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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. SBK


    Exactly, its not impossible. If anything, if they were to ever want to do new music, I'd prefer them to work with someone else, Xenomania tracks these days are more missed than hits.
    Similarly, Steps the vast majority hits were primarily with one production team, PWL (Topham/Twigg), and their latest album wasn't.
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  2. I’m also in this boat, as well as the mindset of us being nearly 2 1/2 years out from a 20th anniversary, and knowing if it is going to happen, they aren’t going to make any moves for another 24 months.
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  3. I find it a bit flat though, come back for the sole purpose of the anniversary celebration. This would basically mean doing the exact same thing that they did for TEN. Who's going to buy that again, ten years later? I mean, even the fans found that the last anniversary was kind of lukewarm.

    They have to surprise us and the general audience for people (and the press) to get behind the reunion story. They could easily record an album of 11 tracks - I am pretty sure that there are pop producers and artists out there who would proudly take part in the project. Artists who have been influenced by the girls as teenagers and who are, like us, kind of nostalgic of that era. The girls have A LOT of relations (Fascination too) and they could easily make it happen. Record that and release it next year, and brand it as "scrap the anniversary celebration, we're too cool to do that, we don't give a f about it and we're here to claim our crown". That's a way more interesting storyline that "hello, we're celebrating our 20th anniversary (and 10th year of inactivity), please buy our merch and see you for THIRTY".
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  4. I think Girls Aloud have a strong enough catalogue to do another tour with no new material.
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    If only they were brave enough to go past the obvious singles for the set list.
  6. Yeah, I can't have another rehash of what was already a rehash.
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  7. A cute 5-track EP seems like a good middle ground.
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  8. I’d be happy getting Wicked Game, What A Feeling, Bored Stupid and a couple of other unreleased demos.
  9. Assuming the world is in a more normal place, I would do it again in a heartbeat and my guess is a lot of others would too. Ten years is a long time for them to have been away (considerably longer than last time) and I think they'd get a bigger nostalgia-factor boost this time around.

    Also, their music and image has the benefit of being more kid-friendly than a lot of 00's pop acts. I'm guessing a lot of their fans (like the girls themselves) have started families and are in a very different stage of life than they were in in 2013. I now play Girls Aloud music with my daughter and am excited about the prospect of getting to bring her to a Girls Aloud concert in a few years - which is something I couldn't imagine doing with a Britney, Gaga or Rihanna concert.

    I would strongly prefer an album with new (or at least unreleased) material, but at the end of the day I know I'll end up jumping at whatever they offer.
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  10. An “album” of polished unreleased tracks would be amazing.
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  11. I don’t think we will ever get Wicked Games. There must be a reason why it was completely scrapped the first time around, and wasn’t included in the The Sound Of Girls Aloud rarities disc, The Collection box set, and the TEN greatest hits. Probably some kind of copyright issue or something. I think the only way we could get it is through a leak.
  12. ^If I recall correctly, they’ve said that it was just awful.
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  13. Remastered deluxe edition boxsets with b-sides and new vinyl releases of all their albums along with a tour that mixes the setlist up a bit between singles, album tracks and fan favourites and I'll be happy.
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  14. It’s just odd that if it was honestly that bad that it was even considered as a single!
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  15. Yeah, given that it was announced on their website and possibly also on release schedules(?), it's such a curiosity that it was pulled and never spoken of again.

    I think everything they released from Neighbours through Tangled Up is legitimately brilliant (I even enjoy See the Day), so no matter how horrible Brian/the Girls have described it as, I would love to hear it. I mean, Brian hates Long Hot Summer, which sure is an average Girls Aloud song, but still one of the best singles of its year!
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  16. Has Tim Powell retired? I think he was a very influential factor of their musical landscape in which Miranda (and Lisa) were able to pitch lyrics to. I remember he produced Light Me Up by Parade and was lit (still is). I believe they built the groundwork in which Brian created brilliance.
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  17. No Tim Powell is an independant songwriter/producer. Some of his latest works include:
    Karen Harding x Digital Farm Animals - Undo My Heart (2020)

    Coldabank x Morixo - Take Me Back (2019)

    Lisa Cowling has retired from the music industry and has launched her own cookery school.
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    Yeah Tim Powell could bring the Tony Lamezma magic.
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  19. Say Something by Kylie has a bit of an unexpected Xenomania-style structure so whoever wrote/produced would be good for the band too
  20. Got some more custom vinyl delivered earlier, including this beaut -


    - Size A is turquoise, this pic makes it look spearmint green oddly.
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