it grows more as time passes. I remember this was a contender for my 11 in GG rate (God, I miss that rate so much and kinda regret doing it at that time cause I wasn't still a huge fan like now) but I didn't have these strong feelings that I have now, at that time. Like, I loved it but I wouldn't put it on my list of ''best K-Pop songs ever'' that I do now. Maybe it's because I wasn't aware of its ballad version and the iconic performances that came with it? Yes, that's the reason.

    The ballad version might be a bit boring for some of you even people who gave this 10-11 but like I said, it improved the song on an emotional level for me, specially this performance that @Deja-Boo posted before. I won't lie if I say this is my favorite performance ever. Emotionally it gets me from the very beginning when they show those baby SNSD videos, specially watching the girls also getting emotional by them (Sunny is actually crying in the whole performance). Also technically, the vocals on it are probably the best that SNSD ever showed. Taeyeon always kills her part in this song's performances but in this one she really SLAYS those high notes. Tiffany's high note is one of those moments that video-maker SONEs always put on their ''Tiffany's best high notes'' complication videos. And the other girls, they all sound good in their own range. While the whole thing is a highlight for me, the part that they make a circle and then Seohyun/crying Sunny/ high note killer Tiffany sing the ''Saranghae'' part is the highlight of performance itself for me.

    Okay enough about me and my stanning, it's time for you guys' comments. Let's get a few opinions out of the way first. ryan_riot92 ''I understand it’s iconique but I don’t get it. The song, for me, is pretty bland.'' SloMover ''I get that this song is legendary and signalled an important moment for 21st Century KPop but I've just never cared for it.'' At least you admitted that it's iconic and legendary. Cotton Park is not also a big fan of this but he mentioned good points in his comment (like always), ''One of my least favorite SNSD songs but at the same time, undoubtedly one of the most important KPop songs ever.. People forget that when they first came out, people really didn't know what to make of them. At their first performance at a high school auditorium, the students just kind of stared. Nine girls and a dumb name... Are they a dance group or a vocal group? Huh? They were the group that changed KPop forever and it started with this one, but it was Gee that really put them on the map.'' I want to drag the next comment to hell, but let me remain nice and just copy & paste it and forget it even exists. D is for Danger! '' Hi, this is D Is For Danger! and if you're reading this, here are 4 reasons why Into The New World got a score of 4 from me: The first reason is that upon watching this video I realized they got so much damn plastic surgery! None of the girls even remotely look the same now! The second reason is Yoona and Hyoyeon don't sound anything like Yoona and Hyoyeon. The third reason is who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put a crystal weed necklace on Jessica?!


    The fourth reason is this song is pretty boring until the last minute and really isn't my cup of tea.''
    inished at #2?

    LightningRider gave the song a 7 mostly based on impact, ''I used to dislike this song when I first got into K-pop, but seeing all the new generation groups covering it has softened my heart. Maybe I shouldn’t conflate impact with quality, but I’m making an excuse.'' I usually get mad every time I see someone mentions ''Yeonjung did it better than Taeyeon'' even if they're joking but if that made He give this a good score, I'm fine with it. ''The debut song all girl groups look up to and cover to hell and back. Another song I got to know from Produce 101, this time it was queen serpent Yeunjung hitting those hight notes better than Taeyeon. This song is sweet and catchy, and the video is hilarious and iconic. I have the hardest time differentiating Yuri and Yoona, but their vocal runs sound equally bad :) '' I've never seen someone ,even here, to come for GG's iconic choreographies but McQueer crossed that line, ''Obviously a little dated sounding at this point, but this is really a K-Pop classic and probably the only time we got to hear these girls real voices and having them serve actual choreography.'' the next comment is by send photo who gave this song 3/10 at first, but then improved it to 7 when I threatened him with Flower Power's spider image. ''Feels like it’d pop up for some DCOM edition of Rocky training.''

