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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Technically mid-00s but the sentiment still applies!
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  2. Bopping to this fire version currently:

  3. Sounds very "Tangled Up Tour" studio version-ish. I still wish that intro video with the crystals on her eyes would leak.
  4. New Sarah snapchat update. Hope she's getting better Screenshot_20201105-175614_Snapchat.jpg
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  5. Cheryl saying "We're pop at its best" should have been a quote on a CD sticker.

    She didnt lie after all.
  6. Has the originally aired E4 versions of Off The Record ever appeared online, I remember in one episode (I remember Cheryl had on a cream top) Cheryl touched Katie Price's boobs and Katie being shocked Cheryl's were real, or something?
  7. The full episodes are on youtube. This is the clip you’re referring to (around 3:10 minutes).

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  8. "Not one SMIDGEN of cellulite. And believe me I was lookin'!" is iconic.
  9. SBK


    It was fan made around the time of the tangled up tour. There were a few from the same guy
  10. I hope the Amelle from Sugababes “mam/sister” mix up is on the YouTube version haha.

    Nadine clearly had the Jesse Metcalfe appearance that was teased, edited out
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  11. So apparently Out Of Control the album was number 1 exactly 12 years ago. I remember the excitement around this release and 2020 now looks even more depressing in comparison.

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  12. Whew, those gold sequin dresses were truly an iconic look.
  13. Isn’t it crazy how Call The Shots isn’t the most famous, most successful, most celebrated song in music history?
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  14. It is in my home, thank you very much.
  15. I still adore how random this was:
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  16. Just wanted to chime in lamenting that we never got a full version of “Boys Are Back In Town”

    And yet we got “We Wanna Party” on Out Of Control...
  17. Why have I never seen this performance before and why is it everything

    I think my favourite moment is the camera trying and failing to keep up with the madness 38 seconds in and at 1:42
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  18. I like to think that had they not gone on the break after Out Of Control that they would have started delving into their discography for set lists a bit more!
  19. I really wish we had gotten that new visual in good quality.

    See the day remains a gem.
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  20. I absolutely adore this performance! What a tune!
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