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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. But... no one even asked for a reunion!
    It’s just that since the split every anniversary has been so dry. I’m a dreamer but I dream of them dropping a rarity demo, an old casette, a vinyl or basically anything that would scream "ok guys, this is just a little something for you". I’m not bitter though, they gave us the ultimate pop discography already!
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ddd the Bardot anniversary was low key orchestrated by the fans in which some of the members (except Sophie... no surprise) kinda forced themselves out there to celebrate and reminisce. If the gays didn't give Bardot any attention this year, I kinda doubt the girls would have really taken the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary in that way.
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  3. No one mentioned a reunion. We were discussing if the record company would put out a rarity or something, that’s all.
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  4. I' emotional? I've been on a Girls Aloud marathon all day and its solidifying how much all five girls mean to me, and how they pretty much have soundtracked (and continue to soundtrack) my life so far. It's a bizarre feeling to think that their twentieth anniversary is looming.

    These girls have also dragged me out of my recent forrem-less slumber today to remind you all how beyond excited I am to be hosting their discography rate soon. And Call the Shots possibly remains the Girls Aloud song.

  5. excuse my incredible pun but this really hammered home their consistent brilliance in both their singles and album tracks. Haven't properly listened to them in a long time but planning a videography rewatch tonight.

    EDIT: Just read a few pages back of the thread and wow didn't realise it was their actual birthday today! Might even dig out the 'Sound Of The Underground' single with the 'buy girls, bye boys' hype sticker.
  6. I remember very vividly hearing the first clip of Sound of the Underground and being so excited by it.
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  7. THE Kimberley watched my story on Instagram!
  8. Watched this again recently
    and sort of cringed at one segment where Cheryl was saying how she'd hate the idea of them reuniting when they were in their 30's. (I guess probably a pop at Spice Girls and All Saints at that time).
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  9. Wasn't it something like "I don't want to be on stage singing Love Machine in my thirties"?

    Ok girl, but that's all your fans want. I'm speaking for myself here but she can keep her solo material.
  10. Yes. With some detest, like it would be the worst thing ever.
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  11. I was bored and decided to check the Wikipedia editing history of the Tangled Up page. I remember everytime before they released an album I'd check their Wikipedia. The tracklists, album titles and general information thirsty fans would make up was always a scream dddd.


    Some iconic titles fans made up before Tangled Up was announced as the title: Sexy? Yes! Yes! Yes!, The Girls Are Back In Town, Just and Only Us, Mr. Wrong, Ready or Not.

    Okay I need to stop looking at Wikipedia edits from 13 years ago.
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  12. God, those were the days. Can you remember everyone assuming the real WWTNS track was fake?
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  13. Yes! I mean to be fair, Graffiti My Soul and Thank Me Daddy do sound like typical song titles dreamt up by a fan. But then I remember hearing the Graffiti My Soul clip on a website and being scalped.
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  14. Everyone fucking killing it on Graffity My Soul will never not be a moment.
  15. I think everyone assumed ‘I Say A Prayer For You’ was a cover of ‘I Say A Little Prayer For You’ too.
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  16. Even though it's not a song that's celebrated by their fans as a highlight in their discography, it's the first time in their career that we heard a vulnerable Nicola and I still love it for that.
  17. Honestly, at our primary school we had an event called "Toy Day" where you could bring a present in you got for Christmas in January, and spend the whole afternoon playing with them.

    I forced the soundtrack to be WWTNS, the "toy" I chose to bring, for the afternoon. It was a strict catholic school, and even the teachers were bopping.

    I may have been quite young when WWTNS came out but I still remember it so well. I played that album so much I had to buy it again the year after dddd.
  18. My God... The difference.

    I was at uni and remember a lot of drunken nights shouting along to the record at the top of my lungs. There wasn't a housemate or a friend at the time that didn't know that record, because I blasted it so much.
  19. I want your experience so much more dddd. At the next get together I host, my friends will unknowingly be walking into a listening party of WWTNS, Chemistry and Tangled Up. I'm in Australia (grew up in the UK though) and the fact that they are basically unknown here is a crime.

    The bar manager of my local is British though so we always sing Something Kinda Ooooh when I'm drunk and should've been cut off dddd.
  20. Lol, when I did a couple years travelling in Australia, I remember queueing for this gay bar in Perth and chatting to some locals about GA. They were like “Ah yeah, I think they were on singstar once. I quite liked that song growing up.”
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