    The sub-forum's favorite essayist, Squashua, actually didn't say anything about this and only sent the gif below but let me copy his comment that wrote for SNSD Rate. ''Tragically I had always assumed Gee was their first single, it wasn't until Produce 101 and Yungjeong unleashing the power of Taeyeon to tear off a million Korean scalps that Into the New World was a thing for me. And thank the snake goddess for unleashing Pandora's Box of Bawps because it's an undeniable barnstormer of a song. Euphoric, timeless and with just enough urban edge in that breakdown to stop it coming across sugary sweet. The video veers towards late 90's teen high school drama intro, all that's missing is names in jazzy fonts sliding into screen as Seohyun looks baffled to be stuck in a shoe shop (also Tiffany's hair is troublesome), but all is forgiven by the fist-pump key change, ad-lib sprinkled finale. Phenomenal.''


    Reboot who gave this song her 11 for second time, only said ''Iconic. When will your faves, etc.''. Rainbow Trousers also sent a short commentary ''Dancing''. ThighHighs ''You might think that this song would have gotten old after seeing it performed by every single girl group to debut in the last 2 years, but it’s still an anthem for a generation.'', preach. The last comment is by Slice of Life, the leader of that tasteless YG stanning team ''This is so gonna win, right? Well, I don't mind. This is a great debut single and for it to sound still so good up to this day is really commendable. The girls sound really good (the amount of capable vocalists though... YATH! Taeyeon, Sica, Seohyun, Tiff and my girl Sunny all sound super fab) and the choreography is verging on extra but still cute. So why won't I give this a perfect 10 despite raving for it like a true stan? Well, I think the dance break kinda ruined the flow of the song. No shade to the good sis Miss Terry because she dances really good here. But the song didn't need the dance break imo. Bless SM for pushing Miss Terry to the spotlight since the beginning though. They really tried, guys. Kekeke.''

    The most iconic debut stage ever:

    The intro of this performance is also amazing:

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  8. [​IMG]

    Tho looking back at my scores, I gave Fire too high a score tbh.
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  9. And obviously the winner is...


    2NE1 - Fire

    Average: 8.57

    Highest score: 11 x 3 (@Slice of Life @Kuhleezi @ThisIsRogue) 10 x 7 (@McQueer @ThighHighs @junglefish @Deja-Boo @GeiPanda @He @Alouder98)
    Lowest score:
    4 x 1 (@ohnostalgia) 5.5 x 1 (@Sanctuary)
    My score:

    If you asked me before this rate what song should win if ITNW doesn't win, I would answer ''wait that's impossible, there's no other winner in this list. But oh well, Fire is also deserving''. So honestly I'm fine with these results and I actually learned that my faves can't always win everything, other groups should win something too *giggles*. Okay but seriously I really love Fire and it's one of my favorite 2NE1 songs ever. Back in 2015 when the only K-Pop act that I knew were GG, one day my sister told me that the second most successful girl group in K-Pop are a group called 21 that just recently had a great performance (of their old songs cause they don't have any new songs to perform, hehe) in MAMA and she played that performance for me. And I was impressed by how much of a great performer is their rapper and how the girl that had a big drug scandal in Korea (this is the way that my sister introduced them to me n n n) looks like the popstars/girl group members that I usually stan for. And finally this scene came and made me immediately download Fire and I Am The Best and get my life to them for DAYS.


    Okay so let's see what you guys had to say about our winner. Let's start with two of the highest scorers, ThisIsRogue ''These ladies have always been on another level. I miss them.'' and Kuhleezi ''They would go on to top it with I Am The Best, but is it really fair to compare any song to that titan? It's pretty much the perfect debut song: a mega bop, catchy and instant as hell, and distinctive enough ('he-he-he-he-he-he-he-e 2NE1' isn't a hook you forget easily''. send photo actually gave this a 10 but then changed it to 9 because he found out Slicey trashed his 11, Apink's debut. His comment: ''I GO BY THE NAME OF SP A’ KPJ'' LightningRider is still bopping to this like 8 years ago ''Time has not been kind, but I’m still bopping like it’s 2009.''

