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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Anytime any of the girls do anything remotely linked with Girls Aloud puts a smile on my face.

  2. Sarah singing her heart out and smiling at 3:55 is such a moment.

    I miss her a lot and I hope she's doing better.
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  3. Not the Velvet Underground! There really ARE rock chicks in the house tonight.
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  4. I was there on opening night in Manchester and a little tear came out of my eye when Sarah started doing that glorious harmony on the chorus!
  5. Speaking of tours, I hope we'll get the screen footage from this one day.

  6. Me too!

    Cheryl looks like shes gunna crack up laughing in that video
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    'more Cheryl with a stick' ffff
  8. Been really feeling The Promise lately.

    Nadines Giving up just looking into windows... verse is such a moment. Really elevates the song at the exact moment it needed it.
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  9. ADM


    Kimberley is on Frankie Bridge' podcast this week. Nothing new at all, it was recorded before she went back to rehearsals for Sleepless so really nothing new.
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  10. Do you think we could potentially get it one day? Did they even record the audio? I guess a lot of work goes into mixing the tour audio so we probably won't get the footage for that reason...

    The logic behind it is quite odd though. I guess "Chemistry" was kind of disappointing for the label so they kept the "Chemistry" tour footage to release it on the back for the Greatest Hits instead - I guess they thought it would be their final release as well.
    And after that they didn't bother to record The Greatest Hit because it wouldn't fit in their parallel timeline - how would they have branded it? "The Greatest Hits Tour - Encore" would have smashed.
  11. The opening Police GA outfits for the Greatest Hits tour remain in their Top 3 tour costumes (if such list exists outside of my brain)
  12. The Sound of Girls Aloud LIVE?
    The LIVE Sound of Girls Aloud?
    Girls A Live? (dddddd, just kidding, it’s still a horrid name but at least it was just a bonus store exclusive EP)
  13. I’m sure they recorded it. We got Something Kinda Ooooh live from Bournemouth and they showed the performance footage on a TV. I can’t for the life of me remember what for but I remember it being something like a montage.
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  14. They definitely recorded it because, as said, we got Something Kinda Ooooh. Why they didn't include that audio on that compliation recently instead of the Tangled Up audio, I'll never know.
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  15. I’m assuming it was down to quality? It was random to release SKO live at Bournemouth. Why Bournemouth?
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  16. I was actually unaware that the Greatest Hits Tour was filmed, so it’d be cool to see footage someday.
  17. It was the Passions of Girls Aloud series and by the looks of it, it was only footage from the screens - not professional.

    I don’t think it was properly recorded as that arena is so small so why would they even bother plus from memory there was no mention of any professional cameras (cranes) at that venue. It’s likely the audio we got was the only thing that they have and was mixed properly when extracting the screen footage for the Passions series and they then decided to tack it on the Sexy release?

    Unless they professionally recorded the sound exclusively for release but it was scrapped but again Bournemouth is such an odd choice..
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  18. SBK


    It was just screen footage, there weren't any other cameras.
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  19. Also gotta add that the Something live isn't available online outside the UK annoyingly.
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