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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I've grown to love the Chemistry cover because it's a stunning shot & I really like the colors, font & border, but it took me a LONG time to get over them nonsensically wasting that Biology cover on a single. Also, I only owned the Deluxe Version, so I was so used to the brilliant Christmas cover that finally seeing the regular cover on streaming took time to adjust.
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  2. I suppose they were getting a lot of praise from critics and had started to become the pop band that it was 'okay to like', they probably thought that this would help them tap into a place where they sold more albums than singles.

    Remember in 2005 people were still buying albums in physical format. There was research to suggest that people would avoid buying albums if they felt they would face a sense of embarassment at the till. Putting the Biology cover as the album cover would have been amazing but the cover they chose was much smarter in terms of their market. Their media profile was high at the time, the image was glossy and very recognisable as Girls Aloud. However, their poses are quite telling, they are unsmiling and there's a sense of them being skeptical and disillusioned which reflects the theme of the album perfectly.
  3. What is the theme of the album though?
  4. I understand that sort of thinking when it comes to the Tangled Up cover for instance, but I dont see how it applies to Chemistry. The image is still too girly to appeal to a wider audience yet as it stands, it is also quite boring. The Biology single cover would at least have been a more original idea, in keeping with the album title too.
  5. It always irked me that they used test tubes (a chemistry apparatus) for a single called 'Biology' when the album was right there.
    If they wanted to be accurate for Biology, they should have used a skeleton, petri dish, or pickled themselves in formaldehyde...
  6. I always thought of Chemistry as a concept album. The first half is all confidence and flirty, interactions with men, wild nights out. Things slow down towards the end with regret, hangovers, reflection.

    See The Day throws a spanner in the works though.
  7. My take is the theme of the album is about moving to London and trying to adjust to the lifestyle there as young females in the spotlight. There are several references to London throughout the album and there's a feeling of trying hard to maintain their hometown values but also a sense of them being drawn into the traps of celebrity lifestyle in London.
  8. I want a vinyl of just the Christmas disc with THAT cover! It's so perfect--I love it.
  9. Did they ever explain why the album was called Chemsitry? I thought it was to play off Biology, but just realised I don’t think I’ve ever heard them say why.
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  10. SBK


    I think it was just apt since they had a single called Biology.
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  11. I made some mockups earlier this year that were sent to a friend of Brian Higgin's and the friend said they needed to happen but would require Brian remastering all the songs for vinyl himself, which would be quite a big undertaking. I guess it shows that if they happen that their team wants them to be a quality product rather than cheaply thrown out as a cash-in? Either way I think we'll end up getting them this decade (either for the 20th or 25th anniversaries).
  12. SBK


    Yeah, they've completely rinsed the fans with CD re-re-re-releases of songs, next logical step would be vinyl.

    I'd be very surprised if they didn't.
  13. That's amazing if that ends up happening. I've seen some of the things you've done in the Spice Girls thread and was blown away. Talent!
  14. Where was this mindset when agreeing the Out of Control cover?
  15. ADM


    Just when someone mentioned 'their team', what happens with a group that aren't active but could possibly be, again, in the near future? Are they technically still under Polydor/Fascination and then someone calls a meeting about a potential reunion in 2 years time and organises roles from there? Curious as to what actually happens.
  16. Was Hilary still in the picture during TEN?
  17. I was wondering that too. It does seem like first conversations about a reunion happens very very early. Maybe not inmediately with the members but certainly with people behind the scenes.

    For example, I always thought the four year gap was really long. However they still had activities in 2009 and planning and talking about a reunion would’ve already happend in 2011. So for the members to actually fully step away from the group was only 2 years?
  18. It's been so long, and now I can't remember if this was them or us on the forum explaining that "Chemistry" was describing the chemistry among them?
  19. Reunions take many months/years to organise. Mainly for the fact that they’ve got to book the tour venues and ensure they logistically flow. I remember Nadine let slip they were going on tour at the start of 2013, in the spring of 2012 (which ended up happening).

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they had started discussions for the 20th anniversary. They may have decided to follow Steps lead and celebrate from the start of 2022 (rather than October).
  20. Vinyl release of Out Of Control and Tangled Up with alternative covers would be a dream.
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