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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Out Of Control is an abortion of an album. Miss You Bow Wow and Untouchable should have been on a special edition of Tangled Up.

    And that's a fact.
  2. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Also, this will forever and always be their most amazing music video:

  3. My (apparently unpopular) opinion: Out of Control is their best album. The Promise, The Loving Kind, Rolling Back the Rivers in Time, Untouchable, Fix Me Up, Miss You Bow Wow, and Memory of You (if it counts) all fantastic. I love that album.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Rolling Back the Rivers in Time makes me NEVER play the album.

    I remember the first verse, go yuck and play something else.

    Miss You Bow Wow is their best album track ever.
    Together with Wild Horses.
  5. SBK


    Rivers has me reaching for the sleeping pills. Lots of sleeping pills.
  6. I love Rivers. Actually it was a love from first listen which is rare thing for me.
  7. I think I'm the only one (again) who doesn't get the love for Singapore. It just plods along and is a bit of a non-event.
  8. I agree Singapore is totally average. Unlike Memory Of You its destined to be a bonus track.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I prefer Singapore to Memory.

    I ALSO LOVE Don't Want You Back and Girls Alloed, so don't take me seriously.
  10. SBK


    I don't get the love for it either.

    and I really do not understand those that think it should have been on Chemistry, it doesn't sound developed enough to warrant ever being on a proper release, it would have screamed FILLER had it made the album in its current state.
  11. You are wrong, sir! It's a fantastic album with so many brilliant moments, some slightly overlong, but nonetheless that album made them the #1 girl group in the UK. It utterly eviscerates Catfights & Spotlights (the only other girl group album I can think of!) in every way possible if only for the almighty trio of Miss You Bow Wow/Revolution In The Head/Live In The Country. It is the album they had to make. I wish Rolling Back The Rivers In Time was released as a single. I'm sure it would have been another #1.
  12. It really isnt, besides they are both totally different albums and comparing them is pointless but that's not the place to discuss it
  13. It sounds very basic and doesn't have the sparkle that comes with Xenomania compositions. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful though, and I know with a bit more development in the production it could sound great, but the melody is not catchy at all. Nothing about it is. I reckon if it was given a rework and the Loving Kind treatment (midtempo melancholic production), it could become quite a brilliant pop song.
  14. I must be the only one who can't stand Singapore *ducks and hides*
  15. Let's talk about 'No Regrets'. Such a beautiful track.
  16. I think Kirkland is complimenting C&S! It has the same organic vibe - very 50's.

    I love the live performance to Revolution In The Head, especially the introduction to it on their tour. Miss You Bow Wow is also another one of my favourites. Their energy on tour had made me love the album tracks even more.
  17. OOC is not their best obviously but besides Fix Me Up there isn'a s single song I would call 'terrible'.
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  18. Ah, don't even get me started. Such a glorious track.
  19. It really is! I love how Nadine says "you've left my mind" and then proceeds to spend 3 minutes mourning on the relationship, haha. Gorgeous Xenomania melancholy.
  20. It was the album they had to make to peddle them to the masses, Id have rathered another album of Tangled Up quality
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