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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I can't imagine a reunion being on their minds at all with Sarah going through what she's going through.
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  2. ADM


    I know for me, this is all very much 'this would be lovely to happen, for them to do this that and the other, but very much know and respect that it might not'.
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  4. Ugh I need this in my life. And Out of Control featuring Memory of You of course.
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  5. Some re-release Nic/Kimba remix using vocals from Nicola’s solo version would be it.
    Also give me Dog Without A Bone on Tangled Up.
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  6. SBK


    Yeah, she was there until the end.

    I imagine if they ever do anything she'll be involved along with Fascination.
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  7. For what it's worth (ie nothing), Nadine is the only girl to NOT follow Hillary!
    I see that "Shaw Thing Management" is still up and running but the artists they manage is quite dry:
  8. Played the Christmas bonus from Chemistry this morning.

    I love “And I’m too old for the panto and I’m too young for the sauce” from Christmas Round At Ours.
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  9. Nadine and Cheryl were really feeling their Dynasty looks that day.

  10. Nicola looks stunning there! The others were done dirt a bit...
  11. Yes, the pulled back hair looked great on her. I find that in general she looks best with kind of simple hairstyles like the one here

    rather than the (unnecessarily) elaborate hairstyles she often had on tour.
  12. This blew my mind when I first heard it in a nightclub ... I danced my fat ass off hysterically!

  13. This takes me back to my uni days, dancing away in a gay bar in Liverpool that as far as I'm aware doesn't exist anymore.
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  14. Mine was in a Nightclub/Late Bar in Wakefield that's long gone. I knew the 7" version but this was ridiculous.
    I mouthed all the lyrics while trying to be every one of them. Great times.
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  15. Maybe now would be a more appropriate time to post this as opposed to July 2019...

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  16. What year? Liverpool 2007-2010 I'm your gal!
  17. 2009-2010 if I remember correctly. Destination was the bar!
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  18. Destination was great - £10 all you can drink on Fridays!
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  19. I can't remember Destination at all!
  20. It’s a shame none of their Christmas tracks made an impact. This album is a gift and I’d love to see it back in the charts every year for the festive season! It’s my go-to Christmas album really!
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