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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

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    It just occurred to me today that when they were finishing up with Untouchable, Gaga and Katy were on their opening eras. Feels like a lifetime ago!!
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  2. Just got the Love Machine 7" in the mail. Form just nailed it with their graphic design, didn’t they? And that Lamezma mix! Heaven.
  3. We don’t talk about this song enough. The way that it would be the lead single & career highlight on anyone else’s album, but for Girls Aloud it’s not even the best song on the album it was released on.
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  4. One of my all time Fave GA songs. Love it.
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  5. In one of their Out of Control era interviews (I think it's on the bonus disc or something), Nadine told the rest of the girls that she ran into George Michael on a plane, and he told her he loves Call The Shots.
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  6. King displaying taste as always.
  7. Such a well-made icy bop. Love the live version with Nadine singing with Cheryl in the end.
  8. Watching the Tangled Up tour, all the girls seem very friendly with eachother - even Sarah/Cheryl. Watching this you'd have no idea there was animosity between Nadine and Sarah and the others.
  9. I think it's easy to put on a mask when performing. It's not as easy in interviews.

    They did well to cover up the issues which I really didnt know about for the duration of their original run.
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  10. But there wasnt any animosity between them at that point.
  11. There was with Nadine if you read the two memoirs of Cheryl and Kimberley.
  12. Was there ever any real animosity towards Sarah or was it more that the other three were just super close?
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  13. Oh right. Did it all start when Nadine decided not to attend the Brits?
  14. I seem to recall it started when she moved to LA and got her own manager around the time of the Tangled Up recording or just before.

    I think they all thought the band was going to end with the original greatest hits which might be why Nadine started making her own plans?
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  15. I got a Dutch radio DJ to mention Untouchable recently! The song didn’t actually get played, but you know, baby steps and all that.
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  16. One time she met John Stamos on a plane and he told her she was pretty.

    Sorry, I had to.
  17. 2020 has been littered with excellent music from numerous artists... but I always find my way back to Girls Aloud in the end.

    The GOAT.

  18. Bless them they looked so lost. Also why is Kimberley dressed like she came straight from the office Christmas party.
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  19. You can’t get being any more early 2000’s and that’s what I love about them!
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  20. I’m gutted they never showed the full set. I’d love to of heard the full non Nadine versions. Does anybody know what else they performed?
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