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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I don’t know that it would have made a smart single, I fear it wouldn’t have translated well to the general public outside of the context of the Album perhaps?

    There is not nearly enough Live performances of it!
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  2. I don't think Graffiti My Soul would have worked as a single. And I also love that it's our (FA fans) little secret
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  3. But is do they actually sing on it?
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  4. Graffiti My Soul is overrated by GA fans. I think it's us seeking some kind of musical credibility. I always felt the production lacking and their voices a bit grating, at times. Would never have worked as a single. But this mash-up is brilliant:

  5. It made it to two tours though! A fair few of their singles didn’t even make two tours!
  6. Ahh I guess, would have been amazing if they had maybe done it on the TEN tour or even at the Capital Jingle Bell show or something. Would love to see it in a more modern setting/arrangement!
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  7. I think their vocals are buried somewhere on them, but I’m not mad at Karen Poole and Betty Boo getting their moments to shine.
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  8. I really wish we had gotten a performance of "Thank Me Daddy". Would have fit perfectly in the schoolgirl section of that first tour slotted in after "Graffiti My Soul".
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  9. I cherish my pink promo vinyl of Neighbours:
    1. Love Machine
    2. Wake Me Up
    3. Big Brother
    4. The Show
    5. Thank Me Daddy
    6. Jump
    I mean!
  10. It’s a dream of mine to own it one day.
  11. What was that nonsense comment: "Seeking some kind of musical credibility." It's just a stand out song from their catalogue.
  12. If they ever reunite I'd love Brian to splice and dice some old Miranda or MNEK lyrics with the chorus of Boys Are Back In Town and give us a finished version.
  13. It’s Nicola’s

    Somewhere along, I played it wrong
    Fell into a world so far from home


    Through wind and rain we got here
    Now we're flying babe with no fear
    We've been doing pain for so long
    But when I stare in your eyes it's all gone
    Through wind and rain we burn bright
    Learn to fly through flames and hold tight
    Been so many ways to go wrong
    But when I look in your eyes they're all gone

    for me!
  14. 16 years since What Will The Neighbours Say?. Brings back so many memories of the time, I remember clearly buying it.

    18 year anniversary tomorrow. Hopefully we get some nice posts.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Lowkey Kimberley's 'oh BOY I can't tell you had saw I f e e l. If 2, night is just another kink in your steeeel' is a moment the Beatles wish they had in their catalogue!!
  16. I remember the very first time I played Tangled Up and I was waiting and waiting for a Nicola moment, then this slapped me all over the face out of nowhere. Glorious.
  17. Followed by the instrumental, later to become dance break on Tour. Epic
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  18. I had a solid hour of Girls Aloud added to our playlist at work today and despite the initial groan from some naysayers I think everyone became a tad more educated on how many classics they have in their discography as hit after hit came on.

    It’s seemingly easy for some to forget how much they ruled the airwaves with incredible music as time passes. I wish they had more credit and acknowledge sometimes for what they achieved against all odds.

    I was reading earlier about a short lived and seemingly cherished (and long defunct) Popstars Australian girl group called Bardot that was having its 20th anniversary celebrated with a vinyl boxset and it made me wonder how many girl groups around the world have had career paths, successes and quality releases like Girls Aloud from individual country’s Popstars series in the early 00s?
  19. You were waiting on a Nicola moment on Tangled Up when that middle 8 is in track 1???
  20. Well of course. A previously unheard Nicola moment, I should have specified.
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