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Girl Of The Year: The 2018 PJ Chart Rate - REVEALS MONDAY

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 15, 2019.

  1. So am I right in saying we vote for 30 out of 60 songs and our top 3 songs all get 12 points?

    It’s my first time doing this sort of voting so I’m a bit confused.
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  2. Yep! You're right.
  3. There is only one very clear winner to me out of the Allie X tracks..

    Mariah on the other one was tough one. I loved all 3 singles pretty equally, so I ended up just throwing them all the same amount of points.

    I feel like Charli & Dua's best are not represented. "Focus" & "Electricity" are 10x better than the tracks they landed here.
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  4. Yep. I don’t know if you’ve ever done one of the song contests here, but that’s what we’re doing, except with three ballots instead of one. So pick out thirty songs and then rank them in groups of 3s, with your most favourites getting the 12 slot, then your next favourites the 10 slot, etc.
  5. This is going to be so fucking hard.
  6. When @Music Is Life finds out he's actually being forced to rank his thirty 10s.

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  7. I'm hearing Mariners Apartment Complex for the first time thanks to this rate and I had no idea it would be this beautiful.
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  8. Same. I was still so behind on Lana Del Rey's discography actually. I got into her music around High By the Beach and went back to hear her first two albums and some other songs back then but skipped Ultraviolence for some reason and also had not heard any of the songs released in 2018-19, so over the weekend I got caught up on that and now have listened to Ultraviolence.
  9. I have to admit that the last album of hers I listened to in full is Born to Die. I may have to change that!
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  10. Had my first look at this today and damn this will be hard. All I know is Hayley Kiyoko and Kacey will be very near the top of my ballot.

    (And also Miley - she seems to be hated on this forum but Nothing Breaks Like a Heart is amazing)

    Still have a lot to listen to though, I'm not familiar with a good few of these.
  11. Literally though. I mean, like...I just...ugh.
  12. Okay I'm going to take my first shot at entering some ballots today. Pray for me because it took me forever to figure out how to adapt the main song contest template last year.
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  13. Got my ballot done. I'm adding some commentary for at least my top 12 & then it'll be on its way to you!
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  14. She has voted and been waiting for validation dd.
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  15. I haven’t opened any of the ballots yet ddd.
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  16. Glad i wasn't the only one :)
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  17. I hadn't listened to Allie X before and so far so good, I'm liking it. Her voice and songs are giving me serious Lana del Rey vibes with some extra electro.
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  18. Which K-pop songs will unexpectedly make it onto my ballot as a pleasant surprise for @ohnostalgia?

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  19. Well, I've just entered five ballots and every song already has points. You did that.

    I decided to give the reveals a bit of flavour, so I want everybody to give me an artist (they don't have to be in this rate) and I'll find a gif of them to use in your ballot reveal. If you already voted no worries, I'll PM you for the artist when I enter your votes.

    For those of you still picking out your ballot, how goes the listening?
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  20. Ten ballots entered and 14 points separate #1 and #2.
    Only two songs have less than 10 points.

    How's the listening going?
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