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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I was randomly watching the Popstars episode in which both bands were just formed and all members performed songs solo and as a band for the first time. The whole show was clearly a bit of a bore, with a ton of covers of cheesy ballads (including "Stay another day" by the girls). Even the girls sounded kind of bored really and lifeless. And at the end, in the final few minutes of the show, they came back on stage and performed Sound Of The Underground. That was A SHOCK. Like a totally different show, a totally different dimension. That song and performance were so not expected and I can understand why the girls won the public over with it. It was such an oddity within this TV format. Thank Xenomania and everyone who got involved in making it the first single, it is quite obvious that it paved the way for the career they got.
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  2. Where did you watch it?
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  3. My grandparents had the exact same sofa as Kimberly until they modernised their house, probably not that long ago. It has to be from the 70s or 80s, but then it's hard to pinpoint an era because it's just that disgusting. Memories.
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  5. Island

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    Nadine saved that Stay Another Day performance.
  6. Amazing. Anyone know where to.find more hq fan work like this?
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  7. Ooh I've never seen that pic from Royal Variety!
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  8. Sarah's just posted on Snapchat again. My heart hurts.
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  9. It still breaks my heart that's she's going through it.
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  10. It was in the Ten Tour booklet. I'm not sure if it is actually FROM Royal Variety (hairstyling is a little different than it was for the performance), but it obviously makes use of the same dresses.

    I love these fan-edits. Whatever happened to Coverlandia? That used to be my go-to source for this type of stuff!
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  11. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since Something New! I swear we all heard it on the Monday night with the press conference on the Friday (the 19th).
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  12. Such a comeback single.

    It will forever irk me that the lyrics in the middle 8 weren't Feel the beat deep underground coz tonight we're Girls Aloud
  13. It’s bizarre to think that Louis Walsh would ever have been involved in choosing a song as cutting edge as Sound of the Underground. I know it was more than likely the label who sourced the material but still.
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  14. My God. My heart breaks for Sarah.
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  15. I think they originally gave it to Orchid as part of a development deal with Polydor. When the deal fell through the label boss (Colin Barlow I think) asked to keep it for the Popstars show. I don’t know what input Louis had other than being a judge.

    It’s strange how it’s 14 years next week since the release of their first greatest hits The Sound Of Girls Aloud and Amazon still how Wicked Game in the tracklist.

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  16. And What A Feeling! It's so odd that with all the rarities we've had over the past years that we never got either of those two tracks. To go from 'good enough to be singles' to 'never to be released under any circumstance' is an odd switch.
  17. I'd assume it's more likely that a cover version won't make much money for the label so there's probably no point.
  18. What a song.
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