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Girls Aloud at V

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Steveweiser, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Can someone let us all know roughly when Girls Aloud are going to be shown on E4 or Channel 4 later tonight? With all the football on today, I'm not going to be watching too much of the V coverage, but I don't want to miss GA...
  2. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    I'm sure someone will upload it to YouTube anyway, if they don't then i will as i have Sky+ and will be recording it.
  3. They just got interviewed by Dave Berry - they're doing I Predict A Riot again, and will include some other variations in their set.
  4. Apart from some dodgy mics, they've been good so far - they've done Biology, Watch Me Go, Wake Me Up and Sound Of The Underground, and have gone off for a costume change.
  5. Maybe its just the reception here, which is generally pretty shite in a thunderstorm (!), but I could hardly hear them.

    Shame, cos they looked as though they were doing pretty well
  6. Pissing hell. After the ad break following their first set I figured they'd not show any more so switched over. Turned back in time to see the end half of Love Machine. What other songs did I miss?

    Fingers crossed they'll show some of it tonight, but I guess they'll cut it down to 1 or two songs to fit in.

    Ooh - I notice they're repeating Off The Record on E4 and channel 4 too.

    Edit: No, it wasn't just you. The sound was shit. There seemed to be huge bursts of radio interference at parts too.
  7. They didn't have a costume change, and people liked the rest of their set, apart from one drunk guy who missed them completely with a bottle.
  8. They did I Predict A Riot and Love Machine.
  9. Thank-you. So I didn't miss too much at least, but I'll still make significant effort to catch it on repeat.

    Did they replace condom again, or did they go "edgy"?

    Also, I suspect a certain member of this forum was pleased with the shameless attention the cameraman gave to Kimberley's breasts, going as far as to do a slow zoom in on them.
  10. ***Puts hand up***

  11. I wonder if Steveweiser has a backup job as a cameraman?
  12. Funnily enough, that exact thought crossed my mind during the endless succession of crotch/bum shots of the girls. Not that I really minded...

    They seemed to go down well with the crowd, but the choreography of their live show didn't work on the less spacious festival stage - it looked clumsy.
  13. I LOVE Girls Aloud; musically they can barely be touched by any girl group from anywhere, they're so much better than anyone yet...

    I hate those vile Pussycat Dolls but God, they can dance perfectly in rhythm, which the wonderful Girls Aloud can never manage. It sort of makes me love them more but I do wish they would dance perfectly for once.
  14. The Pussycat Dolls are better dancers because that's all they do. All of Girls Aloud (yes, that includes Kimberley) have to worry about singing too. At least when they're doing gigs, that is...
  15. Girls Aloud wouldn't be as charming if they always got the routines perfect, though I would love Nicola even more if the other four always nailed it while she was a second or two out of time at the back.

    I'm gutted I missed this. If anyone sticks it on Youtube they will forever have my love.
  16. The problem is that every video file that's been uploaded so far is over 100mb. I think that's YouTube's limit.
  17. Sound quality was awful, but they looked awesome!
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