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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I emailed someone (Jenny?) from fascination years ago about this and they said there was no full version, the clip was only created for the ad.
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  2. Dddd, I emailed too. She was the label assistant if I recall correctly? I remember us all on the GA official forum emailing about because it was a bop. I’m genuinely surprised Brian didn’t just flesh it out for the Gays.
  3. I emailed Jenny too!! She was so nice and even sent me tangled up era promo cds and posters
  4. If they’d released an album in 2009, they’d have gone absolutely stratospheric in terms of success. I reckon they could have done a stadium tour in 2010.
  5. Oh it will find it's way on to somebody's album in some form I have no doubt! They could have reworked it for Steps actually.
  6. Is there anywhere to watch their "The Promise" BRIT awards performance? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. Only 49 seconds.
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  9. Does this work for you?
  10. I’m in the US. Nope! Oh well.
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  13. I re-listened to What Will the Neighbours Say? today and it really is a fantastic pop album.

    "I'm cool until reality, hits me in the face and drops the phone in the tea" is still iconic.
  14. I heard the Show on the radio this morning while driving. It still sounds so good.
  15. And that is that.
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  16. Shivers. Every. Time.

    I was right at the front in the audience this night (and the Brits 2010, I'm a lucky boy). So many amazing little memories of that night. One of my favourites is, once this performance was done and the attention was on the hosts/it was an ad break or whatever, they were jumping around and hugging each other, and leaving the stage all five of them were holding hands. My HEART.
  17. I always feel this is under rated. The first time I heard it I loved, I still do.

  18. If you were to organize a collection of unreleased, b-sides/bonus tracks, remixes, covers, etc. from Girls Aloud, how would you do it? I'm torn between by era, by the type of track, by a block of a few years per 'disc'.

    Right now I'm leaning toward album eras with a disc for solo tracks.
  19. I also still love their cover of "Teenage Dirtbag" studio version that was on some BBC compilation. Hate that it's not available to stream.
  20. I think I prefer the 'live' version because there's a couple weird lyric mistakes that I think are cute.
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