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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I did use to hear Not Tonight Santa a lot in shops and in the pre-streaming age when I worked retail in the 2000s it used to be on a lot of work playlists and Christmas CDs, but it seems it never transcended into streaming unfortunately. I'm sure if it was on the right playlists it would crack the Top 40.
  2. Everything they did was market researched within an inch of its life to try and get them more sales in an era when pop music was up against it, let alone women in pop. They probably went for the most bland and inoffensive thing they could find (before eventually removing them from the covers altogether dd).
  3. Actually their Christmas tracks do really well on streaming. I Wanna Kiss You So and Not Tonight Santa are in the Top 20 most streamed songs of theirs on Spotify - ahead of quite a few of their singles.
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  4. upload_2020-12-12_14-52-43.png
  5. Yes but the Girls Aloud top 20 isn’t doing much on streaming, so it doesn’t mean much. I wish they were doing “well” as in making the overall top 200 or something.
    Maybe one day they will! After all we only need to get one song featured on an ad or a Christmas movie to see it charting!
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  6. I love that there are still performances I have never seen all these years later. Just lucky they were active during the prime of these promotional slots! They really nail the vocal and routine here.
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  7. You genuinely wouldn't know it was live listening to Nadine (especially) at the start. Her voice is ridiculous.
    How she didn't become a solo superstar amazes me.
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  8. So does anyone know what Nicola has been doing in the studio lately? Do you reckon it’s for a solo project,
  9. Can we talk about the time Kimberley invented contouring in the Loving Kind music video?


  10. I like the original songs but some of the covers are terrible. White Christmas is like nails on a chalkboard.
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  11. Were any of them actually released as (promo) singles though?

    I do think their original Christmas tracks are great and was surprised the label didn’t at least try to cash in on that (while also boosting sales for the Christmas reissue.)
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  12. They weren't but they did perform Jingle Bell Rocks on TV a few times.
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  14. The Loving Kind is always Sarah's song for me. Iconic note et al, she shines on it.
  15. I enjoyed watching this again last week.
  16. I still vividly remember the struggle of whether to watch this or The Xtra Factor, but looking back I have no idea what tempted me to watch the latter in the first place.
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  17. I miss them :(
  18. Me too! It’s only a couple of weeks until we can say... it’s their 20th anniversary next year!
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  19. Was Fascination Management involved in their 2012 comeback?
    They celebrated their 10th birthday on Instagram with a retrospective on the biggest moments of the last 10 years, and they didn't even mention the girls, which I thought was weird!
  20. Oh when did they leave Fascination/Peter Loraine?
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