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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Yes I go back to those ones frequently!

    Does anyone have a full list of everything that’s leaked over the years? I was reading something about a 4 minute version of No Good Advice and wondering if there’s other stuff I’ve missed.
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  2. Honestly, barely anything. It's painful, their vault is tight.

    I think a few demo versions of songs have leaked but that's about it.
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  3. Yeah I think just a few demo's of already released stuff and a lot of instrumentals.
    Would love Instrumentals for the albums pre-Tangled Up.

    Oh and a couple tour mixes.
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  4. I probably have most of what’s leaked before. Just thought I’d double check.

    Is the nadine only edit of See The Day still floating about?
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  5. To be fair we’ve definitely had our fair share of demos.

    No Good Advice x 2
    Androgynous Girls
    Here We Go
    Deadlines and Diets
    Wake Me Up
    Long Hot Summer (x 3)
    Biology x2
    Whole Lotta History x2
    Watch Me Go
    Something Kinda Ooooh
    Sexy! No No No
    Walk This Way
    Turn to Stone Clip
    The Promise Clip
    Something New

    these are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    I think they’re very aware of the fans love for rarities and demos so when it comes to the 20th anniversary I think they know that rarities will help sell various packages.

    I’d still like to hear

    Where Did The Love Go
    Red Raw
    Wicked Game
    What A Feeling
    The Promise (Brit Awards Version)
    The Promise (Demo)
    Boys Are Back In Town (although I don’t think this was ever a full song, I want the track)
    Call The Shots (Demo)
    60’s Sweetheart
    I’m Thru With Love
    Boy Does Nothing
    The Show (Demo)
    Something Kinda Ooooh (Tour Version)
    The list goes on......
  6. I have wanted to hear all of those unreleased songs for so long! There was also a song called Bored Stupid from the Tangled Up Sessions I'd love to hear too.

    I'd like to think we would get unreleased stuff for the 20th anniversary but if anything it will probably just be live versions or demos of songs that have already been released. I remember when their singles boxset came out they promised fans a disc of unreleased stuff and... there wasn't one unreleased song on the CD it was just songs we already had in demo form dddd.
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  7. I mean, technically all those demos were unreleased, they just weren't unheard songs.
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  8. I know, but not even one unheard song?! Considering Singapore was a previously unheard song before their Greatest Hits and it was a BOP, I would love to hear some of the other stuff they have locked away.
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  9. I know these are just covers, but I’ve been dying to hear the Girls Aloud versions since they were originally mentioned back in the day.
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  10. I always think this when I watch Tangled Up Live. I remember Close To Love in the metallic dresses in like a club scene, but not sure I remember the Girl Overboard ones?

    I always loved the t shirt dresses video that played during the Encore that said Girls Aloud in letters on each dress and then turn around and they said Thankyou with the dancers!
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  11. I always imagined the Girl Overboard video would’ve had a black/purple colour scheme and would’ve featured them as pirates at sea. Crashing waves, storm brewing etc.

    Full camp like Can’t Speak French.
  12. I’d love to know what alternate treatments all of their singles had for videos, you kind of always just get what your given with videos and never hear about what other ideas there was for them
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  13. For the first few albums anyway I think the music video brief was cheap and cheerful. I think a lot of their songs deserved better music videos, particularly Biology and Something Kinda Ooooh.
  14. Isn't Red Raw a demo of On My Way To Satisfaction?
  15. It certainly is!
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  16. I’ve actually always had the same vision, but they’re all made to walk the plank and get saved by sexy mermen and all become mermaids.
  17. Well now I’m just sad that this will never be a reality.
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  18. Absolutely not me drunk tonight and forcing frightened strangers in the smoking area of my local bar to listen to Watch Me Go.

    Bye I'm putting myself to bed.
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  19. Listening to Chemistry today, for the first time in a while, and honestly what an album. Many of their absolute career highlights are elsewhere, but as a start-to-finish listen this is their best by a mile.
  20. Yes! The Girls (via Xenomania when they were still a creative powerhouse) rewrote British pop from the first track to the final seconds of the album. It sounded like the future, and sometimes it still does.
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