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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This is the very definition of me, but Girls Aloud were one of the first acts who forced me to actively pay attention to lyrics. Xenomania wrote such distractingly odd/random/poignant/cutting lines that made such little sense as a whole that I had no choice but to take notice, foolishly trying to figure out why they were put together like ill-fitting puzzle pieces.
  2. Yeah, I paid attention to Girls Aloud lyrics in the sense that I loved to hear what madcap phrases Miranda Cooper had managed to come up with in every passing song. But in terms of dissecting the lyrics and deciding the meaning of them - I couldn’t care less.

    The best modern example I can give is when I listened to WAP (for the first and only time). For all I knew that song could have been about climate change or deforestation. I paid no attention to the actual words. It wasn’t until I read about it on the internet afterwards that I realised...
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  3. This. I think as an American a lot of our pop music growing up was bland and boring so there was no real need to pay attention as it was pretty surface level. But Girls Aloud lyrics (or rather Xenomania) were oftentimes interesting and bit quirky that I took notice.
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  4. The one good thing about the sound being a total mess for their V set is that we got a Sarah and Kimberley-heavy performance of Biology for once.

  5. See also: Shakira and her coffee machine in an office.
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  6. And Daddy's Bentley's still fill of
  7. I just watched The Show video for the first time in years and I think I only just got Nicola's alias of Chelsea Tanner being a play on Elsie Tanner! Jeez I can be slow sometimes. I may have got it before but if I had I'd forgotten.
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  8. Sarah sounds amazing here, It really suits her voice.
  9. Still waiting for the Tangled Up Tour visuals to be released. The Girl Overboard and Close to Love visuals would’ve been great blueprints for music videos.
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  10. Anyone any idea where I can find all of their artwork in good quality? I can only find certain single covers. Been googling for ages but no luck
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  12. Have you checked here?
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  14. Random but Nicki Minaj just released a 10th anniversary super deluxe version of her Pink Friday album. Maybe a trend may start and when it comes to GA’s 20th anniversary they’ll release super deluxe editions of each album, even if they don’t reform.
  15. Loads of acts release anniversary editions.
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  17. I'd just love their albums on all it's 12" vinyl beauty.
  18. ADM


    Someone needs to get those vinyls that someone on this forum got pressed under the nose of someone important.
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  19. Been listening to the official instrumentals today and even without vocals they go off. I do hope the find some way of celebrating the 20th with exclusive releases of demos and rarities.
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  20. Girl Overboard, Sexy No No No, Something Kinda Ooooh and Every Now and Then have the best instrumentals. Listen to them on the regular.
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