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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Lol, when I did a couple years travelling in Australia, I remember queueing for this gay bar in Perth and chatting to some locals about GA. They were like “Ah yeah, I think they were on singstar once. I quite liked that song growing up.”
  2. ADM


    I'm deep diving into WWTNS this morning. I was bopping up until Hear Me Out, now I kind of want to cry.

    18 years ago. What a time. 3 months ago I would have said 'Give me GA20 where they agree through gritted teeth to tour this incredible history', but now, I'd be happy with some cute posts, maybe a little vinyl release of some kind, and the fact that they're in a better place now then they were for Ten, as friends.
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  3. When I was in high school one of my friends said to me "Yeah they had a song awhile back on some compilation I bought".

    They were talking about BIOLOGY which was released in 2006 here and reached number 26 on the charts dddd.

    The absolute disregard Australia has for pop music is homophobic.
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  4. I’ll never forget the audacity of the airline employee who asked, “you really came here to see... them?” I replied something like, “you are spoiled to have them and they don’t come to the US so I had to come to them.” It actually changed her attitude. *this was for the Ten Tour.
  5. I would’ve given everything to see them on that tour as a US stan. Ughx
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  6. I def would’ve loved to have seen them when they did Tangled Up! Live but I was a baby.
  7. A top30 hit!
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  8. Sarah has a book coming out and she tweeted to say it’s been a fun project to help her between treatments and lockdown. The cover is gorgeous.

    Love that it’s called “Hear Me Out”
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  9. Bless her heart.
  10. Calling it ‘Hear Me Out’ is so lovely. Stunning cover. God love her x
  11. LOVE the name. Can’t wait for this! Interested to hear Sarah’s account of the time in the band as she’s kind of been fairly quiet about it all outside of her CBB stint.
  12. Love the title and cover. I’m sure she has many interesting stories to tell.
    Hopefully a lot of interesting behind the scenes goss, hopefully stuff we didn’t already know.
  13. I am so happy to read "positive" news, I hope it means she's anticipating a positive outcome. She's not saying much about it (and rightfully!) but I will take it as a positive sign. We are with you Sarah!

    "Hear me out" is a great title as I love this song as well. Does anyone know if it's a new picture on the cover or from which era is it from?
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Great cover and though I still have to yet check out Kimberley's/Cheryl's books I feel Sarah is one I'll really be interested to read, probably full of personality like her
  15. Can't wait to read it, I think she'll have the most interesting stories from the early GA years.
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  16. Really looking forward to reading this. But, how amazing would it have been if she called it 'It's about time'.
  17. Love that she's continuing the trend of using GA songs as biography titles! Hear Me Out is definitely a very fitting one. Sarah's viewpoint will probably be different from Kim's and Cheryl's so Im intrigued to hear her thoughts on their journey and everything she's been through herself.
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  18. Yes Sarah's version of events will be intriguing as out of all the girls she was always the most isolated.

    Glad she's doing well.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I also feel this probably will be the most 'real' and least mediatrained of their books.
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  20. Yeah this one I might actually read. Although just her Twitter post made me emotional so I’m not sure I can take it!
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