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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Happy Birthday Girls Aloud!!
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  2. I wonder if we’ll get any birthday gifts today!
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  3. Love the All On The Board post!

    Also, Kimberley’s post reminded me of how clever the “Buy Girls, Bye Boys” campaign slogan was, ha!

    Nicola went with the Brits performance for her post, amazing.
  4. Makes you feel so old when you vividly remember watching it then consider a child born that day can now legally drink...

    Sound of the Underground still slays, what a song to be given especially when you consider all the junk X Factor winners were given in the following years.
  5. The fact that by giving the winners such a quality song led them to have a successful career but none of the other winners got the same, mostly a lazy cover version when it was proven to work is shocking.
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  6. It's nice how much of an outpouring of love for them there is on social media on their anniversaries / milestones. Such a special group.
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  7. I really miss the buzz around their album releases, I remember the day Sexy! No No No... premiered like it was yesterday, I was a member of a Girls Aloud forum called BoardAloud, and everyone was shook.

    They were with me from when I got Sound of the Underground for Christmas and played it on my portable CD player in the playground, to when I bought my first MP3 player and was amazed I could have different albums on one device. Then all the way through my teen years they were literally the soundtrack to my life.

    The nostalgia they bring me is unreal, I'm praying they pull an All Saints and release a new studio album someday. It doesn't seem like it will happen, but I never saw All Saints reforming after Studio 1 either. One can dream.
  8. Rob


    Monrose were the German equivalent and good lord do they have an equally solid discography. Their entire catalogue has literally just been made available on streaming so there's never been a better time to dive in.

    Check out the Strictly Physical album if you're looking for some straight up fag bops.
  9. I’m listening to the studio albums (again) today.

    On Chemistry: Does anyone know the reason for “It’s Magic” and then “No Regrets” being solo songs?

    I love Chemistry.
  10. It’s only the same as I Say A Prayer For You being a solo too.
  11. yeh, they both definitely suit the voices they chose.

    I suppose the two solo songs on Chemistry were co-written by the girls who sang them, whereas these ones weren’t.
  12. I can't deal with it being 18 years since they were born. I came on board later (during the second album era), but still, this sounds like yesterday... and it makes me realize how much I miss these child/teenage days!

    Now I wish they could celebrate it with more than Instagram posts though. A never-heard-before rarity would do for the day, I don't even need a reunion announcement yet. But girls, give us something!
    Do you think it ever crosses their mind? "Girls, should we at least feed them something, like an old demo or something, to show them some gratitude for their eternal support?". Or does the question never ever pop up in their minds?
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  13. If it was the 20th then yeah, I’d be disappointed if we just got an Insta post but I don’t think they need to for this one.
  14. At this rate, I don’t think they ever consider it.

    It could be linked to the fact that there are no social accounts, online store, merch, website, anything for the band.

    I’m not sure if that has something to with them “closing down” Girls Aloud when they split.
  15. RJF


    What homosexual works for @allontheboard I just want to know.
  16. Let's drop the reunion talk for now guys. Sarah clearly has different priorities... The band getting back together is not what we should be wishing for their anniversary.
  17. I don’t think anyone is dismissing the idea that we all want the best for Sarah in all this. Let’s not imply that.
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  18. The 20th birthday will be a celebration, it doesn’t have to involve a reunion.
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  19. Kimberley started off pretty ambivalent about the idea here but she seemed to get into it by the time she finished her sentence so maybe. I do think that something was definitely going to happen in 2022 before Sarah's news came out; they all seem to be in a much more natural and organic place for a reunion than they were back in 2012.

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