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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. People are probably bored of me saying this lol but I’d do a The Pet Shop boys further listening style of every era. The album, b-sides, remixes, demos, alternate versions, unreleased per era/album in one collection.
  2. TMI


    This intro of Something Kinda Ooooh is awesome. When I asked Bryan last year to make it available somewhere, he replied to me saying he was most of the time in LA now and that he would have to take some time to get back to London, go to a storage facility to get a hold of the stems. Then he would have to master and run off the song. So almost difficult for him to take care of that. Can't believe the complete master file of this version doesn't exist anymore ??
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  3. That's what I'm thinking but then I have things like the Wake Me Up / Walk This Way Tangled Up Tour audio and I'm torn with where to toss something like that.

    One day, I'll have this finished and post the tracklisting, see what kind of stuff I'm missing.
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  4. Technically it should exist on some kind of cdr promo as a "performance mix". You would have more luck asking Fascination about it or it might even pop up at some point in the future.
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  5. 'Something Kinda Ooooh' is just THAT Girls Aloud song for me, I know musically they've probably been better but it just encapsulates everything that made them brilliant for me.

    It's a million years later but it still gives me the same rush it did when it first premiered.
  6. It throws in everything but the kitchen sink!

    Hopefully they may throw some of the tour versions on a 20th anniversary box set!
  7. I've always thought it's one of their songs that didn't translate as well with the live band - the G-A-Y extended edit above is fantastic.

    The Ten Tour version with the long intro was probably the best with a band.
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    The Tangled Up tour version ruins the song as far as I’m concerned.

    Something Kinda Ooooh is really THE uptempo song of my lifetime. It contains everything an up tempo song should have. I wish I had the stems.

    I especially love the synth at the beginning.
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  9. Ugh bless you! A vinyl with the extended intro would make a great nostalgia gift to the fans.
  10. I think this one is a bit different:

    But there definitely should be some extended performance mixes floating around out there.
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  11. Sorry if this has already been posted, but Kimberley was on the latest episode of The Noughties on BBC and there was quite a bit of Girls Aloud. The whole series so far has been great too!
  12. Am I right in thinking no unreleased Girls Aloud songs have ever leaked?

    I was just thinking about how I'm starving for some new music from them and I'm pretty sure the only unreleased songs we have are the rarities CD included in the singles boxset they released, which were all demos of already released songs.
  13. I am currently watching the mini series Adult Material and they have used a split second (literally) of Something Kinda Oooh in a scene.

    Enough for me to come and share it with y'all.
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  14. TMI


    It’s been more than ten years and these edits of Ooooh have never leaked.
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  15. What a performance. What a song!
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  16. We can hope that whoever released those leak EPs for the birthdays is saving it up for the 20th.
  17. Τhe definitive performance of the song for me. Those Nadine ad-libs in the final chorus alone >>>>>
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  18. TMI


    Ah ah, I don't think they got that.
  19. Honestly, the way Cheryl just struts away from the other four in the first chorus, just sends me everytime.
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  20. So much!

    Those dresses were criminally underused as well! Tour Worthy!
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