    But ryan_riot92 doesn't think it aged well, ''This song really has not aged well … then again, most of these songs haven’t BUT it’s just lost it’s flavor for me. I used to love this song so much more than I do now. It’s still a bop but … I’m also kind of over it. The mini as a whole is still pretty fantastic though.'' Reboot is into the song but not into their style ''This still sounds fresh today. Not sure about the palm tree hair, though.'' D is for Danger! is being shady, again: ''Hard to believe there was a time when 2NE1 didn't actually suck! Bom couldn't sing even back then either it seems. Dara's autotuned-up-the-wazoo vocals are the highlight for me!'' 2NE1? Sucked?


    Back to the highest scorers, here is McQueer ''This still goes the fuck off and I feel is often neglected when discussing 2NE1’s best songs. Fire really encapsulates everything this group is about and is what truly solidified my interest and love for K-pop. After hearing this I was committed for life. Damn now I’m getting sad about their disbandment again…..'' ThighHighs ''The thing that all of the best debut singles do is serve as a statement of intent. A notice to all the other gals in the industry that you’ve arrived and plan on kicking ass and taking names. This one does the trick just perfectly.'' He ''Amazing debut. EH EH EH EH EH EH! I loathe YG’s dodgy bs, but 2NE1 came out swinging from the get go. They were outdoing most girls with their debut, wearing even uglier clothes and doing videos IN SPACE!'' SloMover ''Fire and 2NE1's look in this video hasn't aged very well but it's a moment that still has everyone shook.''

    mentioned the best Fire performance in his comment, ''Made infinitely more iconique by Seohyun's blazing intro on P101. Oh and the Space version is better.'' And finally Park Bom of our sub-forum, Slice of Life ''It’s hard to achieve perfection upon debut but honestly, isn’t this the best K-pop debut ever?” No, that’s Replay. “The sass, the attitude, the confidence, the uniqueness – 2NE1 delivered in all fronts. Sick of the same cutesy and sexy concepts that K-pop is known for at that time, 2NE1 shattered barriers by being unconventional beauties with a different concept from the prevailing groups back then. They invented the Girl Crush concept before the term Girl Crush was even coined. A lot has been said about 2NE1’s supposed try-hardness or lack of authenticity. But honestly, who cares? They brought a fresh perspective to K-pop. They released songs with different content than usual. More importantly, they brought the bops! And that’s honestly what matters. Hearing this song now even after all these years still makes me shiver with delight. Also, this was the song that got me into K-pop so this will forever hold a special place in my heart.''


    And honestly the best Fire performance *giggles*

    And that's it. Thank every single of you guys for putting time and participating in this rate, for sending comments, for following this, for the likes (y'all know I'm thirsty for them by now, right?), for supporting me when ,you know, I wasn't in a good mood to continue this rate, for reading my messy write-ups that were probably hard to read sometimes because of my bad English, and most importantly for making this rate such a fun place for me and yourself. Love you all <3

  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well my brief moment of acceptance in the subforum was nice. I gotta run before @Slice of Life sees this.
  11. Thank you so much for this @Alouder98. It was a real blast and an amazing, messy, entertaining introduction to a genre I get the feeling I'll never fully understand but that'll always have me under its magnetic charm. All the best xx
  12. Congrats to deserving winners [​IMG] and thanks for brilliant rate @Alouder98
  13. He


    Yas, team global stardom won!

    Thank you @Alouder98 for your great effort, this was a huge task and you delivered.
  14. This was such a fantastic rate @Alouder98 and you did such an amazing job hosting it!!! #YAASSS QUEEN
  15. You're the best ever come in my life.
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  16. Can I go back in time and give Fire a 2?
    iamdisgusted.gif but that was a great rate @Alouder98. Thank you for hosting it, you did a fantastic job!
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  17. Thank you for hosting @Alouder98!

    The right song won and y'all can seethe.
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    This was such an unexpected result teebs. Obviously I was rooting for Fire but never in my wildest dream did I think it had the range to win. Into the New World is extremely beloved here in Popjustice so I just knew it would be the winner.

    But make no mistake, I am absolutely *cackling* and *giggling* at this correct result.

    As for this tragedy...

    You already stan flops like Amber and Miss Terry so I won't come for you. xoxo
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Oh and True Maknae @Alouder98, you did a fantastic job. If I was to be honest, this was 100% times better than the Girls' Generation Singles Rate. I love character development! Kekeke. Love you. xoxo
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