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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. What a song.
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  2. Also, hasn’t the “Wicked Game” cover gotten dragged loads of times by Brian? I feel like it was decided as a single before they even recorded it and then he couldn’t get it to work.
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  3. True but even then it was replaced with another cover that probably didn’t make much money either!
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  4. Can't believe we're about to hit 15 years since I first heard this song & knew they had changed pop music forever.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    The first time hearing Chemistry was a moment.
    I wish I could relive it again.
  6. Life seemed so much simpler back then.

  7. "It's ABOUT TIME, in the words of Sarah Harding!"

    Iconic speech is iconic.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I've been listening to a lot of Annie and I kinda with Girls Aloud recorded Heaven and Hell. Imagine Nicola singing the chorus in her Xenomania voice followed by Nadine belting the same chorus again in her twangy voice.

    Also, the Lene version of Here We Go is the definitive version ddd.
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  9. Lol at Nicola refusing to take the microphone.
  10. Woken up feeling irritated because Money and Singapore aren’t on Spotify.
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  11. They should release the screen footage to this and maybe we will forgive them.

    Isn’t it a way to campaign for Money to be added to steaming platforms though?
  12. Money remaining off any platforms is a PopJustice, their worst song by far.
  13. This iconic performance was 12 years ago(!) today. Bless her, Cheryl was so nervous.

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  14. They were so big there. Had both respect in the industry and the big sales to back it up.

    I'm so glad they fought for The Promise. Such a big two fingers up to Polydor who thought it'd flop.
  15. And they decided to essentially finish at that point. Breaks my heart still.
  16. Yeah this wasn't worth sacrificing GA6 for.

  17. This was also 11 years ago today - how the past decade has flown by!

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  18. 11 years later, that performance still hits me.
  19. I rewatched the Out Of Control tour today on DVD, and the girls oozed star quality. I haven't watched any of their previous tours, so I can't attest to their quality, but it's clear their was budget on this tour. The costumes were excellent, stage design is fantastic, a live band even!! The girls are fantastic dancers and sparkle on stage. The set list is amazing (I am someone who thinks Out Of Control is their best album, yes even Fix Me Up is great!)

    As much as I love the band, I do wonder how much the girls themselves actually had an input into it in general. They seemed to be locked into an album record-single 1,2,3,4-tour cycle for most of their career, released songs they didn't like, and recorded extraneous covers. But on tour, they seemed very in control, very comfortable and thoroughly enjoying their experience.

    Perhaps because the Out Of Control era holds such good memories for me, but I just think it's really a fantastic spectacle. Flying out over the audience singing a song like Untouchable is surely a career highlight! I saw the Ten tour a few years later and thought it was lackluster in comparison, although my time as a Girls Aloud fanatic had passed by then.

    Is the Out Of Control tour generally considered their best ?
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