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Girl Of The Year: The 2018 PJ Chart Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 15, 2019.

  1. Honestly Miss Allie better come through this competition. She served bops upon bops last year. Also the k-pop collection is bulletproof. Egoist, D4, I Love You, Siren... That is a lot of fucking talent.
  2. No Tears will be getting one of my 12s. It was one of the songs of the year for me and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

    When I’m With Him better get a strong showing or I’ll rig some extra ballots up for the Empress.
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  3. When I'm With You got high marks on mine! Y'all at least better bother to listen to the Kpop songs.
  4. I have 2 Kpops on my ballot. Popjustice impact.
  5. They really are phenomenal.
  6. I know a lot of these going in, so it may be hard to beat some of my personal favorites. That said - I'm already loving how this thread is introducing some amazing discoveries. Like I hadn't listened to Allie X before this and she's got some serious bops.
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  7. So her being a flat-out racist to Zayn in 2016 was not an issue, then? Good to know.

    (I mean, her idea that abortion is some sort of cottage industry designed to facilitate stem cell research is bonkers, but I find it hard to believe that the people who felt it was okay to vote for someone who uses outright racist language towards other POC can suddenly assume the moral high ground. I know she apologised, but the fact that she’s so quick to revert to that kind of behaviour when she feels cornered in any way makes it impossible for me to support her. It’s not like she suddenly became problematic in 2019 after a lifetime of being wonderful and supportive towards minorities, so I’m honestly not even slightly surprised by her position on abortion.)
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  8. One of my ballot point lines is: My My My!, Cherry, Hi High

    ...which I might just turn into a title/hook for my own pop song. *gets out iPad > launches Garageband*
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  9. My first round of tags will be for the crew who voted last year, so please don’t feel excluded newer chart fam.
  10. Okay I'm sorry, I genuinely wasn't aware of the Zayn thing. I was only really aware of her ableism and homophobia (in fact now I can see why people told me about them but not the racism), and while obviously both of those are disgusting too, as a neurodiverse queer person I at least felt I had the right to continue streaming her music regardless. But finding out about the racism along with the pro-life stuff has sealed the deal and I won't be voting for her.
  11. Oh! I forgot to mention I reveal results ballot by ballot like the song contests, so here’s a chance to have your commentary spotlighted.
  12. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    are you not doing a chart this month or can I just not find a thread? I'd understand you missing it because of this xx
  13. The months are just the months of release, yes?

    So many potential 12's, Oh my God.
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  14. In relation to your ballot format, if we add commentary, would you prefer it be added in any particular way?
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  15. I will be here stanning “Hunger” and all the wonderful queer talent! Will also take this as an opportunity to listen to more K Pop and Allie X!
  16. I am but I was away from my laptop for a week. Should be up tonight.

    Generally, yes. When I’m With Him is an example of a song released first in August, but charted much higher in October.

    My only stipulation is that you not send commentary on every song *cough @berserkboi * I don’t want negative commentary about songs you don’t like. The occasional honorary mentions section is okay as long as it’s not like a paragraph or something.
  17. My darling @ohnostalgia - this may sound like a godsend then (I know you didn't mean anything bad by it, don't worry! ;-) ) but after looking at the list and the singular (I believe) song I voted for on that list last year, I won't be taking part (don't really want to listen to tracks I didn't already know by [a lot of] artists I am ambivalent at best towards). My "Honourary points" would all go to K-Pop and that iconic "Pink @serg song" ;-)
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  18. Okay, I'll be editing my ballot and adding commentary eventually then.
  19. @berserkboi refusing to join the 21st century?

    *pretends to be shocked*
  20. As the official #1 Olivia Hye fan on the forum, I'm here to tell you all that a vote for Olivia is a vote for talent.

    Stan Olivia. Stan Talent. Stan LOONA yyxy. Stan LOONA.


    And listen to the B-side from her solo album. An icy, break-beat fueled piece of excellence.

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