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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Currently watching this and weeping into my coffee -
  2. It's July.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Spice Girls , and now the original Sugababes are back!!!! Now all we need is Girls Aloud .
  5. I'm still really sad about how things ended. The first eight years they always put up the front that they were friends - and they must have been to some degree to last that long. Now it seems to be Kimberley and Cheryl are still coming out with statements about how they were strictly professional and that there will be no reunion. Bridges have been burned. Nadine screwed up, too, but at least she is there for the fans now. I'm not cynical enough to think Nadine is only doing Girls Aloud nostalgia for the money.
  6. Give it a couple more years. When the money is right, and they have nothing to do, they will be back. It’s just timing
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  7. I never thought All Saints would make up and get back together so... Never say never.
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  8. I miss them.
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  9. Promise Me...??

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  11. Bop.

  12. Never ever?
  13. All Kimberley said was that it's not on the cards at the moment I think. None of them have ever said it will never happen.

    2022 is 3 years away! I doubt they would be a planning a reunion so far ahead.
  14. Let's not share crap from the scummiest 'news'paper of all time...
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  15. An anthem. This song encapsules everything I love about Girls Aloud, from the quirky lyrics and song structure, to the riot feel it gives. Amazing song.

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  16. Give us twenty, make us proud Teach us to be really loud We'll fit in with the streaming crowd we are Untouchable

    We can't fake our chemistry
    We were born to keep it loud
    Hardcore Nads and Chimola
    We are Girls Aloud

    You buy our records, we'll give you bops
    Better be scared when we comeback
    We are leaders of the pack
    We are The Aloud...

    We are the best, so screw the rest
    We do as we damn well please
    Until the end, Girls Aloud
    Defenders of Pop Musiiiic
    What Will The Neighbours Say?

    Check out our back catalogue
    Songs to dance to
    No one can deny that fact

    So don't call all the shots, we don't need advice
    Jump up and down, crank the base
    And If You Want, We'll do another decade
    Defenders of Girl Power
    Pop Justice!

    What do you want, another song? another tour? we'll do it all again
    Another record is what you really want....
    And If they complain, we'll take control
    and give you something new

    (Don't let the Mixers get you down)
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  17. There are many ways to go with this.
  18. It would not surprise me if the Sugababes launch back well, Girls Aloud will follow. I am sure the label will push for it
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  19. Sam


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